Smith and Wesson

Chapter Four: The Life of Zephenia Smith

By Douglas E. Gogerty

At the foot of the space elevator life was difficult. Because of the level of crime, the once prosperous city of New Vegas became feared. The few tourists that came to the city would fly in and immediately go up into space. They feared the city. They feared its criminal element. Thus, they did not spend any money there. In this way, the city could not prosper. Hence, crime continued to be the only option for many citizens. This completed the never-ending cycle.

This is the circumstance in which Zephenia Smith lived. During the boom times, his family purchased a nice estate away from the center of town. It was a nice house with a good sized plot of land. His mother loved to garden, and she took the time and effort to make sure it was nicely landscaped. In the midst of the rainforest, anything and everything would grow. Thus, she took great pains to make it look good as well as be easily maintained.

Zeph loved that old house. He had never known any other place. As a child, he had fond memories of playing in the junglish garden. He knew and loved the old trees. However, as an adult, he did not have time to maintain the land. He also did not like his trip into the city. Therefore when a developer offered him good money for the house and land, he happily accepted the offer. Fortunately he got his money before the developer's business went bankrupt.

Zeph placed the money in a rainy-day fund. Life in New Vegas was difficult to predict. The city had seen ups and downs. There was always talk of fixing the towns problems, but no one seemed to have the will or the money. Thus, everything stayed as it was. Zeph was not one to rush ill-prepared into the future.

In this way, he had a pretty good nest-egg saved up. He lived well within his means. His business did not earn him lots of money, but it made enough. At least he had income. His life ran in the black. With his savings and his steady income, he was doing better than most people in New Vegas. In fact, many people in the area knew he was one of the richest men in town.

Without the estate, he needed a place to live. Above his store there used to be five smallish units that his family would rent out. However, in the circumstance of the city, it was difficult to find anyone who could afford to rent a place. Further, it was difficult to find anyone to trust to live above his business. Therefore, Zeph converted the entire upper level into one big living space.

Further, he built a garden upon the roof. It was the best of both worlds. He had a rather large living area, an extremely easy commute, and he had access to a garden space like he did at his family's estate. He even splurged and hired a gardener to come in once a week. He really enjoyed his new living arrangement.

With this reputation, Zeph had to make his shop a fortress. There were steel grates that he had to pull down every night. He had detectors of every type. Cameras recorded any movement around the perimeter. He had motion detectors and security lights. While the police department was mostly useless, he also had a sophisticated alarm system that would alert them. Thus, he had multiple levels of security. It helped him rest easily at night.

All of this was enough to keep the criminal element from attempting anything during the hours when his shop was closed. However, when the shop was open, these were mostly ineffectual. If his alarm would go off during the daylight hours, the police would call him to inform him that his alarm was sounding. They would never send anyone out. Thus, he found the alarm useless, but he kept it anyway. Many citizens did not know that the police would not respond to his alarm.

Nonetheless, without the police, anyone could enter his establishment and cause trouble. He was vulnerable during business hours. Therefore, his final level of security read "This Property is Protected by Smith and Wesson". This was enough to prevent most trouble from entering his shop. Because of this situation, Zephenia was able to steer clear of most of the trouble that plagued his city.

With his reputation as a prosperous business owner, he had several advantages. Other business owners regularly courted his business. Zeph always paid his bills, so he always got excellent customer service. If you did not treat him well, he would take his business elsewhere. Few establishments could afford to lose him as a customer. Thus, he got regular deliveries of groceries and other supplies. He rarely had to leave the safety of his establishment. A quick phone call and a courier was on the way.

Furthermore, he was regularly voted New Vegas's Most Eligible Bachelor. This meant he was a bachelor and he had money. There were plenty of bachelors in the city. The city had long been dominated by a male population. Few single women came to the city during the construction phases. While many came during the boom times, they left in great waves during the downturn. With a two to one male to female ratio, there were many bachelors in the city. Being most eligible had little meaning.

If you had a reputation for wealth, the few remaining single women would call. A single woman could afford to be choosey. The rich bachelors would often shower them with gifts. Some women took advantage of the situation. For the most part, Zeph did not feel he could trust the single women in town. After all, he wanted to be around someone who was interested in him and not his wealth. He could never get over this initial distrust, and he remained single. He let others deal with the troubles of relationships.

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