The Case of Errand Boy

Part One

By Douglas E Gogerty

There were not many requirements for living in Supervania. However, the big rule was that you had to have some super power. It did not matter how trivial it was. Just about any extraordinary talent or ability would count; as long as it was fairly unique.

The world government would not allow anyone to move to Supervania without some sort of demonstrated special ability like being nigh invulnerable. The exception to this rule was children of residents. It was assumed that children of superheroes would also be superheroes. Thus, they did not have to demonstrate an ability to the governmental Department of Education and Transcendent Health Panel.

Those non-evil ninja cyborgs that wished to move to Supervania had to appear in front of the "DEATH" panel and demonstrate their ability. Children born in Supervania had to appear in front of local board. Rarely did they have to actually demonstrate a super ability, but it was assumed that if they wanted to stay in town that they had an ability.

However, when Kirk and Dixie Justice had their child, who they named Dirk, it turned out he was not born with any superpowers. This was not unusual as many children did not develop their super abilities until they reached puberty. Nonetheless, Dirk never developed any superpower. He was an average citizen in many ways. He may have stood out if he did not go to Supervania Central High school.

However, Dirk did not want to move away from Supervania. He had no super power, but his mother and father were prominent people in town. He wanted to stay close to them. Fortunately, the person responsible for enforcing the laws, and in particular this very law, was the Chief of Police. Since Kirk Justice was not going to enforce this rule on his own son, he left the decision up to the courts.

However, the individual responsible for making this ruling in the court was the cities Attorney General. Since this was Dixie Justice, she would not exile her own son. Hence, the only person in Supervania without any type of mutation or special ability was Dirk Justice.

To disguise his lack of any extraordinary abilities, the Justice family spared no expense on obtaining gadgetry to make Dirk appear as if he belonged in Supervania. Thus, Dirk was forced to use machines and technology to fight crimes in the city.

With Dirk moving out of his parent's home and setting out on his own, he obtained a costume emblazoned with the family colors of red, white, and blue. He wore a mask like everyone else. He drove around on his Cycle of Justice and pretended to be like everyone else. Yet, he knew that it was not true.

Then one fateful day it happened. He did the one thing that many superheroes do not even think of doing. He now knew his role in the city. He now knew that he belonged in ...

Super Supervania
Where super powers are nothing to feign-ia
Where secrets are hard to maintain-ia
It's Super Supervania!

It started off as a normal day for the Supervania Regional String and Twine Consortium. They were busy filling out orders for the area's wrapping needs. They had gone 127 days without an incident. Then suddenly everything went pear-shaped as they say across the pond.

All of the day's production spewed out into one large ball. It was larger than the largest ball of twine in Minnesota. It broke loose and rolled down the hill towards Supervania's town square where there the Brownie and Cookie Convention was taking place -- BaCCon.

Meanwhile across town at the city's Auditorium of Equitableness, Anonymous Man was in the Mayor's office.

"Mr. Mayor," started Anonymous Man. "You have to do something!"

"That is certainly true," replied the mayor. "Thank you for bringing that to my attention."

"Mr. Mayor," sighed Anonymous Man. "A large ball of string and twine -- larger than the largest ball of twin in Minnesota -- is rolling towards BaCCon."

"We have the String Theorist on the job. The problem should be resolved soon."

"What about those attending the convention?"

"Haven't they been evacuated?"

"No sir, so if the String Theorist does not get there in time..."

"With these circumstances, this can only mean it is some type of diversion..."

"You mean?"

"Yes! It must be the work of the Feline Femme Fatale!"

"We need to get the Crusading Canine to take care of her."

"He is -- unavailable."


"Yes -- he is out -- er -- chasing tail."

"At a time like this?"

"You know how he is."

"I guess I do."

"It will take time to contact him and get him to take care of that feline fiend, but first we need to get those innocent people away from the convention center. After that we can discover the true nature of that woman's plan."

"If there were just a way to distract that evil ninja cyborg, and lure the citizens away from the center at the same time."

"We will get on that Anonymous Man," Mayorman said rising from his desk. "Thank you for coming."

The mayor shook Anonymous Man's hand and called for his assistant to enter his office. With a stack of paper, The Assistant entered the mayor's office. He put the stack on Mayorman's desk.

"There is trouble," The Assistant began.

"Big trouble! We need to evacuate the convention center without causing a panic. We also need to distract the Feline Femme Fatale from her felonious f-f-f-plans."

"Is the Crusading Canine chasing tail?"


"It figures."

"Contact Kirk Justice and have him be on the lookout for any strange occurrences. Get the Society with Tremendous Red and Yellow Socks on the phone."

"Do you think the Crusading Canine is hanging out with STRAYS?"

"He might be. It is worth a shot. Get some superheroes up here. Perhaps we can brainstorm an idea."

"Yes sir," replied The Assistant.

The mayor's assistant made the required calls. The chief of police, Kirk Justice, was on the lookout for some unusual evil ninja cyborg activity. Several superheroes attending BaCCon were notified, and they quietly began evacuating the convention center as quickly and quietly as they could. Dirk Justice was one of the first people to arrive at the mayor's office. The two of them began to think about a way out of their predicament in...

Super Supervania
Where they needed a storm of the brain-ia
Or a mess of string they'd have to explain-ia
It's Super Supervania.

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