Deus Ex Aleatorium

Deus Ex Aleatorium

In the Beginning...

By Douglas E. Gogerty

If time had any meaning for them, it could be said that they grew up together. However, they have never grown in any sense. It is as if they had always been. Some may call them gods, but they are simply transdimensional entities. Most importantly, they are friends, and have been always.

First, there is the god of the darkness as it is often called. In some places, some people consider this the god of evil. However, that is simply an interpretation. This god simply does not like rules. Chaos is the nature of the multiverse, and the god of darkness believes that imposing order on this chaos is a waste of effort.

Darkness has enormous holdings in the cosmos. Vast stretches filled with darkness and chaos. While ownership is meaningless to this being, this is its dominion. It holds sway of the darkness.

Second, there is the god of the light, again, for lack of a better description. Every pinprick of light visible is the responsibility of this entity. Unlike its friend, this god believes in rules. It attempts to tame the chaos with natural laws and concrete rules.

Without rules and order, there is only darkness. Thus, the influence of the god of light can be felt where there are some rules -- any rules. Therefore, it is also a very powerful influence in the multiverse.

While these two are very different, they enjoy each other's company. Perhaps it is simply that opposites attract. Perhaps it is their exploring different aspects of the same situation. In any event, these beings spend a great deal of time in each other's company.

One thing they both enjoy is explosions. They would spend time in a vast dark portion of the multiverse. The god of darkness would gather up huge quantities of dark matter in a central area.

Once the matter was accumulated, the god of light would configure a set of rules that would cause the accumulation to explode. The order and rules would create interesting and different patterns, which the god of light enjoyed. The chaos and randomness gave great joy to the god of darkness.

Hence, they participated in this activity with great enthusiasm. Once an explosion had taken shape, the rules would be stripped and all would go dark. The pair would repeat the process at their leisure.

With one particular explosion, they were distracted and it went on beyond their normal interval. When they returned, they watched with great interest as stars, planets, and other bodies formed. They watched and watched to see what the rules would bring.

With each new discovery, they would attempt to predict the next. Which planet would be the next to collide with the something? Which comet would escape which solar system? The vastness of the interaction kept them very excited. Thus, they decided to see what would happen if they let it go to its natural conclusion.

Of course, the god of darkness knew that eventually all of the energy would eventually be used up and darkness would prevail. The stars would burn out. The hunks of rocks would go cold. Darkness would once again rule this part of the multiverse. However, how long would it take?

On one particular rock orbiting one particular glowing ball, life formed. It was simple one celled life, but it was a living organism capable of spawning other organisms. Thus, when the pair had the opportunity, they would look in on the planet. Eventually, that single life form turned into multiple life forms.

The rules the god of light had imposed were branching out in interesting ways. These rules were causing interesting things to happen in several places in this created cosmos. However, this particular planet caught the eye of the pair, and they kept going back to it.

Thus, after watching it for a great while, the god of light proposed a wager. He believed that rules and order would take hold on this planet. A natural side effect of this would be intelligent beings. Thus, he wagered that without intervention of either of the two, intelligent life would form and shape the planet to their whim.

Since there is nothing in the rules that would ensure that intelligence would be beneficial over any other survival trait, the god of darkness agreed to the bet. They decided that purposely shaping the environment to the animal's needs would be the definition they would use for intelligence.

Life on the ball struggled. There were disasters that wiped the earth nearly clean of life. The natural laws nearly did the planet in. It was frozen snowball, but life struggled on. Eventually, life forms exploded onto the scene. There was much diversity, and diversifying continued.

Eventually, enormous scaly creatures ruled the lands. Fierce toothy creatures ruled the sea. However, none of the creatures met the definition of intelligent. None of the creatures shaped their environment to suit them.

Small furry animals had the potential to become intelligent, but the dominant species was too much to overcome. These small marsupials occupied nooks and crannies in the ecosystem. It would take a major disaster for these animals to take hold.

The pair watched and waited. The large creatures continued to dominate and diversify. Without their destruction, there was no way for any other animals to take hold. It was looking like the god of darkness was going to win the wager.

Thus, when the god of darkness was not looking, the god of light threw an enormous asteroid at the planet. It crashed into the planets surface and killed all of the large beasts that roamed the planet. Only the small creatures survived. The system had greatly changed, and perhaps intelligence could now arise.

However, the god of light did not get away with these actions. The wager was lost, but the planet was still interesting to the pair. They continued to watch, and intelligence did arise on the planet.

