November 12, 2008

Theocratic States of America

Part One

By Dwayne MacInnes

* * * * *
Top Secret
Only the Prophet and his closest advisors may view this document. Anyone found in violation will be prosecuted and executed immediately.

This is an attempt to capture the history of the TSA on paper before it is lost to the annals of time. The author apologizes for any errors and/or poor writing contained within this document. That being said let it be know that all information contain within is for your eyes only and sharing it with those without the proper security clearance will result in immediate capital punishment and eternal damnation.

* * * * *

During the last half of the twenty-first century, the political climate of the country known at the time as the United States of America (USA) had changed radically. For three hundred years, the USA was in a struggle between the believers and the non-believers. One of the founding tenants of the country was the freedom of religion, or the ability for the citizens to practice whatever religion they wanted without persecution from the government. This also included those who chose not to believe in any religion.

Due to this evil practice, the country found itself in a massive economic depression. This depression left one out of four Americans out of work. Food riots were common as a terrible drought followed in the wake of the economic collapse. As whole cities burned under the torches of its disgruntled occupants, anarchy ruled the land. The government was helpless to stem the tide of chaos gripping the country.

When the United States of America faced its greatest internal threat since its civil war in the nineteenth century, it was during this time that a man came forth. This man was a man of God. The true and living God and not the pagan gods worshiped by so many. With the Holy Bible in one hand and rifle in another, the first Prophet rose to power.

The story goes that Prophet Thomas W. Douglas had a vision of Jesus Christ telling him how to reclaim the land in His name. A new promise land of milk and honey, like that in the found in the Old Testament, would arise from the dust of the unrighteous USA.

Prophet Thom, as many affectionately called him, spread his vision amongst the masses. People found what they had been missing in their souls for generations, the word of God. They were feeling the power of His wrath but had little knowledge on how to placate the Lord.

Prophet Thom had the answer. First, he set up networks to help feed those who were hungry. Then he mobilized his own Christian army to protect those communities of believers trying to withstand the storm of chaos and anarchy gripping the nation.

At first, the government was overjoyed to find someone with the ability to calm down the rebelling citizenry. Prophet Thom used his influence to guide the direction the United States government took to restore law and order. New laws arose to help bring peace and prosperity to the land.

Though calm returned to the land, many remained critical of the Prophet. Some cited Prophet Thom's background as a believer in the Prosperity Theology. They claimed he was more for rewarding those with wealth over helping those without it. It is a well-known truth that God wants Christians to be abundantly successful in every way and what better way to prove God's favor than with financial prosperity. Therefore, the obverse must surely be as true.

Others claimed that Prophet Thom's faith in a Christian God and promoting a strict conservative Christian agenda did more to divide America than heal its wounds. However, it was those very same strict conservative Christian views that drew many to the Prophet and helped restore peace and prosperity to the land.

As time passed and Prophet Thom's popularity exploded, many in the United States government began to become concerned. Those who were against the Prophet from the beginning (called "liberals") became frightened at the prospect of losing control. In addition, there were some who welcomed the Prophet's help during the chaotic years before the restoration of peace, but now feared the influence the Prophet had over the populace. These people were agents of Satan and Prophet Thom knew how to deal with them.

With much secrecy and planning, Prophet Thom was able to do something that had never happened in the United States of America before, a bloodless coup. In the years after the chaos that nearly destroyed the nation, the Lord God had placed the faithful in key positions within the government and the military. When the proper time came, the United States of America died one night and the Theocratic States of America came to life the next morning.

The Prophet proved generous to his adversaries after the new nation came to be. They had the choice of reeducation to become valuable members of society or prison for those who stubbornly refused to submit to the will of the Prophet and therefore the Lord. Alternatively, if all else failed they lived out their days in the work camps (the wicked came to call them 'death camps').

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November 19, 2008

The Theocratic States of America

Part Two

By Dwayne MacInnes

The first years of the Theocratic States of America were fraught with the struggle between good and evil. It was during these years that many threats hidden for centuries came to light. Fortunately, the first Prophet had the Lord on his side to help him weather and defeat these dangers.

