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Chapter Twenty-Seven

By Douglas E. Gogerty

"Kill me?" asked Prince William. "You do not have the nerve for that sort of thing."

"Are you sure?" inquired Princess Angelina with a look of menace.

"I am pretty sure," replied the Prince a little nervously.

"When you are entirely sure, then we can discuss your proposal again."


"Not until then!"

"Very well."

"It is clear to me, that you need some more rest; thus, I will leave you for now."


"Rest!" demanded the Princess as she left the Prince's bedside.

Things were not going the Princess's way. She had not anticipated the Prince's feelings. Further, she had not anticipated her own feelings towards the Prince. Her plans had just become greatly more complicated. It was all she could do to get out of the room before accepting his proposal. She could not believe she was actually considering it.

She had to find some place to think. She needed to restore her resolve. She knew she was right about what other kings would think about kings with strong wives. She did not want the conflicts, which go along with weak kings, to follow Prince William. Hence, she knew she could never marry him. She knew it. However, that did not diminish her feelings for him.

She found a quiet spot with a window that looked out over the kingdom. She sat there and pondered. She was completely lost in thought when King Thorbjorn sat next to her.

"He will be fine," assured the King.

"What?" the Princess replied with a start. "Oh yes. I know."

"So, what are you thinking about?"

"Oh nothing -- I was just wondering what happens next."

"You do not wish to marry my son do you?"

"I am not ready to make that decision," the Princess lied. "Perhaps I am too young."

"You are young -- and beautiful."

"Thank you. That's sweet of you to say."

"Sweet?" replied the King with a slightly raised voice. "I have had people severely punished for using such words."

"I did not mean anything by it."

"I should take you over my knee...."

"Please -- no offense was meant."

However, there was no persuading the King. He grabbed the Princess and dragged her away from the window. The Princess was unable to resist the strength of the King. She fought, but the King easily dragged her into a nearby private room.

Suddenly, the Princess knew that the offense was merely an excuse to get her alone. He began pawing at her clothes.

"Stop!" shouted the Princess with a look that could stop running water.

Surprised at himself, the King stopped. He felt powerless under the spell the Princess's look held over him. He stood there shaking. He attempted to move, but he could not.

"That is better," the Princess said after a few moments. "You may be a powerful King, but you have no power over me. You will cease your advances or there will be great consequences."

The King tried to move towards her, but her deepening look grabbed him and held him still.

"If you do not wish to feel my wrath and what it entails, you will do as I say."

The King attempted to say something, but the displeasure of the Princess had some sort of powerful control over him. He fought it for a few more moments and then collapsed upon the floor.

"You may think that it is good to be the king, but there is no way that you will touch the daughter of King Jonathan of Calmondak against her will."

"Yes miss," the King squeaked.

"Now," stated the Princess sternly. "You will cede the land you promised my father to me."

"I will what?" asked the King as the Princess's hold on him began to fade.

"For me bringing you your son, and for me not telling your wife -- or my father -- about what you just attempted, you will give me the treaty lands."

"I will not."

"Very well," stated the Princess as she left the room.

She left her dress in the slightly rumpled condition caused by the King. She asked a few members of the household staff on where she could find the Queen. The fury was obvious to all those who saw her, and everyone immediately bent to her wishes.

The King had already spoken to the Queen when Princess Angelina arrived. The King was sitting proudly upon a chair as the Princess began to speak.

"Your Highness," the Princess began with a bow. "I can hardly believe what I am about to tell you."

"Is this about my husband's fidelity?" asked the Queen.

"Hardly!" replied the Princess.

"What?" asked the King with a shocked look upon his face.

"The sexual conquests of the King are hardly any of my affair."

"Then what?" asked the Queen.

"This is about honor," responded the Princess. "The King attempted to dishonor me and my family, and you and your family my good Queen."

"He did?" asked the Queen. "How so?"

"He treated me like a household servant," stated the Princess. "I am a guest in this house, and he acted as if I was obliged to him."

"He did show you disrespect there," replied the Queen.

"Further, he gave you not one thought," insisted the Princess. "He did not even consider how you would feel about his actions with another Princess. One he had wished to marry, but was spurned."

"Is this true?" the Queen asked the King.

"I -- uh -- but -- uh..." muttered the King attempted to lie but unable to because of the glare of Princess Angelina. "Yes."

"So you lied to me. She did not attempt to lure you into a situation that looked compromising and then attempt to blackmail you." demanded the Queen.

