The Case of Errand Boy

Part Three

By Douglas E Gogerty

A group of superheroes gathered in the mayor's office for a brainstorming session. They came up with a solution to attract both the Feline Femme Fatale and the people attending the Brownie and Cookie Convention (BaCCon). However, there was a sticking point. How were they to get some milk to the Auditorium of Equitableness? They were thinking on this very topic when Dirk Justice slipped out.

Suddenly, the mayor's assistant, The Assistant, barges in and states, "There are reports of trouble in Farmer McGregor's catnip patch."

"That may be just the beginning of that female feline's plot," replied Mayorman. "Put up the Free Milk sign. We'll deal with the consequences..."

"If there isn't any milk," interrupted the Irascible Interrupter. "People will get mad. It is wrong to lie to people."

"We'll have milk..." asserted the mayor.

"But how? We haven't come up with a solution to that problem yet."

"Well, let's hear..."

"I have got nothing," interrupter stated interrupting the mayor.


"Yeah you've been awfully quiet. What have you got to say?"

"Perhaps Farmer McGregor has..." squeaked Mouseman.

"Cows!" interjected the interrupter. "But how do we get them here?"

"If I were there..." began Teleportation Man.

"You could transport them here -- we know."

"Where is ..." began the mayor.

"Dirk Justice? He should be here helping us brainstorm."

"He must have..." continued the mayor.

"Been called away on some other emergency. That guy is in big demand I hear."

"I was hoping..." Mayorman began to say.

"That other superheroes would show up? I was hoping the same..."

"The Daring Duplicator is ready for..."

"Do not infringe on my territory superhero! I am the Irascible Interrupter -- not you!"

"Duplicator! Thank goodness you're here..." exclaimed the mayor.

"The situation is dire," interrupted the interrupter. "We need milk and fast. Can you help?"

"Why do..." asked The Daring Duplicator.

"Never mind that!" interrupted the interrupter. "Can you help us get some milk?"

"If you had some here I could..."

"Duplicate it! Drat a dead end again!"

After much discussion, and strong and loud objections from Mouseman, the sign was constructed. The assembled superheroes discussed the best way to get the word out on their milk give-away plan. The Daring Duplicator copied some flyers. Mouseman was given the task to spread the word, but he refused.

They still did not any milk, nor did they have any ideas on how to get some milk. Mouseman was going to stand up for his principles on this issue. A few more superheroes arrived on the scene, but none had any idea on how to get a couple of gallons of milk to the Auditorium of Equitableness. The mayor and his staff were beginning to think that they would have to do something politicians just did not do -- especially superhero politicians. They were going to be forced to lie. They would have to tell anyone who showed up that they just ran out. It was going to be difficult.

Mayorman and the assembled superheroes were still loudly discussing the matter -- Mouseman was particularly loud -- when a young man in ordinary civilian clothes entered the office. He was in jeans and a t-shirt, and his face was clear to see.

"Who are you?" asked the interrupter.

"I have four gallons..." replied the mysterious stranger.

"Of milk?" asked the Irascible Interrupter. "You have just saved the day!"

"That will be $18.48."

"Here is $20..." stated the mayor getting out some money.

"Keep the change," interrupted the interrupter. "Okay people, let's get cracking."

"Who was that unmasked man...?" asked the mayor quickly as the stranger slipped away.

"We didn't even get a chance to thank him," added the interrupter.

The Assistant got to work setting up a Free Milk Stand in front of the mayor's office building. The word spread quickly thanks to Mouseman. Soon the convention attendees came for some milk. The provided soy milk at BaCCon was simply not up to the desired task. However, those lactose intolerant superheroes had not minded the convention's change of beverage. Nonetheless, with everyone else leaving they followed even though they would not partake in the provided free beverage.

Milkman and the Duplicator used their superpowers to increase the amount of milk so everyone would have their fill. As everyone stood around and enjoyed their cold beverages, (except the lactose intolerant superheroes who tagged along) Dirk Justice appeared asking what had happened. The mayor told the story of an unmasked man arriving just in time with 4 gallons of milk. The man had used no superpowers whatsoever to accomplish the task. Also, the individual left before anyone could thank him or ask who he was.

Further, the Feline Femme Fatale also could not resist a glass of free milk. Hence she delayed her plans. This allowed Mayorman to get the Crusading Canine to take care of this evil ninja cyborg nemesis.

Soon, the story of Errand Boy spread throughout the city. The tale of some unmasked person doing good deeds and saving the day, and fighting for peace, justice and the American way was being told in barbershops and grocery stores citywide. This stranger came and all he asked for was money for the item. However, this person was doing these deeds without the use of any superpower. How could this happen? How could an individual live in Supervania without superpowers? Who was this unmasked stranger? Dirk Justice was not about to tell. That is the way it is in...

Super Supervania
Perhaps hidden identities can remain-ia
And the kids shout 'Come back Shane'-ia
It's Super Supervania.

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