Chapter Twelve

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Princess Angelina enjoyed her meal in the kitchen of the ancient hotel. The chefs outdid themselves. They brought her item after item for her to enjoy. She let them completely pamper her. With a look, she would get more of this or have that taken away. She easily got her fill. She got more than her fill. She could eat no more. She had determined her limit. However, they kept bringing her food.

"I simply could not eat a single thing more," she explained to the chef.

"How about a thin mint?" he asked.

"Nothing. Not a thing," she replied.

"It is wafer thin..."

"I would simply explode if I ate it," she answered. "I thank you for your hospitality though."

"Not at all," the chef replied with a bow. "You may join us any time."

The Princess got up and left the kitchen. She felt as she was waddling around, but she wanted to find the guard she left in charge of Prince William. She found the guard at his post.

"Do you have any idea where I could find Prince William?" she asked him.

"You did not ask me to follow him," he replied. "I was tasked to watch him while he was in the building."

"At ease. You did your task well," she responded. "I was asking if he remarked about where he was going or anything."

"He did not mention anything; however, if you wait for a moment I can check with the staff."

"Very good," the Princess replied with a wave.

The guard led her to a waiting room and she took her seat on one of the overstuffed chairs in the room. She was glad that it was not too far and that she had the opportunity to sit for a while. Her overindulgence was greatly affecting her. She sat patiently waiting for the guard to return while languishing in her over eating. It was not long before the guard returned.

"The Prince is not in any of our properties," the guard said upon his return.

"Does anyone have an idea of where he is?"

"According to our head of security, the Prince is in one of the abandoned houses just to the southwest of here,"

"How could he possibly know that?" she asked.

"I am not at liberty to discuss it."

"I am the daughter of King Jonathan of Calmondak. He is your king, and I order you to answer my question."

"I have my orders."

"You have disclosed much in that statement. These orders must originate from the King himself. What is it?"

"I will not discuss it," the guard replied.

"Could I get a hint?" the Princess asked with a wink.

"Please do not pursue this any more," replied the guard with a sigh. "I do not wish to lose my situation."

"It must be quite top secret then."

"I will not say another thing on the topic."

"From your reaction and the pinpoint precision of the Prince's whereabouts, it must be some sort of tracking device."

"Your highness, please..."

"Do not worry I will vouch for your silence. Wait!"


"If someone placed a tracking device upon the Prince without his knowledge, that means..."

"Your words will not help to exonerate me."

"That bastard! That dirty rotten conniving -- nerfherder!"

"Your highness?"

"My father has known where I was all along. He has a radio tracker on me! Is that right?"

"I cannot answer your questions," replied the guard attempting to put on his best poker face.

"This has all been a big sham. The wedding. The untrackable suncar. The easily bribed guard. He wanted me to run away."

"Honestly Princess, I know nothing about what you are speaking."

"I am sure of that, but you do know about the tracking device."

"Yes -- I mean no! Ah! you tricked me. I will be exiled to the desert for sure." "How?"


"How did we get them implanted?"

"Get what implanted?" the guard replied obstinately.

"Perhaps it was in the food somehow. It was ingested and stayed with us."

"I have no idea of what you are speaking."

"It could have attached itself to the stomach in some way. That way -- it would not need to be continuously replaced. I wonder if they use our own stomach acid to power them."

"Hum de dum dum," replied the guard looking around the room.

"I will have to check with the google to see if this was possible in ancient times."

"Did you say something? Will there be anything else?"

"Could you draw me a map to where I could find the Prince?"

"I will have the head of security provide you with a map."

"You are a sweetheart," the Princess replied to the guard with a kiss on the cheek.

The guard stood there for a moment surprised by the kiss. The Princess gave him a sideways glance, which snapped him out of it. He rushed to the head of security and obtained a map to the house where the Prince was staying.

The guard returned with a surprisingly detailed map. The Princess was expecting a hand drawn thing, but it appeared like the maps she had seen on one of the internets. Someone had circled the location of the Prince in red pen, but the most convenient route was highlighted in yellow. It was a bit of a walk, but the Princess was used to walking.

It would take a bit, and the Princess hoped that Prince William would still be there when she arrived. The long walk would help with the bloated feeling she still had from the meal she just ate. However, her thoughts returned to the tracking device. How long would they last? Did she just eat another one? Perhaps she would return to the chef to probe him for more information.

The sun had been up briefly, but it was already hot. It was going to be another scorching day. The Princess began to long for the cool mornings of her home. She had lots to discuss with her father. She almost forgot why she was looking for the Prince when she arrived at the stately ancient home marked on her map. The Prince was very surprised when she walked into his improvised home.

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