"I -- uh... Yes."

"You will give her what she wants for your disgraceful and disrespectful actions?"

"I -- um," stumbled the King as he was getting the evil eye from both women present. "Yes I will."

"He will have the written document for you by morning," asserted the Queen.

"Your Highness is kind and gracious," Princess Angelina said to the Queen. "I will leave your court when the paper is in my possession."

"That is wise," replied the Queen. "We would not wish any more incidents of dishonor."

"By your leave," the Princess stated as she left the room.

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Texas Wildfire

Chapter 7

By Dwayne MacInnes

Governor Tucker scowled across the room towards his staff. Things were not shaping up as he had hoped. Even though there were many Texans who wanted to secede from the United States, he did not have the sympathy of the majority. The state legislature even refused to debate the issue while President Roberts remained in power.

To make matters worse, there were rumors that President Roberts had snuck some military special forces across the state line to "protect" the oil fields and refineries. Common knowledge had it that all military bases were on lockdown with heightened security. This meant that any Texas surprise move to take over any federal arm depots would prove difficult and deadly.

"Do we have any confirmation of any special forces at any of these oil fields," growled the governor.

One aide looked at the governor sheepishly across his big desk in the office. "Ah…nothing concrete. The rumors are that if any of the oil companies spill the beans, they will have their assets seized and will lose their rights to any and all oil interests across the country."

Tucker did not understand why Roberts was so interested in helping Ramirez come to power. Hell, the man's job approval rating was just a tick higher than the vice president's was and she was quite open about her disapproval when Ramirez won the vote a month ago.

"Damn it!" cursed Tucker. "You know that if Roberts would support us he could bring Alaska into the mix."

"I don't think the president is interested in breaking up the country," offered a young female staffer.

Tucker stared at the young lady until she seemed to melt as she hid behind some of the other advisors.

"I don't give a rat's behind what you think!" Tucker yelled. "If Roberts was a stronger man he would return to his home state and declare independence like we will. The people up there are as upset about Ramirez becoming president as we are."

"What about Watson?" asked another aide.

"Are you freaking kidding me!?!" Tucker exploded. "North Da-freaking-kota? What are they going to do? Throw snowballs? Watson is washed up and she doesn't carry a lot of weight with anyone."

"Sir, couldn't we call up the National Guard?"

"No, I need a state emergency and I don't have one handy right now!"

* * * * *

"So get this, listeners," Flash Limbeck spoke into the microphone in his studio. "It appears that President Roberts is now a closet liberal.

"He's been tightening the security in and around Texas. Even here in New Mexico, he has all military bases on high alert. Why? Are we the enemy?

"If there is a danger in this country, it is not from Texas, but from the man who will take over the oval office in a couple of week's time. A man who will open the borders up to any illegal immigrant, a man who will relax our national security so that terrorists can attack us at will, and now it looks like a man who will be a dictator and will hold the country by martial law.

"Is there any reason why Texas wants to secede from the United States?"

Limbeck looked at the control board in the studio and noticed the light flashing alerting him to a caller. A read out on the screen gave Limbeck the vital information about the caller he needed before he proceeded.

"I have a caller from Washington State, a Mr. Wainright."

"Yes, Flash," the man's voice stated. "I hear that most of the people in Texas are not for secession."

"You mean the liberals in the western part of the state. Yes, for nearly a century illegal immigrants have been settling in the western part of the state and they can stand to lose a lot if Texas declares its independence. They would not be able to give the territory back to Mexico or even sneak some of their compadres over the border anymore."

"Do you know if the rumors are true that the Minutemen movement is now openly carrying firearms?" the man asked Flash.

"It's their God given rights if they are. Hell, I would just to keep those communist loving liberals in Washington in an uproar."

* * * * *

Fred Wilson was pleased at the size of the turnout for the Oath Keepers meetings lately. After the election, the group had swollen in size to the point where larger and larger facilities had to be booked. The number of law enforcement and National Guardsmen now outnumbered the veterans.

Sheriff Gracen now acted as Wilson's lieutenant. The sheriff helped organize the meetings, and he kept everyone on track. With the situation in Texas rapidly coming to a boil, it was important that everyone understood that they would not take up arms against Texas nor would they follow any orders that they felt violated the Constitution.

