The God Wars

Chapter Six:

Sea Battle

By Dwayne MacInnes

Captain Arnold at first could not believe his ears on hearing the TBF Avenger's reports. In the back of his mind, he still had hoped that they were on earth. If the reports were true and sea monsters, minotaurs, and one-eyed giants existed, then there was no doubt that they were indeed on another world.

Captain Arnold also fumed about the fact that the pilot of the scout plane took it upon himself to initiate combat. Granted, Arnold would have authorized the use of weaponry when he heard about the various monsters assaulting the humans. Nonetheless, there were still rules of engagement and Hodgson did not follow the chain of command in this instance. When the plane returned and when time allowed, the pilot would get a good chewing out by the captain.

However, the scout plane's reports did urge Arnold to action. If an inhuman army was assaulting the humans, he had to do something to help them. Fortunately General Crist was always near at hand. The two men quickly formed a plan.

The remaining 11 torpedo bombers would be loaded with either bombs or torpedoes and head for the city. Six of the F6F Hellcat fighter planes would escort them. The remaining 10 Hellcats would stay with the fleet on Combat Air Patrol or CAP. The Pima would launch its two OS2U Kingfisher floatplanes to scout out the land for an ideal place for a beachhead.

The convoy would steam as fast as possible towards the city. The LST, Landing Ship Tanks, had 15 M4 Sherman medium tanks onboard that could land on shore. It also had 4 LCVPs, Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel. General Crist could use these to start offloading the combat troops on the Olympus.

First, however, they would need a report from one of the Kingfishers on the best place to land. It was a desperate and deadly mission and they were going into it blind. Unfortunately, if the Avenger's reports were true, the humans did not have much time. In fact, there was a good possibility that they may be too late.

F6F Hellcat

Lieutenant Dick Allen was the squadron leader for the Avengers. Half the planes in the flight group carried gravity bombs and the rest like his carried a torpedo. A flight of F6F Hellcats was above them acting as a protective screen against any possible threat from the air.

The aircrafts flew in the sky at cruising speed. They were on a constant look out for anything suspicious in the air or on water. Therefore, they could not fly too high or they might miss something important.

The flight could see the smoke on the horizon. They knew they were approaching land. So far, the flight had been uneventful, but everyone realized that that could change in a heartbeat.

Allen could see the dots of various boats on the horizon. As they grew larger as the distance between the flight of aircraft and the sea vessels rapidly dwindled, they could see that they were the uniremes, trading vessels and fishing boats reported by Hodgson's flight.

"Loot!" Bernie Davidson the radio operator and bombardier cried over the intercom. "Look to the starboard!"

Allen looked to his right to only become momentarily speechless. There in the ocean stood a man, or rather a giant. The giant stood bare-chested about twenty feet tall above the surface of the sea; his lower body submerged in the ocean. He wore a crown of polished pink coral on his gray head and held a huge trident in his right hand. The giant's long gray beard flowed in the air as he jerked his head towards the flight of aircraft.

"If that isn't King Neptune, I don't know who he could be," Bernie offered.

"Those ships look more Greek in design than Roman," Jack Harvey the tail gunner said. "I would bet that is Poseidon."

"I don't care if it is Abe Lincoln," Allen replied. "We'll keep a watch on him. Bernie radio the torpedo laden planes to stay with me. Have Ross take the rest of the flight to the mainland."


The giant did not give much notice to the flight of aircraft. He did not think it worth his time. His objective was to do something about the fleeing vessels arrayed before him. The giant raised his arm with the trident and gave a call that tore through the air in a deep bass.

The ocean began to bubble and boil around him when suddenly serpentine heads rose into the air. Sea serpents like that witnessed by Hodgson and his crew swam around the giant in writhing unholy dance.

The giant then pointed the trident at the disarrayed fleet of wooden boats ahead of him. The sea serpents charged like a cavalry of snakes towards the fleeing boats. The first wave of sea monsters quickly wrapped themselves around the helpless boats like a boa constrictor on its prey. The boats would then explode in a cloud of splinters. Any sailor that survived the crushing of their vessel the sea serpents quickly devoured in a ravenous feeding frenzy.

Allen and the rest of the flight crew watched in horror. "Pick your target and attack!" Allen cried as he put his Avenger into a dive towards the sea serpents. The rest of the flight did not need any further encouragement to follow suit.

Soon the sea was awash in blood as the Avengers opened up with their machineguns. Like with Hodgson's experience the sea monsters were vulnerable to the steel of the armor-piercing rounds that slammed into their bodies. Great cries ripped through the air as the serpents screamed in agony, their assault on the wooden fleet momentarily forgotten.

The giant now paid close attention to these steel birds wreaking havoc amongst his pets. The giant cried out a foreign command into the air as he again raised his trident this time aiming it at the flight of Avengers attacking the sea serpents.

A waterspout sprang into being and headed towards the aircraft. To avoid being caught up in the ocean born tornado the Avengers scattered. Allen ordered his flight crew to continue their assault on the sea serpents.

Allen aimed his torpedo bomber at the giant. When he was within range, he ordered Bernie to drop the Mark 16 torpedo. The lieutenant was glad that the fleet carried the new Mark 16 torpedo instead of the less reliable Mark 14, which was infamous for being a dud because of the detonator pin's tendency for bending when it came in contact with its target.

The giant watched curiously as the torpedo swam towards him. Confident that he was impervious to anything manmade the giant only smiled as he began to call another and larger waterspout into being.

The torpedo smashed into the giant's left leg; a huge splash erupted into the air as the torpedo exploded. To the giant's surprise, there was a lot of blood mixed in the spray. It took just a few seconds for the giant realized that the torpedo had utterly blown his left leg away.

The huge man fell backwards into the ocean. He floundered and struggled to stay above the water. His agonizing bellows filled the air. He had never experienced such pain before. The giant always believed that he was invulnerable to any manmade weapons, however the magnitude of the power belonging to a Mark 16 torpedo was much greater than a mere spear thrust or sword slash.

The remaining torpedo bombers dove onto the giant and released their torpedoes as well. Three of the four remaining Mark 16s found their mark. The giant who had never been wounded before, died as the three torpedoes detonated and tore off huge parts of his body.

As if by magic, the sea serpents halted their attack on the fleet and swam over to their king and master now lying face down in the ocean. There was not much left of the forty-foot long giant. He had lost both legs and an arm, his ribs lay exposed to the sun. The serpents swam in circles around their master mourning his death until his body finally sank below the waves leaving the ocean dyed red with his blood.

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1 Comment

Oh My God! You killed Poseidon! (Apparently he is the Kenny of the Greek Gods.)

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