Once again, a wager was struck. With the existing rules in place, they bet on who would become the more powerful entity on the planet. The intelligent creatures were capable of understanding. Would rules run their lives? Would they simply find order in the chaos? Which one would prevail?

These creatures were fruitful and multiplied. They hunted and gathered food. They began living in small clans and began creating order out of the chaos. After several thousand trips around their star, some creatures discovered agriculture.

With agriculture came towns and cities. Civilization was born. Some had time for other things besides obtaining food. Thus, knowledge began accumulating and passed around. The communities were becoming quite sophisticated.

However, these civilized places worshipped multiple gods. Many had gods of light, but they also had equally powerful dark gods. In the largest civilization, Osiris was a god of darkness and was being actively worshipped.

Once again, the god of darkness was winning the wager. It appeared that rules were not the guiding principle for these intelligent beings. They simply attempted to bring order from the chaos. He was once again going to lose. Thus, he was once again going to cheat. However, this time he was going to be more careful.

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Deus Ex Aleatorium

Meet Ashley Sky

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Ashley Sky was like any other freshman at the University of Minnesota Morris -- except for the killing -- and the fact that she was almost a hundred years older than most of them. Other than those minor details, she blended in fine with the blond haired, blue-eyed freshman that is all too common in Minnesota.

The fact that her name had been Anglicanized from Aaeschleigh Przchsckieia to Ashley Sky indicates that she was not from the same Nordic decent as the others. In fact, she was born in 1896 in the town of Sibenik in what is now Croatia. When she was born, it was under the rule of the Habsburg Monarchy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

On her 19th birthday, the Italians decided to enter the First World War with a bang. They had declared war just 3 days prior, and they sent a dirigible laden with bombs across the Adriatic Sea. Thus, Ashley's first "death" came when this Italian dirigible dropped bombs on her home on May 26, 1915. This raid cemented her age at 19. Her kind does not age after their first encounter with massive bodily damage. Thus, she would be eternally 19 -- both a curse and a blessing.

When the end of times had begun, it was her job to battle the lesser members of the illuminati. She had a reasonable amount of success. It is hard to have people simply vanish without notice, but she covered her tracks well. Fortunately, zombie corpses decompose faster and cleaner than human corpses. Thus, headless bodies of her victims had never been discovered.

Further, both sides of this "battle" understood the rules. Hence, when a member of their faction vanishes, it is never reported to authorities. Nevertheless, it will be secretly investigated, and if possible, avenged. Not to mention, they can assign that name to another individual for continuing the cover.

Some of the undead members of society take a hard road, they become well known. This affords them the comfort of a more invulnerable life. After all, you cannot walk up to the Vice President of the United States and cut his head off. People will notice that sort of thing. However, they often have to fake aging and eventually arrange some sort of death. In this day and age, people would notice someone who lived for more than 100 years, but looked 19.

In addition, if you are an extremely wealthy proprietor of an international hotel chain, you cannot go around lopping people's heads off willy-nilly. However, your children might be able to get away with it. Furthermore, these heirs to hotel fortunes can get close to famous members of the alternative faction and potentially drag them out of the spotlight.

These fallen celebrities sometimes decide to attend a college in some out of the way location. This is the realm of Ashley Sky. Under multiple aliases, she has attended dozens of universities worldwide. She was currently assigned a target at the University of Minnesota Morris. Her target had emerged from rehab a year earlier and enrolled in classes at this small liberal arts college.

Since her major was of little importance, she decided to study biology under the widely known Professor Paul Z. Myers. His internet presence influenced both sides of this secret war. His understanding of the universe's rules towards biology, won him a great following among the zombies in the know. The god of light would be pleased.

However, his knowledge of evolution and his unspoken nature, caused the ire of many followers of the religions established by the illuminati. This fact led the likes of Ashley to admire him. He was on neither side of the conflict, and admired by both. He was a rare human indeed.

His introduction to biology class was challenging, but Ashley had taken several like it before. Her goal was to do well, but not exceedingly so. She did not wish to stand out, so she could sneak out quietly.

In her line, she could not stay in one place for too long. She would have to move on at the end of the semester. Perhaps she would have to fake a problem with her visa and return to Croatia. She did not know what her next assignment would be, so she could enjoy Morris Minnesota for a while.

Her target was a former member of a famous "boy band" who had run into trouble with drugs and alcohol. Like so many members of the rules and regulation illuminati, he found the restrictions to great. Hence, once shown the joy of a life without rules, he was unable to stop himself. Thus, he tumbled from grace and found himself studying Speech Communications in an isolated town in Minnesota.