It would be a tightrope walk, but it was important that everyone understood what his or her roles were. Back at his department, Sheriff Gracen also warned his deputies of the same thing. Especially now that Roberts had mobilized many of the military forces in the surrounding states to be ready for any signs of attack.

"Okay, can I get everyone's attention," Wilson said towards the large assembly in the theater.

Hundreds of people, most in some type of uniform, began to take their seats in the large auditorium. The buzz of a hundred or so conversations slowly trailed off as everyone gave Wilson his or her attention.

"It looks like Roberts is helping Ramirez set up his little dictatorship," Wilson began. "As you may have noticed there is a larger military presence in the area."

There were some loud rumblings from the auditorium as the Oath Keepers commented to each other about the increased presence of the U.S. military in the area and in the town of Littleton.

"I must remind everyone of their oath. We will not violate the U.S. Constitution and if war breaks out we will not fire upon our brothers and sisters in Texas trying to defend their rights against tyranny."

The assembly broke into applause at this and it took a few minutes before Wilson could restore order. "I do not presume to tell you what to do. You will have to search your hearts when the time comes and determine if you will side with liberty or tyranny.

"Things could get ugly. You may have to decide to choose between defending Texas against these Federal forces or joining the dictator that will take office in a couple of weeks."

The crowd instantly exploded into boos and catcalls.

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Prince William woke up, and felt stronger than he had in months. The weeks of rest had done its job. He believed he was fully healed and ready to get out of bed. However, by his father's orders, the doctors strapped him to the bed. Thus, he could not get up immediately. He had to wait for someone to free him.

Since being strapped in, the Prince had been asking about Princess Angelina, but no one would answer his questions. He found it odd that she had not visited for several days or was it more. It was difficult for him to track time. He pondered her disappearance, and hoped that his family had not harmed her. Her strong will had often gotten her into trouble, and he hoped that she had not worn out her welcome.

His father, King Thorbjorn, came to visit him, and the King allowed the doctors to free him from his straps. Today was the day he would get out of that bed. He was quite ready.

"Where is Princess Angelina?" the Prince asked the King.

"It is a lovely day out today," the King replied.

"And, the Princess?"

"Since you are feeling better, we should go for a short walk."

"Are you going to tell me about the Princess?"

"I want to wait until you are strong enough. We do not want you to have a relapse."

"Where is she?"

"She is gone."

"Gone? Gone where?"

"That one is very insistent."

"Father, what have you done?"

"Done? Me? Nothing!"

"So, why do you not tell me where she is?"

"Is gone not good enough?"

"No father it is not."

"My guess is that she has left to the Treaty Land."

"You gave her that land?"

"She can be quite insistent. That one is quite strong willed."

"And all of that Prophecy business..."

"Oh that!" responded the King with a wave of his hand. "That was just a lie to motivate you to find her."

"So you do not believe that she will unite the kingdoms because she returned me to you."

"Hey! She did fulfill the terms of it..."

"Yes she did, and now she has a kingdom of her own."

"She is just a single young girl, what kind of power could she wield?"

"You know exactly what power."

"Ah yes, I have seen it in action. She does have a way to bend people to her will."

"With just a look..."

"Wooh! a powerful look indeed."

"And you unleashed that onto the world."

"The unaffiliated raiders and pirates will have her running back to her father in no time."

"You may be right, but I would not count on that."

"We can only wait and see."

"No, I am going after her."

"You are still weak. You should rest some more."

"I do not have a moment to lose."

"You do not even know where to look for her. She may have simply gone home to make some arrangements."

"That is where I am headed first," replied the Prince as he got out of bed.

"Are you sure you are able?"

"I can make it!" the Prince stated in a remarkably strong tone as he arose.

He wobbled a bit because he had been in bed for quite a while. He was light-headed and he nearly fell. Nonetheless, his determination was strong and he managed to get himself together without help.

Dressing was quite an adventure for him. He had never remembered having such difficulties with such a simple task. He had to rest several times before he successfully finished putting on his clothes.

The same could be said about packing. While he felt strong after he rested, he did not have the stamina to walk back and forth in his room for very long. Hence, he had to rest often as he put clothes into a case.

After he finished those tasks, he began the arduous job of carrying the case to a suncar. Once again, he had to rest every couple of feet. However, he did not wish to be treated like a child; thus, he insisted upon carrying his own luggage. That is why it was mid-afternoon before he was ready to go. He had successfully packed his car, but after the strain, he needed a nap. Thus, he did not leave as early as he had hoped.

