The Amnesiac

Seventh Entry - Part 2

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Date: 525.3.47


"Dr. Pergamese you should really return to your bed," stated the robot.

Clearly this robot was different. It used different words than the others. Perhaps this on had the answers.

"Why should I return to bed?" I asked.

"The bed will answer all of your questions."

"I am not interested in having the bed supply my unconscious with answers. I want you to answer my questions?"

"It is much more efficient for the bed to answer them."

"I am not interested in what is most efficient. I am looking for answers and I want them now."

"As you wish. May we take Dr. Hypatia to her bed?"

"So you can use your mind control to put me asleep? I do not think so."

"That is not an accurate assessment of my abilities."

"You put her to sleep did you not?"

"I can induce theta wave activity in the human brain. Is this of what you speak?"

"You put Alexa to sleep, but you did not affect me. Is that because you can only hypnotize one of us at a time?"

"It is true I can only affect one brain at a time, but I will not induce sleep in you if you do not wish."

"First of all, I do not wish it. Secondly, can I ask if you are programmed for telling the truth?"

"I may not lie."

"Nevertheless, I do not know if I trust you."

"Like you, Dr. Hypatia will have questions if she is not returned to her bed. It will be very inefficient."

"Very well, I will trust you. Let's go."

We walked the short distance to her house. The robot went in while I waited outside. I peeked inside and noticed that her home had an identical arrangement to mine. The homes must have been built with a process in mind. Even the fruit set out on the table looked identical to mine. Clearly, the robots did things in an orderly fashion. Thus, to me it was obvious that the robots were in charge.

While I was not sure I trusted the robot I had been speaking to, I prepared myself for its return. I did some exercises to raise my heart rate. If he attempted to put me to asleep, I did not want it to be easy. If I had any stimulants, I would have taken them. However, I did not find any among the rations. I also thought about things to keep my mind active. I was ready for its return when it exited Alexa's house.

"Dr. Pergamese, are you sure you do not wish to go to bed?"

"I am certain."

"Very well, where should I start?"

"At the beginning."

"Could you be more specific?"

"Why are there so few people on Earth?"

"Dr. Pergamese, we are not on Earth?"

"What? Where are we? How did we get here?'

"We are approximately 50 light years from Earth. The project coordinator called this planet New Earth III -- as we are the third such colonizing mission."

"How far removed are we from Earth?" I interrupted.

"It took 1000 years just to travel to this planet. We have given them daily reports and received reports from them. However, they are more than 50 years out of date because of the distance."

"How long have we been on this planet?"

"If you look at your device, you will note that the date is 525.3.47. That is the length of time all of us have been on this planet. 525 years, 3 months and 47 days. We robots spent 500 years preparing the world for the frozen embryos that would become the planets residents."

"500 years?"

"These housing units were constructed from the space crafts that were used to bring us here. That was our first project. The ship was designed to be separated into such house facilities. Thus, each of the homes has a wall that has been subjected to interstellar travel. Nothing was left to waste. For other raw materials, the robot force has been mining this planet. Thus, the daily utensils, chairs, and other items were constructed on this world. It was hoped that we have constructed everything required for your survival."

"Why is it that I know I am a doctor?"

"The biobed had provided you with everything that was required."

"The biobed?"

"The biobed has provided you with everything required since you were an embryo."

"Wait! I was just an embryo on the ship?"

"That is correct. Space and weight were a major concern. It would be very inefficient and difficult to transport mature humans. Furthermore, they would most likely not survive the long journey. However, keeping embryos alive is quite easy."

"That is why I do not have any memories!"

"The science team did not think it wise to imprint specific memories into you. They hoped to give you enough information to where you would accept the situation. However, you would have to spend the entire term in the bed."

"So who are my mother and father?"

"Technically, they have long since died on Earth. We did not keep records of specific individual's parentage. However, both of your parents were medical doctors. This is why you were selected to be the colony's medical resource."

"When was I born?"

"All of the current adults were implanted in their respective biobeds 25 years, 3 months and 47 days ago. With all of the information required to be instilled into you by 525.3.50. However, you are up early."

"Hence, some information is missing."


"That is why I have been told repeatedly to return to bed."

"Correct. However, it is apparent that your bed is malfunctioning. During you last venture out, I had attempted repairs. My repairs do not seem to have resolved the situation. You bed is still unable to keep you in sleep mode. I hope that your medical training has not suffered."

"I do not think it has. I have dreamt of medical issues even while not sleeping in the bed."

"Nevertheless, it would be prudent to sleep in the bed. It will reinforce your studies."

"Agreed. So, Alexa is a mathematician?"

"Dr. Hypatia is responsible for the mathematics education and usage on the planet."

"Wait! Mathematical use?"

"Dr. Hypatia will be the chief economist, treasurer, accountant, and have several mathematical duties of this type. She will use her actuarial training to increase the colony's survival. Most of the residents will have multiple duties -- except you. The project leads felt that the medical profession would be kept busy enough."

It was a lot to take in. I had to sit down for a moment to comprehend what was happening.

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