His superiors hoped the isolation would settle him down and give him a break from the pressures of large city life. However, their plan played directly into Ashley's hands. The isolation allowed her a certain amount of cover. In addition, she find it easier to gain his attention in such a small population.

After researching his movements for several weeks, she ran into him at a campus event. With her full report of him, she could speak of similar interests and the like. She had become a very skillful stalker.

When they met, he introduced his girlfriend. Did the illuminati arrange a chaperone for him? For some, it would be trouble; but for Ashley, it was going to be a bonus -- two for one. After all, it was war.

With this turn of events, she turned her attention to the female. It would be easier to befriend his girlfriend than to tear him away from her. She also wished to determine that she was indeed a member of the illuminati and not an innocent bystander.

As the semester pressed on, her friendship with the female had grown. Ashley's superiors had positively identified the woman as a member of the enemy faction. Thus, Ashley Sky could put her plan into action. These two undead monsters would die.

She had met a man who was graduating at the Semester break. The senior was looking for transport back to his home in Las Vegas. She informed him that she needed to return her uncle's car back to him. If he could drive it, she would greatly appreciate it. She arranged a pickup location, so he could leave at his leisure after the semester ended.

With that taken care of, she began seeing a mortal. This tag along mortal was her escort for double dates. This allowed her more free access to the pair as a couple. They went to a couple university concerts and recitals as a foursome. The semester break was approaching, and it would be the perfect cover to have the couple drop out of school and elope. Well, at least that is how it would appear.

After finals had ended, Professor Myers threw an end of the semester party at his house for his students. The plan was for the two couples to get together at this party. It was a major happening in Morris, and practically everyone would be there.

Early in the evening, Ashley fainted in front of a large contingent there. She was awakened by smelling salts and asked to be taken home. Her escort complied. With an alibi established, she was free to complete her mission.

The zombie couple left the party early as to not induce his established weakness. With the smallness of the town, they did not have to drive as they could easily walk to the house they were renting. Inside waited Ashley.

Both sides of this conflict used bladed weapons. They were silent and in the proper hands could easily decapitate the opponent. As everyone knows, decapitation was the only way to kill these undead monsters. While a shotgun blast to the face could be effective, there was no way to be sure it would work. Also, it is difficult to explain something like that away to authorities unless you are in a position of great power.

They never suspected their friend Ashley of actually being one of their nemeses. With a few swipes of her sword, the pair was easily dispatched. They had little time to cry out or contemplate their fate. They fell with a couple of thuds, and their heads rolled a short distance away from their bodies' resting place.

With the disposal of the car already arranged, she put the bodies in the trunk of the car and cleaned up their house. She parked the car at the arranged spot, and early in the morning, she returned to her apartment. She was careful to make her way there without anyone seeing her.

Several weeks later the car was found in Las Vegas and thoroughly searched. No one knew where the occupants were, but the car turned up clean. Everyone in Morris assumed the pair dropped out of school and eloped. Thus, Ashley's job was finished, and she transferred to the Twin Cities campus for her next assignment.

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Deus Ex Aleatorium

Equalizing the Rule Breach

By Douglas E. Gogerty

With what the god of light felt was an impending loss of a wager, it was determined to change the criteria. According to its interpretation, it was not cheating to influence the living beings in a certain regard. Thus, a human female was impregnated.

The female was a slave, living under the rule of a great monarch. She did not wish her offspring to live in these conditions. Further, she could not afford to raise the child herself. She was lamenting her fate and bemoaning what she would have to do. When the child was still a babe of three months, she could wait no longer. She placed the young boy in a small vessel made from bulrushes and placed it in the river to sail away.

Further down the river, the daughter of the reigning monarch retrieved the child. She hired a wet nurse for the child and raised him as her own. The baby grew into adulthood in the monarch's palace.

After an incident, the young adult left the palace and began a life as a normal human of that time. He wed and tended the flocks of his father-in-law. However, he always felt he should do something about the suffering people of the kingdom where he was raised.

One day he observed a bright light emanating from something that appeared to be a shrub. The god of light came to speak with him. It gave the man instructions on freeing the suffering people of the kingdom.

After several plagues on the kingdom, the chosen people of the lord of light made an exodus of the monarchy. Running away from the pursuing army, the chosen people made it through a revealed path in a large body of water. The army did not make it through before the water returned, and the son of the lord of light led his people into the desert.