It did not matter that much, because he did not know where he was going. He told the King that he was headed to Calmondak, but he was not sure that was the wisest course of action. The entire time he was packing, he pondered if he should go there or the treaty land. Where should he start looking for her? Would the Princess gather some resources from home and then head to her kingdom? Or, would she explore her kingdom first to see what she would need?

Furthermore, he had the feeling that he was not wanted in Calmondak. His injuries occurred in that kingdom. Would they inflict more bodily harm onto him now? That was something he had to consider. He feared for his life for much of his time returning from the Forbidden Zone. He had not told anybody about his experiences there. There would be time later.

Map of the Kingdoms

"Do not go son," King Thorbjorn stated as he stood before the suncar.

"You know that I must father."

"We can find you a suitable bride."

"It is not that."

"Then what?"

"She could be my only chance for a kingdom."

"I am afraid that I cannot argue with that. Are you really headed back to Calmondak?"

"I have changed my mind. I am heading to the lands you gave her. My life may be in grave danger if I return to Calmondak. She will eventually show up in the treaty lands, so I shall wait."

"It could take her quite a while."

"I have what I need to survive. The outdoorsman skills you taught me will allow me to wait for several months in that wild country."

"Since I cannot prevent you from going, I bid you farewell -- and be careful."

"I shall. So long father."

The Prince pointed his suncar south and drove away from the castle complex. It would take him a while to reach the Princess's new kingdom, but it would not be a strenuous journey. He just hoped he was strong enough to make it there.

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

By Douglas E. Gogerty

King Thorbjorn watched as his son drove away from the castle complex. As soon as the suncar was no longer visible, the King went to work. Princess Angelina had made a fool of him. While only the Queen was aware of it, the experience burned within him. Thus, he was determined to teach the young woman a lesson.

Since his queen was involved in the entire affair, the King had to make sure it looked innocent enough. He would have to execute his plans in secret. While he desperately wanted to simply declare war on the newly formed kingdom, he could not do that. At least, he could not do that while Angelina was sovereign of that nation. Hence, he needed that kingdom to fail.

Thus, it would require a great deal of skullduggery. The king would have to begin some covert actions to cause conflict in the newly established kingdom. He knew just how to do it too. After all, he had been dealing with raiders and pirates for some time.

In the guise of a diplomatic mission, the King prepared to leave Lakeland. He told his subjects that it was a delicate mission; thus, he could only take a small entourage. A full compliment was slow and obvious. The King wanted to be a bit more inconspicuous. Thus, he stated that he would not need his full retinue. It also meant that his Queen would not join him. This was a very important part of his plan.

While his personal safety could not be completely assured with this group, he knew he could hand pick his traveling companions. That was another key component of his plan. He wanted to be assured that he could trust those with him.

Many asked why he could not send an emissary. After all, it would be much safer to send an expendable ambassador. The King had anticipated this question. Thus, he had formulated a response. He told them that this mission was quite sensitive, and the party in question would not accept anyone else. The importance of the mission, he told them, required that he take the risk. His personal attention was required.

In the past, this meant that King Thorbjorn was going to meet a mistress. However, those were planned well in advance. This was a spur of the moment event. The castle staff did not know what to make of the situation.

The hand-picked group would be fast and discrete. Since this was a last minute trip, most of the King's enemies would not know where he was. Let alone that he had left the castle. Further, since he would have the ability to move quickly, his group could ferry him out of harm's way with relative ease. Therefore, the King did not worry much about his safety. He thought he would be safe enough.

The King made all of the arrangements for pending activities in the kingdom. He set up all the protocols for decisions to be made while he was away. He realized how much work that had to be taken care of without him. That is why he never made spur of the moment trips. Nonetheless, he was unsure of the activities of the Princess. Thus, he had to put his plan into action quickly. Hence, that was the way things had to be.

Furthermore, the King had to make arrangements for any spies. Only the most trusted individuals must know of his journey. If the King's enemies knew he was away from the castle, they would pounce. They would either attack the castle complex itself, or track down King Thorbjorn. Thus, a ruse must be arranged for those watching the King and his family.

The King met privately with his Queen. She was going to be an important part of the diversion. She had to act as if the King were still in the castle the entire time he was gone. Thus, he made sure that he paid attention to her. He was quite affectionate. In this way, he smoothed over the previous incident.

