The Amnesiac

Seventh Entry

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Date: Date: 525.3.47


I once again awoke in the bed. I remember that I encountered a robot, but I simply fell asleep. I can only assume that this robot had some sort of hypersonic sleep signal. This would explain why I felt relaxed instead of panicked. Further, it would explain why I slept the entire afternoon, and on through to the morning.

I do not know what to think of the robot's capabilities. On one hand, much of my suspicions of the robots are simply gone. A night's sleep in the bed will apparently do that. On the other hand, I worry about their mind control capabilities. After all, if they can put me to sleep at will, what else could they do? I do not know if they realize that the more these events happen; the more suspicious I become. I think it is clear that the robots and this bed have some sort of brainwashing capability.

On the plus side, I know more about my life here. While I have no direct recollection of my medical studies, I know more about physiology and anatomy. I think the visit to the hospital must have jarred something loose. I feel like my medical training has been quite thorough now.

The events of the last few days have given me a new found boldness. It seems that the worst thing that will happen for my actions is a nice long sleep. I will perhaps have to endure a session in the bed, but I feel that I am easily fighting off those brainwashing sessions.

Since the robots I have encountered do not appear to be able to answer my questions, I have decided on a brash action plan. I have decided to go up and down the street knocking on doors. I am going to see who comes to the door. In this way, I hope to find out what I can from my neighbors.

From my own experience, I am going to assume that everyone has a similar experience to my own. That is, I think they will all have limited memories. I think no one will have memories that go farther back than a few days. I want to test this theory.

Before venturing out, I ate a morning meal. I found that my pack from yesterday's adventure appears to have been undisturbed. Thus, some of the provisions I had packed have survived without harm. For some reason, I think it odd that the food did not decompose in any way. Perhaps, there is something special about these crops. They may be resistant to rot. Even the fruit on the tables appears to be fresh.

I grabbed the pack and put some more food into it. I am heading to Alexa's house because I think she will answer the knock. Further, she may want to visit her neighbors as well. I made my way to her house, and she answered her door after a brief wait. She too seems to be very suspicious of our circumstances. I am sure she wants to know what the robots are up to. I explain to her what my plans are and she put her fears aside.

We walk away from the town square. We are both pretty sure there are robots doing work in the other direction. We go from house to house. Naturally, we skip my house. However, no one comes to the door at any of these houses. We make our way to the end of the line. No one at any of the houses answered to our call.

"What do we do now?" Alexa asks

"We could open up the doors," I suggest.

"We should not..."


"It just seems wrong."


"It is an invasion of privacy."

"If I am correct, they are being harmed by robots. We should do something."

"What if you are not correct?"

"I guess I ask for forgiveness."

"I will not help you in this."

"Perhaps you are right. However, let us knock on the doors on our way back."

That is what we did. As before, no one answered their door. We made it all the way to Alexa's before deciding to continue to the last group of houses. As with the rest of the houses, no one answered our knocks.

As we approach the town center, we once again encounter a robot. As was the case with the others we encountered it said, "You are up early Dr. Pergamese and Dr. Hypatia. You should go back to bed."

Alexa attempted to run, but I held her firm.

"I have some questions," I replied. "Please contact an entity that can answer them."

"You are up early Dr. Pergamese and Dr. Hypatia," it said in its mechanical voice. "You should go back to bed."

"Do you understand my request?" I asked continuing to keep Alexa from running.

"You are up early Dr. Pergamese and Dr. Hypatia," it repeated. "You should go back to bed."

"Thank you for your concern," I said. "Please continue with your work."

With that, the robot walked away. Alexa was in quite a shock, so I took her to a park bench. I thought it was a fine time for a little picnic. I opened my pack, and gave her some food. I was surprised at how well she accepted it.

She relaxed and we chatted for a little while. Then I saw the robot from the previous day. I felt my anxiety rising. That was different than the other day. Alexa, on the other hand, fell fast asleep. Something different was definitely happening. Perhaps now I would get some answers!

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