No longer enslaved by the monarch, the people still suffered greatly. However, they believed in their leader. They wandered looking for a land that was flowing with dairy products and had an abundance of apiaries. With regular conferences with the lord of light, the man wrote several scrolls containing the rules and regulations for the people to follow. This made the god of light very happy.

For nearly a hundred years, the man led his people. While they tried to follow all of the rules written, they were not completely successful. However, they were the chosen people of the lawgiver. Thus, they felt blessed.

However, at the age of 120, the man left his people to their own ways. It was time to let these people live without direct influence from the lord of light. For several years, he watched and wrote about those chosen people. Eventually, he gave the scrolls to his people. In that way, they could read the laws in effort to follow them more closely.

The man wandered off and lived a quiet solitary life. He spoke often with his father, the god of light, but he did not want to interfere with the people any longer. Both of them let them grow.

For 1500 years, the god of the darkness was unaware of the intervention of the god of light. The people given the laws had flourished. They had their difficulties and triumphs. They had their powerful times and their times of great despair. While they were a stronghold of the god of light; nonetheless, the god of darkness was still prevailing.

After that time, the tribes lived under Roman rule. These Romans were not followers of the god of light. They had erected their gods out of the chaos. Hence, the civilized pagans of the Roman Empire were ruling over the chosen people. The god of light did not wish this to stand.

The god of light spoke to his son made flesh, it asked the ancient man to return to his people. He had dabbled as a prophet, so he was not completely without contact with his people. This time, he came to them as their new ruler. The Roman Emperor also recognized him as such.

He rebuilt their great temple, and stabilized the chaos that had ruled them under Roman occupation. He performed great works for the chosen people.

The problem was that the god of light was not as careful as he had been previously. The god of darkness observed the interference. After a brief contemplation, the god decided not to press the issue. Instead, the lord of darkness would even out the situation by conceiving a son of his own with a mortal.

When the god of light discovered the equalization of representation, it did not wish the child to reach maturity. The god of light used its power to shine a star in the sky above the locale where the child was born. Its son sent several of his most important and wise lieges to the child to do great harm to him. However, none of the sent assassins could bring themselves to kill the innocent babe. Instead, they showered the child with gifts.

This son, enraged by the actions of his people, ordered the death of every son under the age of two in the area to be killed. However, the new immortal boy escaped the slaughter. He searched for the child, whose name was Judas for nearly a year but was unsuccessful.

The king realized he lost that battle, and he should take a new identity to compete with an equal footing of the newborn. Thus, he would need to fake his own death like he had done so many times before.

He quite enjoyed the tale of the virgin birth and the star. Thus, he co-opted it for his next identity. He would change the name of the babe from Judas to Jesus, and take on that role. It would be several years before they would be able to compete directly. Thus, little is spoken of this period.

Nonetheless, the two men did meet and became fast friends. They both became teachers. Together, they would wander the area speaking their good words. Each would influence the other's speeches. They greatly admired each other, and garnered a great following.

In the end, they both betrayed the other. They both got in trouble with the authorities, and on one day they both would be executed.

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Deus Ex Aleatorium

Meet Tyler Vencedor

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Tyler Vencedor was the top hunter-killer the illuminati had. He was the only son of Antonio Canovas del Castillo, and was in Santa Agueda when Michele Angiolillo shot his father.

The bullet in his father's head was not going to kill the immortal member of the illuminati; however, it was going to be debilitating. Thus, he watched in horror as his uncle decapitated the 69 year-old Spanish statesman.

The story was that Angiolillo was an anarchist, but everyone in the family knew he was a vampire. Tyler watched the death sentence carried out on Angiolillo by garotte. While this device does not normally decapitate, it did in this instance, and Spain banned public executions from this point on.

With Tyler's first experience in the conflict between the illuminati and the vampires, Tyler had proclaimed vengeance upon all vampires. Thus, he trained hard to be the best fighter. His first death came at 21 in combat training.

He was born Teodora Canovas Del Castillo in Madrid Spain in 1886. Nine months earlier, his father had resigned as Prime Minister. In his first few years, he saw a great deal of his father. However, his father was a politician and was elected Prime Minister again.

With this great pride of his heritage, he hated to give up his name. However, to perform his job, he needed to be discrete. Thus, like many of his kind, he constantly changed his name, but some Spanish influence often remained in the names he took.

