The Amnesiac

Third Entry

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Date: Date: 525.3.43


Another night, and I remember everything from the last two days. The days prior to that are still blank. Whatever caused my condition persists. Nothing has been jarred loose. I simply do not remember anything before two days ago.

I avoided the bed last night. With its wires and tubes, I am uneasy about using it. It just seems so strange. Hence, I slept on the floor in the main room. I feel a little stiff, but at least I slept. I think my anxiety would have prevented any sleep on the bed.

During the night, I did not get any revelations. I had no thoughts of the anatomy of the human body. Thus, while I still think I am a doctor, I did not gain any new information on who I am or what I do. It could be the less comfortable surroundings. It could be because I got up rather than lingering in bed. My sleeping situation was strange, and perhaps I did not get as restful a sleep as needed. Hopefully, I will progress some more tonight. We shall see.

Today, I am going to attempt to go outside. I have explored every corner of my house. There is not much left inside to explore. Further, there is nothing in the way of memorabilia around the house. There are no vacation pictures -- no souvenirs -- no nick-nacks of any sort. Thus, I do not have anything to stare at in order to not help jar loose any memories. The house appears to be very generic. It seems like it is a one size fits all type of thing.

I am hoping that exploring outside will change things. However, it is going to take a great deal of courage to step out my door. If the anxiety I felt by opening the door is any indication, I may not be able to venture out for long. I definitely will not wander far from my home. Despite its Spartan appearance, it still seems like home to me. Although, it is all I know at this moment.

I am going to take it slow. Right now the door is open. I feel the nervousness wash over me. I am not even looking out, but the mere knowledge that the door is open is raising my blood pressure. Venturing out is going to be difficult.

Right! I just have to take it slow. That is why I am sitting at my table with the front door open. Each time I get enough courage, I look out for as long as I can. I have looked into the distance, and there is definitely some movement there. I cannot make out what it is, but there is some sort of activity in the distance. I do not know if I can venture close enough to discover what it is, but I think that it can wait until at least tomorrow. I need to take small steps.

I am back at the table after looking out of the door for quite a while. There seems to be such little activity near my home, that I should not be afraid of going outside. The movement in the distance is far enough off, that I do not think that whatever it is will be able to notice me. All of this is bolstering my confidence. I definitely think that after my midday meal, I will be able to open the outer door and step out.

That is right, after I eat I will go out. I keep giving myself markers, but I have not ventured out yet. I am still sitting nervously staring at the world outside. I can do this. I just need to get up and go. I need to just go. Unfortunately, I am not getting up to go. It is silly that I am writing this instead of going out. Okay, I am now putting this thing down and walking out that front door. No, I am going to take this thing with me so I can note everything. One deep breath and out I go.

I am now outside. My heart is racing. The air smells strange. I cannot describe in what way it smells strange. I do not know how it really is supposed to smell. It just seems odd. The air is very dry and it seems almost sterile. I only made it as far as the oak in my yard. I then rushed back into the house, but not before noticing it.

My name is Dr. Galen Pergamese. At least, that is what the placard on my house indicated. I need to calm down a bit before I can determine if that sets free any memories. Currently, it seems very unfamiliar. It has not freed any memories. It has not shaken anything out, but my heart is still going quite fast. I may lie down to regain my composure.

Apart from the placard, I also noted several houses similar to mine. I did not see any movement in them, but they fill me with hope. I am not alone. At least I hope that is the case. The walkway connects a row of perhaps 20 houses all about 30 meters apart. It would take some doing to walk over there. I am resting here, and I am going to make another trip outside in a little while.

After perhaps an hour of resting, I am heading outside again. The rest did not bring about any memories, but I have a lot on my mind. In any event, I am walking down the walk to the street in front of my house. My curiosity of the movement is over-riding my fear. I must know what it is. I have now entered the road. I am on the other side.

Oh ....

Okay, I am back in my house. I can barely type this. The door is closed and secured. My heart is racing. The movement was not a living thing. It was a robot! The only moving thing in this world seems to be a mechanical man. Where are the people? Have the robots taken over? That would be one explanation of the weirdness that I have experienced. Has the robocalypse occurred? It will have to wait until tomorrow. I cannot go out again.


End of Entry

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