The God Wars

Chapter Forty-four:

Fight of the Gods

By Dwayne MacInnes

Greek God Athena

Both King Podaistas and General Crist from opposite sides of the tent held their bleeding stomachs as they witnessed a fight like no one had ever seen before. Ares sneered and attacked Athena. The goddess stepped back and parried every attack. Even though rage burned across her face, she never once let it affect her fight.

Sparks flew from the blades as they connected and the smell of ozone soon filled the large tent. Ares' attacks were full of fury and strength; whereas Athena dodged and parried the onslaught waiting for the right moment, the right opening. Ares used both sword and his bladed hand in his attacks and Athena used only her sword.

"Your boyfriend lays dying dear sister," Ares taunted.

Athena merely narrowed her eyes, but she never responded. She would not let Ares bait her. She would not allow her anger to cloud her judgment. In fact, if Ares continued to talk he could very well give her an opening.

From the back of the tent, Hades started to cough. Blood spilled from his mouth as he looked towards the combat. His eyes narrowed on the goddess and then widened in anger.

"The javelin that pierced my torso came from your hand!" Hades cried hoarsely. "You betrayed the gods for these mortals."

Hermes sat next to Hades as the god of the underworld began a coughing fit. More blood poured from his mouth and flew across the tent. Hermes tunic became soaked with Hades blood as Hermes tried to comfort the dying god. However, in mid-cough Hades' eyes glazed over and the god went limp.

* * * * *

The running soldiers halted as the huge army of undead warriors began to advance towards them. The warriors positioned themselves between the soldiers and the tent. Even with the combined armies, it would still be a costly and lengthy fight to force their way past the undead.

Suddenly, without warning the undead warriors fell limply to the ground. Their bodies began to decay at an accelerated rate until only the bones mingled with armor remained. The soldiers stared in bewilderment hardly noticing the golden chariot pull up to the tent and its occupants enter the structure.

* * * * *

Athena and Ares paid the passing of Hades little notice as they continued to circle each other. Ares launched another series of forceful attacks. Athena turned his blade utilizing the god's strength against him. As Ares sword was pushed to the side, Athena reposted and scored a hit upon Ares' torso. The god roared in rage and shot his bladed hand out towards Athena's mid-section. However, Athena's blade was there to deflect the hand as she twisted her body out of its path.

Hermes laid Hades back down on the cot. This was not what was supposed to happen. These humans were killing off the gods. For millennia after millennia, mortals had never killed the gods. The gods killed mortals. These Otherworlders had disrupted the balance of power.

Hermes' mind started to seethe in anger. He pulled out his black dagger and maneuvered himself into the shadows. If Athena wanted to join the humans, very well she could join them in death.

Athena's concentration was solely on Ares. The god was so wild in his attacks that she could not spare any attention to anything other than her fight. Therefore, she did not notice Hermes sneaking up behind her in the shadows of the tent.

Hermes smiled as he raised the dagger. He was right behind Athena and she did not notice him because she was too intent on Ares. Hermes was about to bring the blade down between Athena's shoulder blades when he heard two distinct hisses.

Before Hermes could commence his attack, he felt a sudden pain spread from his back to his chest. Hermes looked down and noticed two hunter's arrows protruding from his chest. The feathered shafts stuck out his back. Hermes dropped his dagger and turned around to see who had killed him.

The god of thieves noticed Apollo standing next to a woman. The woman wore a green hunter's cloak and she still held the bow that had released the arrows. On her back was a quiver full of more arrows. However, she only pulled back the hood revealing her golden hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Hermes dropped to his knees. "Artemis, you bitch," was all he could say before he fell forward onto his face dead.

* * * * *

Ares thrust his left-hand composed of a serrated blade at Athena again. However, this time Ares overextended and Athena chopped the metal appendage off at the arm. The blade crashed to the ground and Ares momentarily paused in disbelief.

That was all Athena needed as she drove her sword through Ares' armor and into his chest. The sword pierced Ares heart and before the god realized that anything had happened, he too fell to the ground dead.

Athena spun around and noticed Apollo. "You have to save the general!" she cried.

Apollo knelt down next to Crist. The general waved him off and stated, "I'm not important. Save the king."

"I may not have time to come back to save you," Apollo protested.

"Damn it," Crist grunted as a wave of pain flashed across his midsection. "You are wasting time. Just do it!"

Apollo quickly crossed the tent and laid his hands upon the unconscious monarch. At his touch, the king's stomach instantly healed. The king remained unconscious as Apollo crossed the tent again towards the general.

General Crist's head now rested in Athena's lap. Crist looked up at the goddess, "I knew it was you. It figures I'd fall in love with a goddess."

Athena sniffed fighting back the tears, "Who would have ever thought I'd fall in love with a mortal."

Crist smiled weakly before he went limp. Apollo laid his hands upon the general's belly as Athena gave out a mournful scream.

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