When the end of times finally arrived, he was in the Pakistan. He used the troubled times there to great effect. Practically anonymous, he presided over a number of beheadings. Under his watch, all the known vampires in Pakistan were eliminated. He was even involved in a few high profile incidents, but no one implicated him in any of them.

With his successes in the Middle East, the important individuals in the illuminati sent him to the United States. They hoped that he could do the same there; however, the foe's numbers were far greater in the US.

With his age permanently affixed at 21, his options were great. He could pass in any large number of situations. He was often mistaken for a professional athlete. However, he did not get involved in sports in order to avoid the notoriety. He had tried out for the University of Nebraska football team, and he made the grade as a walk-on. However, when he finished his assignment there before football season started, he moved on.

He eventually ended up in New York City. He avoided the famous members of the vampire set, but he managed a series of decapitations. He became slightly cavalier about the task, and the police found one of his victims.

He was at Madison Square Garden and took care of one of his vampire nemeses in the parking garage. Fortunately, he hid his sword in the garage rather than have it on his person. Before he could exit the garage, a New York police officer took him into custody.

Without a murder weapon, they did not have enough evidence against him, and had no choice but to release him. For some reason, they did not believe his theory that it was a suicide. His superiors wanted to move him to a different venue, but the police would not let him leave town.

He managed to retrieve his sword without incident, but the police dogged him continuously. He had other vampires on his list, but he dared not visit them. Nonetheless, someone killed a few of these vampires while Tyler was under investigation.

The evidence was mounting against Tyler, and it was beginning to look bad for him. Being constantly under surveillance should have exonerated him, but for some reason, it was not the case.

Eventually, someone contacted him to meet him in a warehouse. He made sure his police escort followed him, but went unarmed. Inside was a large vampire who had Tyler on *his* list. Tyler knew it was inevitable, but he was surprised at the size of his foe.


The large man was slow and clumsy, but he wielded a hefty Scottish Claymore. Tyler ducked and ran to avoid the large man's sword. The enormous man swung the sword wildly in the hope to catch the wily young man.

Tyler found a pipe on the ground to help protect himself. However, when the sword hit the pipe, he fell to the ground trying to absorb the contact. The sword packed a mighty blow, and it took chunks out of the pipe with each successful hit.

The scene was looking bleak as Tyler was beginning to tire. The dodging and ducking could not go on forever. Luckily, the mighty vampire was also beginning to wear out. It was time for Tyler to take a chance.

He rushed the giant to get too close for the vampire to swing his sword effectively. The man attempted to push Tyler away. This effort allowed Tyler to put the pipe against the claymore and between his hands. In this configuration, he jumped behind the vampire. Thus, the large man had the long sword handle with both of his hands. The sword sat diagonally across his chest with the pipe holding it above his right shoulder.

The enormous vampire pulled and pulled, but the chink in the pipe held the sword in place. Tyler was practically hanging on his back. Slowly, the sword reached the shoulder of Tyler's foe. He continued to pull and pull with his opponent attempting to wrest his sword free.

Tyler had the advantage of leverage and the sword began to cut the vampire's neck. Eventually, the huge man could no longer hold on and let go. The mighty sword lodged in his spine. Tyler kicked the legs out from under him, and down he went. By a fortunate set of circumstances, the sword caught on a box and managed to decapitate his foe.

With his aching muscles, Tyler collapsed on the floor. His police escort waited for backup before entering the warehouse. Thus, the fight was over before the police entered. Fortunately for Tyler, the entire fight was caught on the security cameras and his tail had viewed the entire thing.

Much of the physical evidence on the bodies had miraculously disappeared. The bodies had decomposed at an unexpected rate. Thus, the police assumed that the large man was responsible for the decapitations. Tyler was exonerated and free to leave.

The illuminati wanted him to have a low profile, so they sent him to Minnesota to lay low for a while. They suggested that he take some classes at the University of Minnesota for fun. The important people in the illuminati ordered him to rest. They would take some time to determine his next course of action. Thus, he took the name of Tyler Vencedor and moved to Saint Paul.

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Deus Ex Aleatorium

The Last Reconfiguration

By Douglas E. Gogerty

With the god of light being caught bending the rules yet again, a new set of rules were going to be applied to the situation. Since both gods had created an immortal, both sides could start out equally.

The first change made was that some of the offspring of the immortal children would inherit their parent's immortality. However, these children would be sterile. Only the mortal offspring could have children of their own. Some of these children would be mortal and some would be immortal.

