The Amnesiac

Forth Entry

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Date: Date: 525.3.44


Robots! The only thing that I have seen moving around here was a single robot. No birds. No squirrels. No dogs. Nothing. Did the machines rise up and kill all of the biological organisms? How many are there? Did they let a few biological specimens live for some kind of experiment? What is the nature of that experiment?

Why me? Just how many people are still alive? There are houses similar to mine. Did that mean there were other people living in them? Are there animals living in them rather than people? Are we in some sort of zoo for robots? What is going on?

As you may have guessed, it was a restless night. I tossed and turned. The floor is hard, but I still do not trust the bed. It is even more true now. What are the robots doing with those beds? Are they attempting some sort of mind control with them? Is that the reason for the wires and tubes? In any event, my uncomfortableness during the night was magnified. The hard floor and the robocolypse weighed heavily on my mind as I attempted to sleep.

I hope my leaving the house did not set off any type of alarm. I hope to get out early today. My fears of going out have turned into a steely resolve. I must find out what is going on. To my mind, the only way to do that is to explore out there.

The sky had just turned from its inky blackness to its predawn gray. I ate a light meal as the sunlight slowly turned the sky from gray to its purplish blue. I was surprised that it went through some other colors. It had touches of yellow and red. It was like a normal sunrise. Although, I do not really know what that means.

Like the day before, it is cloudless. There are no birds to greet the morning. Nonetheless, I am going out there to see what is happening. I just hope my leaving the house yesterday does not cause problems for me today. It could be a short foray if they are displeased with me.

I am opening the inner door. I do not see anything moving at this early hour. I looked out for several minutes before I opened the outer door. I peeked out, but I did not see anything, but I closed the door right away. It was just a peek.

I want to go to the neighbors to find out more about them. Are they humans or something else? I think I will wait on that as it is pretty early. If they are human and sleeping in the bed, they won't know about morning for a while longer. Perhaps they are in the same situation as I am. I may meet them out there. I want them to see me.

I have decided to cross the street. I do not see the robot working in the distance. I think I will explore what it is doing. I am just glad that I have this device to talk to. It would be quite lonely here by myself. This device is bringing me some peace. Okay, here I go.

I am back in the house. My heart is racing. I ran into a robot. It was maintaining my yard.

"You are up early Dr. Pergamese," it said in a strange mechanical voice. "You should go back to bed."

"I will," I lied and walked back to the house.

That was close. Luckily he did not make any sudden moves or try to apprehend me. He just told me to go back into the house and get into that bed. I am now more resolved than ever to not enter that thing.

It knew who I was. That could spell trouble. Nevertheless, I am glad it spoke in a language that I could understand. Perhaps that is by design. Perhaps they took my memories and in that way learned how to communicate with me.

Despite the risk, I am going back out there. I will look harder to avoid that robot. I do have a lot of questions for it, but I do not want to stir up trouble by asking a lot of questions. For now, I think I want to find out what was happening in the distance. I will get to my questions later.

I do not know where that robot was as I left my house. I looked around carefully as I entered the road. As I anticipated, there was no traffic. In a hunched run, I crossed the road and I jumped the wall on the other side. I stayed there in my prone position for a few moments before I continued.

I snuck up to the grove of trees. I was as stealthy as I could muster. I do not think anything noticed me. However, they could have sensors all over this place. They may be well aware of my presence. I was just going to continue on with my investigations until I was confronted. My resolve seems pretty strong at this point.

This grove of trees was bigger than I thought. It looked much smaller looking out at it from my front door. At least, I do not think I could how big it was from that vantage point. In any event, it took me longer than I anticipated to get to the other side. I was a bit out of breath walking all that way.

Once on that side, I could tell what that robot was up to. It was tending some farm fields. It was raising food. I wonder if it was for us. It appeared that some of the crop was ready for harvest. It was beginning to feel like we were in a zoo. They were raising food for us to keep us alive.

I turned back to the grove. I noticed that while some of the trees were in blossom others had fruit on them. The fruit appeared ripe to me. I made my way to an apple tree. After a few days of reconstituted food, fresh fruit had a great appeal to me. I could not help myself. I picked an apple -- or two.

It does taste a little odd. I do not recall ever eating an apple before, but this one tasted weird to me. It is like everything else. I just get this strange feeling that this place is odd.

After eating the apple, everything seems so calming to me. Eating fresh fruit has greatly relaxed me. I am just going to sit under this tree for a while. This is nice. It is comfortable. I could sit here forever and sleep.


End of Entry

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