The Case of Errand Boy

Part Two

By Douglas E Gogerty

The Feline Femme Fatale had batted a large ball of twine toward the convention center where the Brownie and Cookie Convention (BaCCon) was being held. The String Theorist was on the job of managing the ball, but as a precaution the mayor wanted to evacuate the center. However, he did not want to cause a panic. Nobody wants to see panicked superheroes.

Further, the superheroes aware of the situation believed this event was just a diversion from the felonious feline's actual scheme. To complicate matters further, her superhero nemesis had not responded to any signals. Thus, The Assistant called upon all available superheroes for a brainstorming session in the mayor's office. A solution to this problem had to be found.

Dirk Justice was the first to arrive.

"Thank goodness you have come Dirk!" exclaimed the mayor. "Trouble is on the move and her name is the Feline Femme Fatale."

"Is the Canine Crusader barking up the wrong tree again?"

"Yes, we should keep him on a shorter leash."

"Let me see if I have a grasp on the situation -- we are looking for something that will attract both the evil ninja cyborg in question and the BaCCon attendees?"

"I think that would be an ideal solution. What could it be?"

"What about m..."

"The Mysterious Mouse Man is ready for action," interrupted an entering superhero. "I'll just sit in the corner until I'm needed."

"As I was saying, something both have in common is a taste for..."

"The Faculty have arrived," interrupted an entering league of superheroes. "Roll call -- Doctor Doright?"

"Here!" chimed in Dr. Doright.

"Professor Peaceful?"

"Here!" called Professor Peaceful.

"Scientific Sidney and faithful sidekick Labbie the Lab."

"Present!" replied Scientific Sid.

"Woof!" barked Labbie the Labrador retriever.

"And I am the Dr. Dean the Dean of Decision-Making! The Faculty are all present and accounted for. We heard there was a brainstorming session!"

"Indeed," replied the mayor. "Can you help?"

"Well I don't know..." replied the Dean of Decision-Making.

"We need something that both the evil Feline Femme Fatale and a group of brownie and cookie eaters would have in common."

"Like I was saying..." began Dirk.

"Faculty -- to action!" called Dr. Dean.

Clouds began forming in the mayor's office as the superhero league began their chant. A wind came from nowhere and began blowing in the confined space. The strong gust picked up a stack of papers on the mayor's desk and scattered them every which way. A flash of lightning struck Mayorman's desk lamp and the room shook with thunder.

"Hold on!" shouted the mayor as the cloud began to look like a human brain. "That is not what I had in mind!"

"What?" asked Dr. Dean as the Mysterious Mouse Man shrank smaller in the corner.

"We need ideas," replied the mayor. "Not a storm shaped like a brain."

"What?" asked Scientific Sidney. "Ideas? What kind of brain storm comes up with ideas?"

"The kind where people gather and throw out ideas to solve problems," replied Mayorman.

"That's crazy!" replied Dr. Doright.

"So should we stay and help?" asked the dean of decision-making.

"I don't know," replied Professor Peaceful. "It sounds kind of hard."

"Agreed," replied Dr. Dean.

"Woof!" added Labbie.

The swirling winds of the storm picked up and more furniture and debris began crashing about the enclosed space. Suddenly a flash of lightning and everything crashed to the floor. The Faculty had left the building.

"Cats like mi.." began Dirk as the sound died down.

"Am I too late for the brainstorming session?" interrupted an entering superhero.

"Thank goodness you have come Irascible Inter..."

"Yes," interrupted the superhero. "The Irascible Interrupter is here!"

"Also people who eat brownies and cookies like mi..." Dirk attempted to say.

"Wow is this room a mess," interrupted the interrupter.

"The Faculty were here and started..." the mayor said.

"They do not know how to brainstorm."

"As I was saying," continued Dirk. "Our solution is..."

"You know what I could use? Some Milk!" interrupted the Irascible Interrupter. "That would hit the spot right now."

"Too bad Milkman is at..." the mayor started to say.

"He's at the convention center. Too bad he has switched to soy. There have been complaints down there."

"That is our sol..." began Dirk Justice.

"Shouldn't it be called soy juice? It isn't really milk."

"If we got some..." attempted Dirk again.

"Or soy-ade because it is sweetened; whereas, juice is not. But milk?"

"Hey if we could get a large amount of milk..." began the mayor.

"That could attract both the felonious feline and the convention goers!" finished the interrupter.

"Why didn't you come up with...?" the mayor asked Dirk.

"But that is..."

"Don't interupt!" shouted the Irascible Interrupter. "You and the mouse have been no help in this brainstorming session."

"How do we get the milk and where do we...?" asked the mayor.

"Too bad Milman is at..." squeaked Mouseman.

"He's at the convention center. Too bad he has switched to soy. There have been complaints down there."

"We could..." Dirk attempted to add.

"Milk would be found at the grocer's," stated the mayor calmly. "Well then, I guess that could be a job for..."

"Teleportation man! I came as quick..." exclaimed Teleportation Man as he walked into messy mayor's office.

"Would you people stop encroaching on my gig!" complained the Irascible Interrupter.

"Teleportation Man! Thank goodness you have come. We need a large amount of milk to..." exclaimed Mayorman.

"It will attracted the endangered conventioneers and the Feline Femme Fatale. We hope that will ruin her plot until the Crusading Canine can be found and capture her."

"I would love to help but..." began teleporting superhero.

"You can't?" asked the interrupter.

"If I were at the supermarket I could teleport it here, but..."

"You cannot teleport it from there to here."

"Sadly no!"

"Drats!" exclaimed the mayor.

"We could just..." Dirk attempted to add.

"We were so close," the interupter said. "Come on people think of another solution. This is a brainstorming session."

"We could just put up a sign..." squeaked the Mysterious Mouseman.

"Saying free milk!"

"In front of the..." began the mayor.

"Auditorium of Equitableness! But we could not lie! We're superheroes."

"We are back to..." stated Mayorman.

"Getting milk here. If only you could think of something Dirk? Has anyone seen where Dirk went?"

"Perhaps he has some solution for the people of..." began the mayor.

Super Supervania
Where interruption can lead to mania
A possible solution they did attain-ia
It's Super Supervania.

"Stop encroaching on my gig!" shouted the Irascible Interrupter!

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