In this way, two groups were created. The children of the god of light called themselves the illuminati, but the history books -- when noted -- called them zombies. This is because they would always arise from the dead. Further, they would remain the age of their first "death."

The children of the god of darkness did not name themselves. Labels were for rule-makers and followers. However, the history books called them vampires for their lawlessness and their appreciation of the darkness.

Another rule change was the creation of minions. These groups always would have followers and hangers-on, but any immortal member of the group could create an official minion.

A bite from one of the immortals was all that was required to create a minion. These minions would also be sterile, but would be long lived. Thus, they would have many of the powers of their masters; however, they would be much easier to kill.

The only way to kill one of the immortals was to separate the brain from the rest of the body. That is, to decapitate him or her. However, with the destruction of one of the major organ systems, a minion would die. I wound to the heart or the destruction of both lungs is the type of injury that would kill a minion.

One of these types of wounds would only immobilize an immortal until he or she could repair the wound. Thus, a wooden stake through the heart of a vampire would continuously immobilize an immortal until someone removed the stake and the injury repaired.

Another rule was for the gods. Either god could interfere with the workings of the world; however, someone would have to ask for the change. Further, the gods would be a long distance away. Hence, these "prayers" would take six trips of the moon around the planet before fulfillment. The gods could not answer any smiting of enemies requests or negative prayers of any kind.

With the propensity of the god of light bending the rules, the wager would be completely forfeit if any impropriety was detected. Both gods would watch each other very closely.

However, they established a time limit. With each generation of children born from each of the immortals, a few would be mortal. When the 666th mortal was born, this brought about the end of times. Or, was it the 616th? Neither god could recall the correct number. They thought they wrote it down somewhere, but they were not sure which copy was the correct one.

Nevertheless, whatever the number, this child would be the last mortal. He or she would bare the mark of the beast. Since only the mortals born of either group could have children, ultimately, only immortals would be left. It would be up to the remaining immortals what would transpire at this time.

They could play last one standing. They could decapitate every member of the opposition, and the remaining individuals would win the wager for his or her god. In this way, there would be only one winner, and it would definitely be determined.

If they did not wish to eliminate each other, they could call it a game. The gods could count the followers of each group, and the one with the most would be the winner. Minions and immortals would not count.

When the last mortal was born, the ancestors of the gods determined which course to take. However, the message of the god of darkness had infiltrated one group. The god of light was all about following rules. Its followers would have to follow a large number of rules written for them in a religious text.

The message of Judas was that only one rule was important. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This was his "golden rule". In a sneaky maneuver, he laced Christianity with this single rule. Thus, the god of light could not count all Christians in its number.

Those individuals that lived by the one rule would count towards the god of darkness because they were just dealing with the chaos of the universe. They would build their societies based on equality for all. They would not consider anyone as outside their group -- even non-believers. This caused contention within the faith. Hence, not all members of that faith could be counted for the god of light.

The god of light had established several rule-laced religions in many parts of the world. In fact, some of them did not get along with the other ones; however, they would all count in its count. That is, as long as the followers believed that following the rules was a big part of their belief system.

They did not have to follow the rules at all times; they just had to believe that it was important. After all, this is exactly how the god of light behaved. The god of darkness let the god of light set the rules, and then reacted when the rules were broken. The rules simply did not apply in certain circumstances, was the attitude of most of the followers of the god of light.

With this uncertainty in mind, the god of light's immortal ancestors believed that they had lost. Their only hope for victory for their patron god was to eliminate all of the vampires. Hence, it was vampires against zombies for the remainder of their time on earth. The last one standing would win the prize, and there could be only one.

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Deus Ex Aleatorium

The Professor's Death

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Ashley's elders warned her that her target was old. Potentially, he was extremely old. That would mean that he would have time to gather allies. Her target would not be an easy mark.

He was a professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota. He taught history and specialized in the Renaissance. Many students joked that he had been around since then, but that may not be too far off.

He had worked at the university for 45 years, and records indicated that he was 80. Ashley knew he was much older than that, but she also knew that his facade was artificial. His actual appearance could be much younger, and he probably stopped aging at 35. That is how it usually worked. They would start a job at their "death age," and artificially age afterwards. Usually, they did not stay at a single job that long.

It was the end of the semester, and it was time for her to strike her target. During his 45 years of service, he had only one residence. He lived in a large Victorian house in Saint Paul. There were several on this road, so Ashley had to make sure she had the correct one.