When the suncars were packed, the small caravan left the castle complex as arranged. Few knew who was in the caravan or its mission. For most, it looked like any other envoy for the King's business. Most would not have guessed that the King was among the departing castle dwellers.

With the secret mission underway, the King was the only person who knew the destination of the mission. He did not even tell the members of the team where they were headed. He simply directed the lead car as they went. Nevertheless, the entire caravan soon became keenly aware that they were not headed towards friendly territory.

There was an unsteady peace with the kingdom bordering Lakeland to the east. The King had won the peace by marrying his Queen. This was the kingdom from which she hailed. On the boarder of this kingdom was where they camped the first night.

They had taken the ancient road through Lakeland, but when they needed to travel outside his kingdom the party would need to wind their way on less traveled roads. It would be a great deal quicker to stay on the main system, but it would also be vastly more dangerous. Thus, they stuck to secondary roads when they broke camp.

The group continued heading southeast. The kingdom on the other side of his wife's former land, was outright hostile towards Lakeland and its king. In fact, they were hostile to all outsiders. They would occasionally raid nearby kingdoms, but they could not sustain any sort of invasion. They were feared, but they had inferior technology to its neighbors. Hence, a peace of sorts could be obtained.

After another night camping, he directed the caravan into that kingdom. The entire entourage now knew how much danger they were in. They would be in deep trouble if anyone caught them. Thus, they had to be very careful.

After making their way into the heart of hostile territory, the King directed the caravan to head to the Pirate Peninsula. That is when everyone knew that if things did not go well, they would be in for some major fighting.

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Texas Wildfire

Chapter 8

By Dwayne MacInnes

"So now our Marxist president has not been in office for more than two months and he already has a spending bill that will explode the deficit to new heights," Flash spat incredulously into his microphone. "His reasoning is that we need to get people back to work and he plans on doing it with our tax dollars! Is there any reason why the New Tea Party movements around the country are holding protests?

"Just look at this 'New Deal' type of program…in the deserts of Arizona and here in New Mexico, Ramirez is paying people to build solar generation plants. Is that where we should be shoveling our tax dollars? The government is paying people to work; this smacks a bit of socialism doesn’t it. Hell, this is full-blown communism. It looks like Hugo Chavez Ramirez is really Che Guevera Ramirez."

Flash Limbeck was now in full rant. His loyal listeners loved it when Flash skewered liberals with his verbal barbs. "Look here folks," Flash continued. "It looks like even former Vice President Watson will be at the Killeen NTTP rally tomorrow as a guest of Governor Tucker. I urge any of my loyal fans, if you can, to head on down to Killeen to witness this event. If you cannot make it at least attend one of the other rallies across the country."

* * * * *

Mayor Warren Locke and Police Chief Gerald Mills surveyed the growing crowd gathering around city hall. Locke frowned as he noticed that there were very few police officers around to help keep the situation under control.

Mayor Locke glanced at Chief Mills with great concern on his face. Antigovernment protesters were currently overrunning the city of Killeen. The police chief was wearing the standard riot gear like the other officers in the street. The law officers stood out in their black armor against the crowd of protesters in their civilian clothes. This fact only highlighted how seriously outnumbered the law enforcement officers were.

"Where are your officers, Chief?" Locke asked.

"Mayor," Mills started to say.

Governor Tucker began speaking to the large crowd of angry people. Some of the protesters were holding signs of Ramirez with a Hitler mustache or wearing a Fidel Castro beard and hat.

"Over 70% of the law enforcement officers of Killeen belong to the Oath Keepers of Texas," he Mills continued. "Most of my men and women called in sick or did not bother to even show up for work today.

"It is worse at the Sheriff's Department. The sheriff did not bother to show up; I have a desk sergeant with a handful of deputies helping us out."

"Everyone got the damn blue flu, eh. Things could get pretty ugly if we don't get adequate crowd control," Locke stated frantically.

"I have every available officer assembled. I've called in the reserves I even have the desk staff getting into riot gear just in case," Chief Mills replied as calmly as he could to the mayor. "I've asked for help from the Texas Rangers and the Highway Patrol. I have even pleaded with the Governor for help from the National Guard."

"I would not expect any help from him!" spat Locke. "He would love to have the crowd break into a riot and bring about a national incident with Fort Hood. Then he would have everyone eating out of his hands when he finally did call out the guard."

"The crowd is still peaceful. Maybe this will be nothing more than another rally," Mills said wishfully. "You know I have only a few officers and some Explorer Scouts who are interested in law enforcement watching the station. If things hit the fan we are in it deep."

