The God Wars

Chapter Forty-five:

Legends (The End)

By Dwayne MacInnes

Greek Goddess Artemis

The three gods looked down at the general. His pale face was at peace and his body lay limp upon the lap of Athena. The goddess's tears splashed upon General Crist's motionless face.

Apollo and his twin sister Artemis watched in silence. Neither god wanted to interfere with the goddess of wisdom. She would have to come to reason on her own. However, Apollo realized that not even Aphrodite could have witnessed such love as between this mortal and this goddess.

Athena wiped the tears from her eyes as she gently removed Crist's head from her lap. She stood up and looked at Apollo and his sister, Artemis maiden of the hunt.

"Take him to Mount Olympus," Athena said softly.

"Such a thing has never been done before," Apollo stated in mild shock. "Father would be upset if we brought a mortal, no matter how great, to his palace."

"Zeus is dead," Athena said matter-of-factly. "He was killed trying to slay innocent civilians fleeing for their lives. He listened to the wrong counsel and now he too is dead."

Apollo swallowed hard. The news Athena just told him did not surprise him as much as the lack of emotion over the loss of their father. Finally, Apollo put a hand to his forehead covering his eyes. "If we are taking roll, then I must confess that Hephaestus too is dead."

Artemis and Athena both looked at Apollo. The mortals never reached Mount Olympus and as far as they knew, Hephaestus never had ventured from the realm of the gods.

"How, dear brother, did it come to pass," Artemis said gently. She put a supporting arm around her twin brother.

Apollo stared into Artemis's eyes as he spoke, "Something changed him. He took great delight in the torment and torture of the humans."

The god stopped and tears came to his eyes in the remembrance of the long ordeal with Hephaestus and Reno. "He had this mortal, Reno," Apollo choked. "He would do... unspeakable things to this poor mortal. If the man came close to dying, he would have me heal him. I did this for him at first because I too feared the prophecy. Then, after the man's mind broke and Hephaestus continued his cruel treatment, I could barely stand it.

"Finally, Reno became lucid enough to beg me to end it. He did not blame me; it was like he forgave me for my part in his torment!" Apollo sobbed uncontrollably for a few seconds before continuing. "Hephaestus wanted to continue his ghastly game, I snapped and killed him. Now Aphrodite has finally found that she had always loved her husband. She too has come to terms with coexisting with the humans and is now waiting at Olympus for our return."

Athena and Artemis looked at each other for a brief second before returning to Apollo. The god wiped his eyes with the back of his hands. "I will never cause the death of a mortal again. I have dedicated myself to their betterment. So, Athena, sword maiden, I will take Crist to Olympus."

"In the end, those across the Styx will only number a paltry six," the goddess of the hunt quoted. "That leaves just us six gods from the twelve." Artemis grabbed Apollo's arm as the god reached for Crist's body lying peacefully upon the ground. "Brother, let me carry him. But, Athena, what do we tell the mortals. Their wrath could easily turn against us."

Athena stood up straight and transformed herself back into General Theena the Amazon of Knopso. "I will tell them. They will listen to me for to them I am one of them. Artemis you will have to pretend to be me when we leave."

Greek God Apollo

The entire combined army stood stunned as the scream full of sadness tore through the air. None of the soldiers had ever heard such a mournful and terrible cry. Many of the soldiers felt tears run down their face as they started to cry themselves for the feeling of loss filled them.

The men watched from a distance for some time when they noticed two figures leave the tent. It was the chariot driver and the woman in the green cloak. In her hands, she bore the limp body of General Crist. The two entered the bright golden chariot with the dazzling white horses. The man picked up the reigns and snapped them across the horses' backs. The chariot sped off at speed that even amazed the Otherworlders.

Next out of the tent came General Theena supporting the weakened King Podaistas. Tears ran down both of their dirty faces as they approached the men. The soldiers stood transfixed not daring to move as the two neared.

"What happened?" Lieutenant Rogers of the Jolly Rogers asked.

"We have won," King Podaistas answered weakly. "However, we have also lost. We lost the greatest man amongst us, General Crist."

The soldiers all now started to sob. The weight of the cost of battle was already too great, but now it was even greater.

"No!" Theena cried. "General Crist has been taken up by the gods Apollo and Athena. He will dwell in the halls of Mount Olympus with the six compassionate gods as a champion and will return to Atlantis when her need is greatest."

The men felt hope return to their hearts when Theena spoke. If any man could rise to dwell amongst the gods, it would be General Crist. Even the king looked up at the general and stared into her eyes.

"If I didn't know any better," King Podaistas said. "I'd say you could dwell with the gods."

"Your highness," Theena replied. "You are still weak from your injuries."

"Your highness, begging your pardon," Corporal Daniels spoke up. "What did you see?"

King Podaistas shook his head, "I don't remember much before I lost consciousness. However, I think Athena defeated Ares and Hermes. I believe that the gods were truly of two minds as to how to relate to us. Some wanted to eradicate us, and the others to live with us.

"It appears that the good gods won out. We should send emissaries to speak with them and establish formal communication."

Theena gently placed the king onto the ground. "Your highness, from what I saw the gods who wish peace with us mortals won the day. Being that I have the outpost closest to Mount Olympus I will personally make sure that we send emissaries to the gods.

"However, while you were unconscious I spoke to Apollo. He is of the mind that the gods and humans can coexist. It was he and Athena who after witnessing the valor of General Crist decided to take him to Mount Olympus to dwell with the gods. For great heroes deserve a special place of honor. What can be a greater honor than being allowed to dwell with the gods?"

The soldiers on the field smiled, nodded, and remembered a new prophecy spoken that day: A champion will return to Atlantis when her need is greatest.

The End

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