The Adventures of Gaius Cornelius Ferrarius

The Vengeful Friends Incident - Part II

By Douglas E. Gogerty

The three remaining men learned their lesson from their latest fallen comrade. If they were to break formation, Gaius was a very formidable opponent. However, if they stuck together the trio would have a chance to defeat Gaius. At least, it was currently at a stand-off.

Gaius continuously attempted to flank them and test them for weakness. All of the men moved left and right with each looking for an opening. They were all being cautious. Trying not to leave an opening for the opponent because that could only mean death.

In their ever shifting positions, one of the men picked up Gaius's scimitar. Now, every time he would thrust his spear, they would attempt to parry with the thrust with the scimitar. This bothered Gaius, as the scimitar was not designed for that type of duty. Each parry could destroy his weapon. In this way, Gaius's opponents were attempting to force Gaius into doing something rash.

"What is the matter barbarian?" shouted the leader. "Afraid of damaging your own weapon with someone else's?"

"Fear has nothing to do with it," replied Gaius.

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

"Currently, it is not a concern."

"Perhaps if we start smacking it on the ground..."

"If you wish to destroy a viable weapon," responded Gaius. "Be my guest."

Despite his cool exterior, Gaius was concerned about his scimitar. It had been a trusty weapon for many years. He did not want to see it destroyed. It was not meant for steel on steel contact. It definitely was not meant to be smacked against the cobbles of the street. However, he could not let on that he cared. His opponents could use that against him.

The stand off continued. Everyone continued to look for a weakness or an opening. Each combatant remained vigilant for a mistake by their opponent. Gaius continued to probe their defenses with the spear. He continued to move right or left in an attempt to flank them. The three men stuck to their formation and blocked any thrust by Gaius. In this situation, someone would eventually tire and make a mistake.

Gaius had hoped that as the time continued, that his opponents would give up on their fight. However, with him killing three more of their comrades, they were more likely to continue to fight until he was dead. Thus, there needed to be something to break the stalemate. Gaius devised a plan.

When the time was right, Gaius turned and ran to his horse. With the shaft of the spear, he planted it on the ground and vaulted up above the mare. He was quickly on her, and turned towards the three remaining men. With some urging, the rider and horse went into the men. Their formation was broken.

Gaius had the spear, so he could reach the armored men as they sprawled upon the ground. He attempted to get them in a vulnerable spot. The first man managed to avoid his thrust, but the second man had the spear point find his leg. He shouted in pain as the blood began to flow. He attempted to get up, but Gaius knocked him back down with another thrust. A final thrust caught the man in the neck, and he was through fighting.

While this was happening, the two other men regained their formation, and grabbed the other spear. The point stuck out between them, and the shaft was braced upon the ground. This hampered their mobility as they had to keep the spear braced upon the ground. However, it prevented a similar move that Gaius just made.

Further, Gaius had a spear of his own. Thus, he had more range while mounted. He also had speed, and he could flank the two men more easily. They continued to parry his thrusts where the could. However, more were striking their shields and their armor. It was clear that Gaius now had the upper hand.

"Why do you not dismount and fight us like a man?" asked the leader.

"As if bringing five guys to fight one man is fighting like a man."

"Does your honor mean nothing to you?"

"Living is the only honor that means anything to me," replied Gaius as he thrust the spear against the leader's shield.

"The Fates will not let you live long with that hubris of yours."

"That is funny!"

"What is so funny?"

"I am completely an engine of destruction for the Fates."


"It is you that started this fight which has led to your destruction. It was the Fates that brought you to your doom. It has nothing to do with me."

With those words, Gaius urged his horse towards the men. With the weight of the horse behind it, he gave a hard thrust to the shield of the leader's ally. The force knocked him backwards, but shattered the spear. Gaius drew his dagger and jumped down onto the man. A thrust to the throat, and the leader was the only opponent left.

However, Gaius was vulnerable. He only had his dagger. However, the leader forgot all of his training. His rage got the best of him as he dropped his shield. He roared and rushed at Gaius with his short sword above his head.

Gaius rushed back and put his shoulder into the man's chest. Gaius drove the man back, and tackled him to the ground. Gaius put his knees on the leader's arms to prevent him from using his sword.

"Any last words?" asked Gaius.

"You will get yours," replied the leader of the group.

"Indeed I will," replied Gaius as he thrust his dagger into the man's throat.

Gaius cleared the road of the dead men's bodies. He checked his scimitar, and found it badly damaged. He would need to seek out a smith to have it repaired. He tied the spear to his horse, and mounted. He found that the spear was handy, and would be an excellent weapon with his scimitar in need of repair.

He rode on to the next way point. It was a tough battle. Although it was relatively early in the day, Gaius needed to rest. He would spend the remaining daylight hours there and start off again in the morning.

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