It was an overcast 3 o'clock in the morning. The streetlights did their best to illuminate the darkness with a little success. Ashley was wearing a long gray overcoat, but underneath she was wearing black leotard. She had her purse full of supplies that she would need to break into the house. She had a black balaclava in her pocket. It was a brisk spring Minnesota day, so she did not look out of place.

The street number matched, so she snuck around to the back. She put her mask on, and ditched her coat in a bush. Her sword hung over her back, and she had a couple of knives on a belt around her waist. She was ready to go.

The back of the house had a second floor balcony. Like an experienced cat burglar, she scrambled up a drainpipe to the balcony. She looked around to see if anyone had spotted her. No one had. A motion detector light turned on, but she waited until it turned off before continuing. This delay also gave her eyes time to readjust to the darkness.

The interior lights of the house were all off. Ashley was hoping that the professor was sleeping in the master bedroom, which was on the other side of door where she crept. She could be in and out in a few minutes.

As silently as possible, she opened the screen door. She checked the interior door, and it was locked. The door did not have a deadbolt, so it would be an easier task getting inside. She picked the lock, but remembered that in these old houses everything squeaks. From her bag, she grabbed a small can of WD-40, and sprayed it on the hinges.

After letting the lubricant do its job, she opened the door. The occupant of the room did not stir. The bedroom door was closed, and the room was very dark. Ashley let her eyes further adjust. She decided that she would not need her night vision goggles.

The hardwood floors were her next obstacle. She stepped and slowly put her weight on that foot. She repeated this process until she reached the king-sized bed. The sole occupant of the bed was sleeping facing away from the balcony.

Ashley was at the edge of the bed when she drew her sword. In a swift downward motion, her sword took the head from the sleeping body. It rolled off the bed with a thump. It had a pasty complexion and long blond hair. Even in the darkness, Ashley could tell this was not the professor.

She sheathed her sword, and grabbed a flashlight from her bag. She switched it on and placed the severed head in the beam of the light. It was definitely a woman with chalky skin. She crawled across the bed and grabbed the head. After examining the yellow eyes, she knew that the woman was one of the professor's minions.

The minion was extremely old. The body turned to dust before Ashley's eyes, and the head disintegrated in her hands. How many more would she face? Where was the professor sleeping? Were there any mortals here? Did the sound of the head hitting the floor awaken anyone? This job had suddenly gotten much more difficult.

She sat on the trunk at the end of the bed to think. "Perhaps it was time for the night vision goggles," she thought as she returned the flashlight to her purse. She sat for a few moments when she heard someone at the door. She silently drew her sword and ducked behind the bed as the squeaky door opened.

The figure stood in the doorway backlit by a dim hall light. It was another female and she did not say anything. Ashley slid under the bed, as the woman searched the darkened room. At no point did she flip on the light, thus it appeared that she shunned the light. She also did not call out. Clearly, she was another minion.

Ashley drew her knife and rolled out from underneath the bed. With a quick flip, the knife struck the minion in the heart. Ashley was on her and had her mouth covered so she could not scream out. Quietly as possible, she let the female minion drop onto the bed.

With a wry smile and a heavy sigh, the minion died. Although she looked 30, she was another ancient minion. At this rate, this room was going to be knee deep in the dust of dead minions. Ashley needed to get out of the room fast, and it meant she was going to have to take a big chance.

Since the man was supposed to be 80, she reasoned that he would make a bedroom on the first floor. This would enforce the illusion that he was too old to climb stairs. She decided to stop trying to be silent, and walk confidently around the house.

She walked out of the room and down the hall to the back stairway. At the bottom of the stairs was a pantry. She opened the only door, and it led into the kitchen. The door to the formal dining room was open. The layout of the house was like so many of the era.

Ashley figured that when the house was built, it probably had a parlor off the front door. This was most likely place to put a first floor bedroom. It meant she had to walk across the front foyer. If she walked as if she knew what she was doing, even if someone spotted her, this person would not think anything was amiss.

She made her way boldly across the dining room into the foyer. She saw a man in his twenties sleeping on a couch in the foyer. He was not her target, so she crossed the foyer and drew her sword. She opened the door on the far side of the foyer, entered the room, and closed the door behind her.

When she entered the room, the occupant sat up with a start. He called out, but his head was on the floor before he uttered a second syllable. She quickly exited the room, and headed for the dining room. She noticed that the young man on the couch was gone.

Suddenly the house was alive with beings. The young man emerged from the dining room with a sword. He was no minion. Minions came walking down the stairs and from every door leading to the foyer.

