Chapter Seventy-Six (The End)

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Princess Angelina slept poorly. Despite that, she still did not wish to leave the comfort of the bed she was in. The recent deaths took their toll upon the young woman. She just wanted to lie there and let the world go by. However, she knew that she could not do that. She had responsibilities. She had to pull things together and arise.

Reluctantly, she got out of bed and prepared for the day. When she was clean and dressed, she gathered her advisers around her in a big room. There she arranged a caravan back to Calmondak. She knew she would never be able to make it to her father's funeral, but she had to return home to pay her respects. Further, there were people who wished to return to there homes. With the end of the war, there was still much to do.

The people around her treated her kindly. They all behaved like they were walking on eggshells. She was not sure how she felt about that. Nonetheless, she was effective in getting things done with this arrangement. Further, no one made her upset. They just did as she asked. She really liked that part. No one wanted to upset her. If that was always the case, she would be happy. However, she knew she had to take advantage of it while it lasted.

There was much governing to do. She appointed governors to the various parts of her realm. There was no way she could be involved in the affairs of all of the people under her rule. She needed go-betweens. She appointed various people to arrange governments. She would be the ultimate arbitrator, but these governors had a bit of autonomy. If there were problems in the realms, these appointed governors would be responsible. Further, she could always rearrange the governments later.

After all of that was arranged, she did not want to think of the politics anymore. She would delve into the details when she was ready. She had more pressing things that concerned her. In the past, when she was at this point, there was something to distract her. Now, the wars were all over. It was decision making time. At least, it was close to it. She hoped there would be nothing earth shaking to deal with in the near future.

When the details of running the peninsula, Kaanfed, Nunu, and the Maritime kingdoms were put in place, her convoy left for Calmondak. Some advisers would peel off and look into the affairs of Lakeland and other areas along the way. The remaining small entourage would continue on to Calmondak.

The Princess was looking forward to visiting with her brother, Prince James. They could commiserate. They could tell stories of the past. They could talk about their memories of their father. They could even tell stories of Prince William. This would make her feel much better. In this way, she would honor her father. She would feel that she did all she could to pay her respects. It would ease the guilt she felt for not being there.

Further, he brother would be coronated soon. She could linger in Calmondak until that event. Being with her brother would ease the losses she felt acutely. Even the thought of being in the castle in Calmondak eased her pain. Thus, she looked forward to getting back.

As the caravan continued, she curled into a ball in her wagon. She did not want to think about all of the things that needed to be done. Of course, this is what kept her awake. She was exhausted, but she could not sleep. Thoughts swirled in her brain. All the while she thought what next?

After the long travel to Calmondak she found out the answer to that question. Prince James had disappeared. Calmondak was near chaos. Some thought they should wait for the Prince to return. Some thought they should organize some sort of government without him. The entire country was on the brink of civil war. This is what she arrived to. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. However, when she heard the circumstances, she knew exactly what to do.

She declared that Prince James had abdicated the throne. Thus, as the next in line to inherit the throne, she would step in to rule Calmondak. Surprisingly, no one objected to her declaration. The Princess was royalty. She was in line for the throne. If Prince James did not wish to rule, they would accept her as their ruler. It seemed obvious.

In the turn of events over the last several months, the Princess went from runaway bride to ruler of a diverse set of kingdoms. She went from someone with a slight crush on Prince William to spurning him to mourning his death. She went from hating her father for arranging a marriage she did not want to mourning his loss. She felt she was a different person that ran away to the Forbidden Zone.

Despite all of the adversity, the world was set before her. She had the power to change the world. And, changing it needed. She remembered the internets and the Google. She wanted to implement that kingdom wide. That would make it easier to communicate things.

She would improve the transportation system. The aircars were so much more efficient than the suncars. Transportation in the realm could be greatly improved.

Further, she could improve the lives of women under her rule. Women worked outside of their homes in the peninsula. They were capable of many things. They were not only useful in raising families. She could attempt to make inroads there.

Princess Angelina looked over the list she wanted to accomplish. She could do so much. She could influence so many aspects of people's lives. With all of the power, the things in the realm would change. All of it possible because she reigned over the Reunited States of Morica.

The End

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