The economy nearly collapsed as it had done nearly a decade before. However, with the new work camps in place all over the nation, production of material goods exploded. The financiers of the Prophet's economic plan found God's favor as their own wealth also exploded.

To further help the growth of the new nation's economy the Prophet in his divine wisdom slashed the big burden of the wealthy, namely taxes. The favored, as the wealthy are now called, found more help from the Prophet with his ordaining that the middleclass (the select) become more self-sufficient. Thus, this group would have to pay for their own healthcare and for their own retirement to name two burdens. For those few who were able to transcend the barrier between the select and favored statuses, they were truly on the path of God. There was much rejoicing amongst the Godly people.

However, there were also a lot of lamentations amongst those of the select who now found that they were being punished by the Lord for their sins. These found themselves amongst the poor (called the lost). As the population of the lost grew and many threatened violence, the Prophet again acted in wisdom and speed. He moved the lost into segregated communities away from the favored and select. Many came to be housed in the ruins of the cities they had burned the decade before during the riots of the depression years. These new cities were soon the sites of many work camps and farms. The city security forces were able to monitor the lost with tracking devices implanted deeply inside their skulls.

However, it came to be that not all of the wealthy were the favored. Satan had hidden many of his own servants amongst the righteous. Those who would not come to Christ and follow the path laid down by the Prophet, found themselves stripped of their wealth and given the choice of reeducation, prison, or the work camps. No matter the incentives or proofs given to some of the unenlightened, they refused to acknowledge the living God. The damned is the title that refers to these unfortunate people, for they are beyond the grace of God and must spend the rest of their miserable life in the work camps.

As all this was happening, further seeds planted by Satan throughout the centuries sprouted. Many of the so-called mainstream Christian religions protested and fought for the rights of the select, lost, and even the damned. The Prince of Darkness had surely woven his own designs into these faiths during their foundations.

Once more the Prophet came to the rescue of the faithful. All who called themselves Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian, Protestant, etc. were given the choice again of reeducation, prison, or the work camps. It was further proof of God's happiness. After all, as the work camps grew in number and strength, so did the wealth of the nation and the favored.

These events and the first Prophet's responses are all part of the Great Cleansing that swept the TSA in its early years. As the revelations of Satan's servants and his plans came to the first Prophet's knowledge, Prophet Thom had a vision. The vision revealed the true cunning of Satan, for the source of all the corruption laid amongst the very pages of the Holy Bible. With the hand of God as his guide, the Prophet rewrote the Holy Bible into the Prophetic Bible. No longer were there teachings for helping the select, lost, or damned. Nor were there condemnation of the favored. It had taken over two-thousand years after the death of Christ for the first true teachings to reach the printed page.

If the root of Satan's evil could manifest itself in something as sacred as the Holy Bible it certainly resided elsewhere. Great pyres burned across the land to consume any objectionable literary, artistic or other media works. Such heretical documents like ‘The Constitution of the United States' or ‘Magna Carta' burned in the Holy Flames. Anyone found having in his or her possession any forbidden material would face immediate execution.

The first Prophet also saw the restructuring of the sciences. Many heretical scientific theories, like evolution, were obviously the product of Satan and therefore to follow them further would only lead to damnation. In addition, other sciences are the will of God, particularly those that promoted a strong military.

Alas, like Moses before him Prophet Thom did not live to see the fruition of his toils. An assassin hidden deep amongst the ranks of the favored and a close companion of the Prophet gave Prophet Thom a higher rank, that of Martyr Thom. Historians speculate that the assassin, whose name shall never find its way on the printed page, killed Prophet Thom in order to take over the nation. Fortunately, the faithful amongst the favored dashed the assassin of his dreams and sent him back to Satan.

By the blessing of the Most High, did a second Prophet arise from the order of the favored. Even though Prophet Thom had laid the foundation of the Theocratic States of America there was still much work to do.

The same depression that had gripped the United States of America had also spread across the world. There was not a single nation spared from the economic collapse. It was so immense that nearly every bank across the globe failed. Many nations tried to rise up from the ashes of the old world like the United States did but few succeeded.

