The Thrill of the Slide

A Poem

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Down and down I slide.
Faster and faster as I glide.
At the end there is a bump,
I have to know when to jump.

Closer and closer I get.
Nearer and nearer, but not yet.
I still have a little room.
I can press on. Down I zoom.

Quicker and quicker I go.
Bigger and bigger the bump grows.
I can no longer wait.
I have to jump. OUCH! too late!!!

Sharper and sharper the pain.
Louder and louder screams do rain.
The pain, it will subside.
Ah, the thrill of the slide.

March 1994 (Published "Minnesota Daily")

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A Poem

By Linda Heuer

In darkest night there is a sound
A shriek, a cry, a plea.
I look but briefly all around
But no one else I see.

I shudder long and tremble more
Not knowing what I hear.
A dog? A Horse? A beast of yore?
My frenzied thoughts do jeer.

How came I here, I do not know
But curse the bitter cold.
The wind doth cut the spirit low
Which used to be so bold.

Alas I do not know the way
To leave this Nightmare land.
I try to keep my fears at bay
And take a lonely stand.

All night I say upon the hill
As terrors 'round me leap.
Around my eyes the monsters kill
What e'er they find asleep.

For now I understand that sound
The shriek, the cry, the plea.
The knowledge sends me to the ground;
The cry echoes through me.

I know I'm here forever more
Within these woods of ill.
Trapped in the darkest depths of lore,
Tears from my eyes do spill.

Alone I stand against the cold.
Alone I'll always be.
Alone within my heart I hold
But one last shining key.

For tho I stay within the night
No others need do so.
For I alone can choose to fight
And land a winning blow.

All tears are gone new resolve rings
I'll win before I'm done.
Once more with laughter my soul sings
I'll fight and see the sun!

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Green is the Light

A Poem

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Green is the light,
I see no trouble ahead
Green is the light,
So get going before it's red

Green is the light,
A lovely mix of yellow and blue.
Green is the light,
Please hurry and get yourself though!

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Limerick Day


By Douglas E. Gogerty

August 8th 2010 was proclaimed to be Limerick Day in Minneapolis. For such a momentous occasion a contest was held. As one who would not pass up such a thing, I sent in a number. I kept them local and I kept them clean. Despite this, two of them were chosen as finalists. Thus, in the place of my story, and to commemorate the day, I present the two finalist limericks.

* * * * *

There once was a man from Saint Paul
Who was as wide as he was tall.
Walking down the street
Really hurt his feet,
So instead, he rolled along like a ball.

* * * * *

A man climbing the IDS Tower
Walked up for more than an hour
He had to stop
well before the top
Because his legs lost all their power.

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