Governor Tucker's voice broke over the crowd, "…and it is the right of Texas to secede from the United States anytime it wants. We all know it's a fact."

Mayor Locke sighed before stating, "It is not really true. We have the right to break into five smaller states, not to secede from the country."

"I suppose if it were our right we would still be a confederate country after 180 years," Chief Mills added. "I'm also afraid if Texas does try to secede we will be broken into smaller states. It'll be like when West Virginia broke away from Virginia during the Civil War."

Locke stared at Mills for a second with a mildly surprised look on his face. "Chief," Locke said. "I never took you for a history buff."

* * * * *

Governor Tucker surveyed the ever-growing crowd in front of him. The protestors were eating out of his hands. He knew he would have to weave his words carefully to get the desired effect. He did not want to incite an incident quite yet. Tucker wanted to ratchet up the heat slowly so he could get the majority of the Texans on his side before he committed the state to actual secession.

The governor could not help but notice that there were very few officers hanging on the fringe of the crowd. Their few patrol cars were flashing their lights as a reminder for everyone to keep it civil. If Tucker was not careful, the officers would easily be over run by a rioting crowd and the backlash could be devastating to his plans. Especially, seeing as how there were actually more news crews than police officers.

As Governor Tucker wound down his speech, he noticed that the crowd was shouting for more. The governor smiled. He was getting the desired effect. Just a few more speeches across the state like this one, and everything would be in place.

The governor stepped down from the podium and nodded to his special guest, former Vice President Kimberly Watson, one of Ramirez's most vocal critics. The middle-aged soccer mom smiled and proceeded to take her place on the podium. The crowd instantly started to wildly applaud and shout.

Tucker and Watson made special plans for today's event. They knew the stakes were high and that they had to be careful in their approach. Watson looked down at her hand where she had written some last minute crib notes.

"Hello, Texas!" Watson smiled to the boisterous crowd. Her audience roared back in approval. "Don't ya think its time we showed Washington that enough is enough?"

Governor Tucker smiled more broadly as he sat in the metal folding chair behind the podium. Watson may have single digit approval ratings up north, but here she was a star. She was playing the audience perfectly.

"How do ya think we should do that?" Watson asked rhetorically.

The crowd shook their signs and shouted various answers. They were eating up every word.

"Maybe we should take back our country from that Marxist in Washington!" Watson shouted feeding off the energy the crowd exuded.

Governor Tucker suddenly started to frown. This was beyond what they had planned. The former vice president was going off script and she could instantly ruin their plans.

"Yeah, let's do it!" shouted some. "Kill the spic!" shouted others. However, most people just shouted "Texas, Texas!"

Kimberly jabbed her right arm into the sky and shouted, "Texas forever! Texas the free! Down with Washington, D.C! Let's start the revolution!"

Tucker cursed. It was too late the crowd was now in full riot."

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Texas Wildfire

Chapter 9

By Dwayne MacInnes

Chief Mills grabbed the mayor as the situation quickly started to dissolve into chaos. The police chief shoved Mayor Locke towards one of the squad cars. The chief pointed to a young female police officer in riot gear and shouted, "Get the Mayor to Fort Hood immediately. They have to be warned!"

Locke was shoved into the passenger seat and before he could really understand what was going on, the policewoman had the squad car roaring down the street. Behind them, the crowd burst over the thin police cordon like an ocean wave smashing into a small sand castle. The riot police were instantly overwhelmed.

As the squad car raced towards the military base with its sirens blaring and lights flashing, a police antiriot tank sped towards the crowd of angry protesters. The tank fired off canister after canister of tear gas from its turret into the rushing mass of protesters, yet the angry crowd continued to riot. They only occasionally stopped to cover their faces with pieces of cloth.

"Mayor, sir," the officer said to Locke without taking her eyes off the road. "There is a shotgun in the rack between us. You had better arm yourself. Those people do not look rational right now."

Mayor Locke snatched the shotgun out of the rack and looked it over.

"Sir, do you know how to use a shotgun?" the young woman asked stealing a glance towards the mayor out of the corner of her eye.

Mayor Locke smiled, asking a Texan if he knew how to use a weapon was like asking a fish if it knew how to swim. "Yes, I think I can handle it."

