The Amnesiac

Second Entry

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Date: Date: 525.3.42


When I awoke this morning, I remembered the previous day. I, however, still do not remember the days before that. I slept in the bed to make sure that its apparatus was not responsible for my memory loss. Nonetheless, I am suspicious of the bed. The tubes and wires running into it do not seem normal to me. I may sleep elsewhere tonight.

During the night, it came to me that I am a medical doctor. I do not know why I think that is the case. In my dreamlike state, a few things came to mind and I can think of no other explanation for them. For instance, I can think of no reason why I would know all of the bones in the body. I am also very familiar with the organs. Again, I do not know why or how I know these things, but I do.

During the night, I left the door to the sleeping chamber open. In this way, when the sun rose, the light would enter the sleeping chamber and wake me up. This is exactly what happened. Again, the sun and sky appeared to have an odd color in my estimation. I do not know why I would think that, but this world seems quite odd to me.

I am planning to look at the sunrise more thoroughly tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow as I am still uncomfortable with exiting my home. I do want to look at my surroundings more closely, but I will do it in the safety of my home for now.

After my morning meal, I got down on the floor and observed the sky through the skylight. My intent was to just lie there looking up for a few hours. The purplish color of the sky still seems odd, but then I thought it might be the window altering the color. I will no more once I go outside.

The other odd thing was the lack of clouds. For some reason, I think there should be clouds. There simply were none to be seen. I thought that perhaps I live in the desert. It is quite possible that clouds are rare at this time of year. Being almost half way through the third month, it may not be in the rainy season. The clouds may come along later.

At that moment, I realized that I am becoming aware of my ability to rationalize these various types of occurrences. I do not know why I think these things, but for some reason, I notice things and then rationalize why they may be. I could be way off on all of it. In any event, I am recording them. At this time of year, in my estimation, it should be about time for the farmers to start planting. That way, we will be able to make it through the driest part of the season. That is, if I am on the right track about the desert.

The other strange thing about the sky is the lack of animals. I have not seen or heard a single animal. No birds flew over my house during the entire time I looked at the sky. The airtight nature of the building may be the reason for not hearing any animals. Nevertheless, I think I should have seen something in my view out the skylight.

In fact, during the few hours I looked up, the sky was a constant purplish light blue. Nothing flew over my house -- no animals -- no flying machines -- nothing. It was simply a constant clear sky. It was hard for me to concentrate on the sky without anything changing. Nothing caught my attention the entire time. I find that weird.

After my adventure with the skylight, I decided to look out my front door. This was quite an experience. I was nervous about opening the airtight seal of the front door. At first I did not think I could manage it, but, I gathered up my courage and pulled open the door. It made a sucking sound as the seal broke.

My heart was racing, but I was somewhat comforted by the still sealed outer door. The outer door was transparent, and it opened out. Hence, I could have pushed it open and ventured outside. I did not have enough strength to do that. I just stood there looking outside.

While I could not see far, I could get a better look at the terrain. Once again, I did not see any movement during this time looking out the door. However, my anxiety prevented me from looking out too long.

Outside my door was a walkway. The cobblestones were roughly rectangular and placed tight together. On either side of the path was a sandy lawn. This fact reinforced the idea of being in the desert. I somewhat expected green grass. I do not know where that expectation came from, but it is what I anticipated.

There was a tree in the yard. For some reason, I think it is an oak. It was a relatively large tree surrounded by a raised bed. The bed was filled with some sort of substance that I suspect to be mulch. The raised bed was flanked by a line of what I would describe as prickly desert shrubs. These plants did not look like they required much water -- or got much.

Past the walkway that led towards the house was a walkway going in both directions. This seemed to indicate that other people could walk to my house. I could not see any other houses, but there were several indications that other houses and people existed. I just have not seen any direct evidence of this.

There was a wider path past the sidewalk. I assume it was for some sort of vehicle. It was much wider, and there was a formidable wall separating it from the walking path. The wall has a slight opening to allow pedestrians to enter the street, and drivers to walk up the path.

Past the road there appeared to be a grove of trees. Some of them were in bloom. They were well trimmed. In my mind, someone had taken great care of these trees. I have not seen anyone yet, but there were clear indications that someone maintained those trees. For that matter, my yard seemed also maintained. Did I do that maintenance before the memory loss?

As a doctor, it seems unlikely that I would have time for that type of thing. It was just another indication that there were others here. Tomorrow I will gather up my courage and venture out of the safety of my house.

I did think I saw something moving in the fields past the grove of trees. I am not sure. It would be the only sign of life that I have, but it could have been just my mind playing tricks on me. I will explore tomorrow.


End of Entry

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