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Welcome! This is my story telling blog. My intentions are to post a story here as often as possible. I hope to put something up once a week. Mostly it will be stories of fiction. The stories may be a little rough as they will likely be first drafts, but I welcome any comments. If you wish, I can post YOUR stories too. Just e-mail them to me. Also, you can be notified every time I post something. If you would like such a notification, just let me know. Since this is a blog, you can put your ideas and notification desires in the comment section too. All copyright issues still apply, so don't be stealing my stories. :-) I hope you enjoy what you read, and please post your comments. Thanks!


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has come to visit our little corner of the internet. It has been a great deal of fun, and we'll keep on doing it for as long as we feel the urge. So, it will still go on for quite some time. Many people have come to view some images that we have here. Mostly, the image on the left and the more correct version on the right. (It was supposed to be a 45 Calibre P14 where it is a 40 Calibre P16 in the first image)

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty

For those of you who are wondering about these photos, they're for the story "Terra Mortis" written by my friend Dwayne MacInnes. One of his characters carries this weapon. Since neither of us can draw, I created the images to better illustrate the weapon. In doing so, we hope you understand the character a little bit better. So, that is what those images are about.

Anyway, this site has lots of stories and some of them are quite long. Terra Mortis II is up to 18 chapters already. Many of you may be wondering how to "catch up" with these stories. It is quite simple, this site has been configured to show the "posts" (for lack of a better word) in chronological order rather than the order they appear on this page. Thus, if you click on the "Terra Mortis II: The Gathering - By Dwayne MacInnes" link on the right, you will be taken to a page that has the story up to the current chapter in the proper order. That is true for all of the categories. So, you can see what we have been up to since March of last year. Read the complete story about how Iapetus Saves Manhattan. There are all kinds of stories to read, so take your time! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section. Thanks!

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Dwayne's Biography

By Dwayne MacInnes

Dwayne currently lives in Kalispell, Montana (USA) with his wife (Crystal) and cat (Elijah). When he is not defending the small metropolis from evil he spends his free time reading, writing, gardening and a little fencing (with swords not stolen goods).

Dwayne MacInnes


Doug's Biography

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Doug currently lives in the bustling metropolis of Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA) with his trusty lizard side-kick Hyper Hank. When he is not making the Minnesota capitol city beg for mercy, he partakes in any manner of things including woodworking, writing, and outdoor fun.

Douglas E. Gogerty

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Captcha! It does nothing! Greetings all. I just thought I would take some time to talk about the multitudinous comments that do not make the light of day. Recently, there have been a great number of comments left here. Most of them are huge. They are cut and pasted out of some sort of reservoir. They are automatically put in the Spam bin (mostly). However, they keep coming. I don't really care. Go ahead and waste your time. I just thought you might give up by now. Silly me. Further, I would like to note, for every link on this site, the "nofollow" marker is added. Thus, if you do post something with a link on it, it will not help you. The nofollow marker tells search engines to not follow the link. Thus, you will not get an increase in status in the search engines. You are just wasting your time (and a little bit of mine.) So, since you've cracked Captcha I have been left with no alternative than to increase the Spam filter strength. Thus, even fewer of your spams will get through. (Although, they would not be up there for long.) Sorry for the rest of you, but you don't really comment anyway. Thanks for visiting and have a nice day.

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Greetings all! So, Dwayne and I have been a little light on the posting recently. It is because we are working on a big thing. There will be details soon, so stick around. It is quite exciting! I almost forgot, I am working on something and I hope to post something next week. So, there is also that.

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