The squad car turned down various streets on its way toward Fort Hood. Fortunately, there were very few vehicles on the road. Everyone was at either the protest rally or hunkering in his or her home. Only the occasional fire truck or ambulance raced passed the police car in the opposite direction.

Suddenly, something slammed into the hood of the police cruiser. Locke noticed a hole in the hood a second before the report of a rifle shot punctuated the air. The policewoman grabbed Locke with her right hand and pulled him down.

"Sir, we are taking fire!" she exclaimed without taking her eyes off the road. "You need to get down!"

Another bullet shattered the safety glass in the rear driver's side door spraying glass around the interior of the cab. Mayor Locke tried to cram himself under the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle. He covered his head with his hands.

"Officer…" the mayor began before realizing he did not know her name "ah…officer, are you alright."

"Yes, sir. It's Officer Hughes, Amanda Hughes," the policewoman said in a deadpan voice. Her total concentration was getting the police car through the gauntlet of gunfire safely.

* * * * *

Lieutenant General Albert K. Groves was the commander in charge of Fort Hood. Ever since President Roberts placed all military installations on high alert before he left office, the fort was more or less cut off from the public. The military had escorted off the base all private employees and relieved them of duty until further notice.

The army now had to do its own laundry, cooking, security, and a million other jobs that the military usually outsourced. Moreover, the general did not waste any time in strengthening the perimeter fence's defenses. The fort was huge and there was a great deal of area that needed to be covered. However, Groves made sure to place his tanks and armored vehicles where they would be of the most use.

"Sergeant how is the protest rally going?" the general asked a nearby sergeant who was listening to a newscast on his compu-phone.

"Not good sir," the sergeant shot back. "Those Teabaggers…I mean Tea Partiers are in full riot. It looks like they are headed our way."

"Great," LTG Groves muttered to himself. "Sergeant, sound the alarm. I want every man and woman manning the defenses. Oh, and sergeant make sure you pass the word that everyone is to hold their fire. We have strict orders on that from President Ramirez."

"Yes sir!" the sergeant saluted before relaying the general's orders.

* * * * *

The sentries at the front gate of Fort Hood were surprised to see a wailing police cruiser racing towards the gate. Bullet holes riddled the squad car and one of the lights on the roof was missing. Steam shot in the air in a huge cloud from the perforated radiator.

The police car slid to a stop a few yards from the gate. The soldiers armed with the M-18 assault rifle stared in wonder as a man dressed in a suit and tie, and armed with a shotgun stepped from the passenger side of the car.

Mayor Warren Locke looked over his shoulder as he jogged towards the gate. He was relieved to see Officer Hughes step from the driver's side of the now dead police car. She had her pistol from her holster as she ducked behind the squad car looking down the road in the direction that they just came.

"I need to see the general," Locke shouted to the sentries. "There is a mob on its way and it is armed!"

"I'm sorry you cannot pass," a lieutenant said in a matter-of-fact voice. "This base is closed to all civilians."

"Look, I am not here to visit," Locke shouted back as he stopped in front of the officer. "Alert the general that the NTTP and the SOTA are on the warpath and they are headed here."

"Sir, you will have to stay here," the lieutenant said. The officer then looked back towards one of his men. "Get the general on the line. Let him know we have a situation at the front gate." The soldier saluted and then proceeded to speak into the microphone that was part of his helmet.

Mayor Locke waited impatiently as the soldier spoke to some party on the other end. The only sound that he could hear in the tense air was some soldiers murmuring to each other and the hiss of the bullet-ridden police car's radiator. The lieutenant turned back to Locke.

"Who are you, sir?"

"I'm the goddamn mayor of Killeen and you are about to be…"

Before he could finish his sentence shots rang out into the air. Locke spun around to see Officer Hughes firing her service pistol into a mob that were armed with shotguns, rifles, and handguns that were in turn firing at the police woman. One round managed to clip Hughes on the shoulder grazing her riot armor but spinning her around until her legs collapsed under her.

When Hughes fell, the mob moving at a trot broke into a run and soon overran the police car. Locke wasted no time and raised the shotgun to his shoulder as he pumped a round into the chamber. The mayor in desperation fired shell after shell until the shotgun was empty. The mayor was oblivious to the bullets whizzing past his ears.

The lieutenant tackled Locke to the ground as the soldiers opened fire into the mob. Several people fell to the ground, even more retreated in a dead run. A few continued to fire taking cover behind anything they could. The first battle for Texas Independence had just begun.

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