The God Wars

Chapter Nine:

Lost and Found

By Dwayne MacInnes

General Crist stood in a room of one of the more intact buildings still standing near the harbor of the city. It had been heavy work all morning. However, once the crew unloaded the artillery from one of the cargo ships, it was only a matter of a couple of hours before the soldiers were able to push the army of monsters out of the city.

The LST had to move further south to be outside the city walls in order unload its cargo of tanks, trucks and jeeps. Even if they could have unloaded the vehicles in the city, so much debris blocked the roads that the vehicles would not have been of much use.

Crist looked at the papers before him. He had 15 - M4 Sherman medium tanks, 20 - GMC CCKW 2 1/2-ton trucks and 10 - Willys Jeeps that all came off the LST. He also had 24 - 105mm Howitzer M2A1 artillery pieces, 75 - M1919 .30 machineguns, and 80 - M2 .50 machineguns. Not to mention a yet unspecified number of mortars, bazookas, landmines, and even crates of M1 Garand rifles. Plus, they had tools, metal detectors, some trailers and even bulldozer blades for the Shermans.

105mm Howitzer M2A1

However, even though they had plenty of munitions for the various weapons they did not have an unlimited supply. Nor did they have any fuel other than what they found in the barrels aboard the cargo ships and the oil in the tanker. They also did not have many spare parts for the ships or the vehicles.

General Crist stood looking over the papers with some of his more senior officers. There was a lively debate as to whether they should train the natives in the use of their modern weapons or, show them how to manufacture them on their own. What was the best when the crew left after the scientists repaired the machine? Should they leave any equipment behind from the Pima once they could return home?

Of course, one of the major problems was they did not know how long they would be here. General Crist was still awaiting word from either Dr. Reno or Dr. Berger on the progress of the machine. So far, the scientist's efforts to repair the machine had been undisclosed. With the recent battles, neither General Crist nor Captain Arnold had time to inquire.

As if conjured from Crist's mind, both Dr. Reno and Dr. Berger entered the room. The officers stopped their debate and watched as Berger pushed Reno into the room in a wheelchair. The head scientist was still pale; his torso still wrapped in clean bandages. However, his eyes were alert.

"Ah, doctors," Crist said to the men. "I was just thinking about you."

"Good day general," Reno spoke. "I apologize I have not been up to par lately. I will try to answer any questions you may have."

"As a matter of fact, we all would like to know how long it will take for you to repair the machine," Crist said to the nods of his senior officers.

Crist noticed Berger stare down at his feet. The scientist was obviously not comfortable. Finally, Reno answered, "I'm sorry general. The cloaking machine cannot be repaired."

The officers started to shout and asked questions of the scientists all at the same time. General Crist had to yell for everyone to calm down at the top of his voice. When the officers finally quieted down, Crist turned his intense gaze to the head scientist.

"What do you mean it cannot be repaired," the general said in forced even voice.

"Simply that we do not possess the parts to repair it, nor the means to manufacture those parts," Reno stated in a matter of fact voice.

Before the room could erupt into chaos again, the general looked over every officer in the room. Finally, he spoke, "Gentlemen, what we just heard does not leave this room. We must keep hope up in our men, so until we can think of a solution we keep telling the men the machine is being worked on."

"General," Reno interrupted. "I said we do not possess the means to manufacture the parts we need. However, we do possess the ability to construct the proper factories. It will take time, but I believe we can do it."

General Crist nodded his head in resignation. They would have to bring these Bronze Age people into the modern age rather quickly.

"Okay," the general finally said. "We'll have to look into this. I want you Dr. Reno to make a list of what we are going to need."

"Well, firstly we will need to establish schools. The first will have to deal with language. Others will have to be in physics, chemistry, construction, and even farming to name a few."

"That is a good start," General Crist acknowledged. "Men, I want you to go amongst your men and find anyone who has a background in any of these fields. I also want people with a background in law enforcement and other social programs; we are going to need those too."

The officers nodded and muttered some 'yes sirs', they were still disappointed to hear about the machine not being able to be repaired.

Suddenly, Lt. Greer and Mina entered the room led by one of Crist's aides. The general almost forgot that he had asked the two to meet with him as well. As the two walked in the general made room for the two to sit at the table. The officers looked at the general, the general only glared at the men to tell them to keep quiet about what they had just discussed.

"Well, lieutenant we have a few questions I hope you and the young lady can answer," the general said after the two sat down.

Greer translated the best he could to Mina. Mina nodded that she understood and looked to the general. General Crist noticed her dark brown hair and brown eyes in her smooth olive skin. The woman had to be in her early twenties at best. He noticed that she was wearing her native attire that consisted of a white tunic with a golden scroll-like design embroidered on the hem.

"My first question is: what is the name of the city we just liberated?" Crsit asked.

Mina understood what the general asked and promptly replied, "Zakrostas."

"Good, good," the general nodded. "My second question is: what is the name of the country we are in?"

Mina did not understand what country meant and looked towards Greer with a puzzled expression on her face. The interpreter said a few words in her native language before she smiled and answered, "Atlantis."

"General," Dr. Reno broke the silence. "You better find anyone with a background in history, archaeology, and anthropology as well."

Zakrostas Map


So, what you're saying is that they will endeavor to construct a mnemonic memory circuit using stone knives and bearskins.

Nice!!! What would Joan Collins do? Probably stay in The City on the Edge of Forever.

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