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November 26, 2008

Theocratic States of America

Part Three

By Dwayne MacInnes

Only by the will of God did the rise of the Theocratic States of America occur as the rest of the globe's governments failed. The first Prophet in his divine wisdom had sent missionaries across the globe to spread the Word. Many people found encouragement with the teachings of the Prophet. Others martyred the missionaries, raising them onto Sainthood.

So, it fell upon the second and third Prophets to continue Prophet Thom's great work. As the world fell deeper into turmoil and despair, the words of the first Prophet began to take root. The message spread and many nations arose like the mythical Phoenix from the ashes of the old world to a new enlightened world.

However, not every nation wanted to follow the true path. Those nations became increasing fearful and resentful of the TSA. They claimed that the TSA was in the midst of another dark age. However, in truth, the TSA sparked a new age of religious enlightenment. In another desperate attack, Satan spurred these heretical nations to start a great nuclear holocaust and World War III consumed great portions of the globe.

Fortunately, for the Theocratic States, it had inherited the satellite and missile defense grid from the old United States of America. Not a single nuclear missile found its way to the North American continent. Sadly, many of the TSA's new allies were not as fortunate.

However, those nations in Western Europe remained relatively untouched for they were under the TSA's defense umbrella, those outside it paid dearly. The TSA's own nuclear arsenal eradicated many hostile and evil nations. However, for fear of harming its neighbors, the Theocratic States sent its Christian armies on a crusade against those nations too close for the safe use of nuclear arms.

Nations resistant to the true word were conquered and put to the sword. Country's that harbored such heretical beliefs like Italy, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and India all fell to the combined use of modern military tactics and nuclear weapons.

Now, these victories did not come without a price. But, those TSA soldiers who fell in combat will find themselves seated next to Jesus and the Prophet in Heaven. For those who opposed the Holy Army, they will find themselves experiencing eternal torment and damnation.

These wars lasted many generations. As further proofs of the Lords approval, the war increased the wealth of the TSA and the favored. It became law that none of the favored could serve in the military. However, the select could be officers and the mandatory conscription of the lost built a large and formidable army. The fourth Prophet ordained that any of the lost or select who fell in combat would find themselves in elevated status in Heaven.

So, it came to be that nation after nation came to follow the TSA's example and the word of the Prophet took hold among these new nations. Those nations that did not submit to the will of the Lord felt His wrath. Therefore, much of the Middle East, Asia, and parts of Eastern Europe are uninhabitable wastelands to this very day.

It was the fifth Prophet who had the vision that the education of the lost and damned should be limited to the study of the Prophetic Bible. Thusly, through this they may find redemption in Heaven.

Satan in a final act of retaliation, decided to corrupt the Earth. Deserts expanded overtaking once lush and fertile lands. Mass extinction of wildlife abounded as natural habitats dwindled. Icecaps melted threatening the coastal areas of the world.

However, the Lord through the fifth Prophet revealed that a great wealth of natural resources like coal, oil, and uranium lay open on these once enclosed lands. The favored were able to live in lush lifestyle ordained by the Most High in the center of the great domed cities, like the capitol, Holy City. The select were able to live in modest dwellings in the suburbs under the domes.

The lost and the damned continued to work in the exposed world as punishment for their sins. It is obviously God's will for no matter how many of the lost and the damned die there are always a greater number to take their place.

Now, it was during the reign of the sixth Prophet that a revelation...

* * * * *

The woman wearing the camouflage armor of an enlisted personnel tossed the document into the flames of the burning ruins of the Prophet's House. By the flickering light of the fires burning around Holy City the soldier checked the clip of her pulse plasma-rifle. The other soldiers belonging to the order of the lost had risen this night in revolt. Their plasma-rifles flashed in pulses as they fought the few remaining ill-armed security forces of the ruined domed city. The rebellion was well coordinated and the same scene played itself out across the globe.

"Sure," the soldier thought, "They forbade us to learn. But, they did not know we kept a secret trove of books spared from the Great Cleansing. They wouldn't teach us so we taught ourselves and tonight two-hundred years of oppression ends."

The End
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