Thousand Word Fridays

Greetings! On many "blogs" there are various Friday traditions. Some have "Cat Blog Fridays" or "Cephalopod Friday" or any number of other image related posting. Thus, I thought I would start doing that as well. However, this is a story telling blog, so since a picture is worth a thousand words, it will be "1000 Word Fridays"!!! I created this image a long time ago staring my Iguana Hank and the Empire State Building. I call it

Hank Kong

Hank Kong

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Here is another early Hank picture! Obviously climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This one has been around the internet for quite a while! Hank is still a youngster in this one.

Thanks for visiting!

Hank on the Eiffel Tower

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Here is another one from the archives. (Don't notice that they have all been the same picture of Hank! Thanks!) Soon, there will be newer pictures and different ones of Hank! Enjoy! Hank at Pisa

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With this news item, Hank would like to offer his services again to help with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hank Helping with the Hubble

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Today (in the Greater Twin Cities Area) is Bike Safely to Work Day. You can ride as dangerously as you want the rest of the time -- and on your way home! Be that as it may, in honor of this stupendous occassion... Hank Cycling Tour de France

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Back again to the golded oldies. Here is Hank on the St. Louis Arch. Hank on the St Louis Arch

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We're almost through submitting the archive! Here is Hank on Seattle's Space Needle. Enjoy! Hank on Seattle's Space Needle

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In honor of Flag Day, here is Hank hanging out with some Presidents in South Dakota.

Hank on Mount Rushmore

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I just got back for San Fransisco last week. And boy are my arms tired -- no wait...

Hank in San Fransisco Bay

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This is to all the people in New Orleans that are still suffering from Katrina...

Hank In New Orleans

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Hank visited the Whitehouse to straighten out the President on his foreign and domestic policy.

Hank at the Whitehouse

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What was the delay for the recent shuttle launch? I wonder...

Hank on the Shuttle

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What ever happened to that whole y2k thing? Wasn't this dome s'pose to splode? I guess Hank prevented that.

Hank at the MilleniumDome

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Dragons there be at Kilkenny Castle. It's best we let him sleep!

Hank at Kilkenny Castle

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In honor of this MNSpeak post, Hank Chooses 225 South 6th...

Hank in Minneapolis

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The problem with taking some pictures, is you can't get far enough back...

Hank in the Boundary Waters

This is in honor of our recent trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

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It's just another day to relax. The Tower Bridge in London seems like a nice place to rest...

Hank on the Tower Bridge in London

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After aiding in the negotiations for a Mid-East cease-fire, Hank visits the pyramids in Egypt.

Hank on Pyramid

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LOLCat Hank If you don't know what a LOLCat is, visit I Can Has Cheezburger. You'll be glad you did!

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The Saga continues... LOLCat Hank - The Sequel

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No respect for the non-mammals... LOLCat Hank

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More woes for Hank. LOLCat Hank

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Proof that the world is a sphere!

Lunar Eclipse Image 1 Lunar Eclipse Image 2

Click on the image above for a larger version

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Coming soon to the Children's museum of Minnesota -- an interactive RNC exhibit!


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At Chris's Invincible Super-Blog, Chris wanted to see Batman with deadly nunchucks made from something that you wouldn't normally see as nunchucks. What better deadly force to use than the atomic fire-breathing "King of Monsters" and his mechanical counterpart?

Thus, in honor of our 400th entry, I give you Batman and his Kaiju-chucks

Batman and his Kaiju-chucks

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