The young man swung his sword at Ashley. She blocked it with her sword and swept his legs out from under him with a low spin kick. She opened the front door and ran out. She grabbed her coat and disappeared into the night.

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Deus Ex Aleatorium

The Son of the God of Light

By Douglas E. Gogerty

A man of long life can come and go into prominence. With the longevity come great experiences. Even if only a fraction is remembered, vast knowledge will be collected. Further, if one concentrated on gathering of wealth, they could accumulate huge stockpiles. Thus, the ancient immortals had great wisdom and wealth.

The first name given to him was Moses, but he would know many others. When the proper time came, he would "die" and take on a new identity. In this way, he would take a new identity in order to redirect the aim of the god of light.

As King Solomon, he brought great fame and wealth to the chosen people. The Kingdom of Israel found great prosperity under his wise rule. Thus, he believed it would continue when he moved on. However, the kingdom split and trouble ensued.

He united the people of many ancient civilizations, and they knew him as Alexander of Macedonia or Alexander the Great. However, his followers continued with their polytheistic ways; thus, he had influence and power, but his father gained few followers. Hence, he ended that experiment early and left it to the generals to decide what to do.

With the inadvertent inclusion of the god of darkness's lack of rules into Christianity, he decided to create yet another religion dedicated to the god of light. Thus, he gathered some desert peoples and created a third major monotheistic religion. This one too would be full of rules to follow.

After spending several years establishing this religion, he moved on. He let the religion grow and flourish. They had a set of rules to follow, and when the end of times came, the god of light could include anyone practicing this religion on the rolls.

With two religions squarely on the side of the god of light, he wandered around poking and prodding the Christian religion to move them towards more rules. However, the disciples needed a draw away from other religions. Thus, with fewer rules and regulations, it was a large drawing point.

It was clear that the influence of Judas was too strong, and Moses's meddling resulted in the first crusade. He did not want his factions fighting each other, but it seemed to happen naturally. They were all children of the god of light, yet they behaved as if they were separate groups. They believed that the rules handed to them only applied to those within their group.

With this realization and frustration, he stopped meddling and turned his attention to the arts. By this time, he had lived quite an eventful life. Many things had come and gone since his birth. He could draw on great experiences to create his works.

He studied and practiced under the tutelage of some very prominent masters. Thus, many consider his Divine Comedy a masterpiece. In an effort to make literacy more wide spread, he did not write it in Latin or Greek. He used the vernacular of the area he was living. They called him Dante Alighieri at that time.

After writing, he turned his interest to painting. Some of his family took the name of Medici and they lived in Florence. He visited them often. They were great patrons of the arts. Hence, he could study painting with several great masters.

In the Medici household, the ideas flourished. His feelings towards the religious fighting had ebbed, and he felt a great reawakening. Thus, he dabbled in many things besides painting. He designed gadgets, he studied anything he could find, and he felt like a new man. The world around him seemed to change, and he felt rejuvenated.

Thus, the fame of Leonardo the son of Piero da Vinci became world renown. His own reawakening caused a renaissance in all of Europe. His thirst for knowledge and his joy in painting combined into a very productive period.

He painted and drew and drew and painted. He had fun again. He experimented with rudimentary photographic techniques and created a sheet with his image on it. As time passed, his 14th century experiment was mistaken for his 1st century persona. However, this did not bother him much, because it was still him.

He put secrets and inside jokes into his artwork. He was enjoying his newfound freedom and was having fun with it. Thus, if someone studied his artwork carefully, he or she could possibly discover his secret. The hidden illuminati would protect the secret; however, it was there for all to see. Jesus and Leonardo da Vinci were the same person.

The thought of it made him laugh hysterically. However, he used such great subtly that he doubted anyone could ever put it all together. In fact, he infused it all with Jesus having children. He was sure that would throw anyone off the trail.

He continued as an adviser here and a leader there. He regained a zest for this world. He dabbled in various forms of art and general creation.

In the mid-eighteenth century, he realized that he had yet to be a composer. He studied music with various masters, as he had done with so many other areas of interest. He found that it was quite difficult learning a musical instrument at his age. There was so much that he did not know about music. Hence, it took him much longer than the other artistic pursuits.

However, he did finally manage to gain some renown in the late nineteenth century as Johannes Brahms. People enjoyed his waltzes and his symphonies. Thus, he had built himself a prominent name in many artistic pursuits. However, when he finished this pursuit and staged his death, he realized that the end was near.

The end of times would be less than 100 years from then, at the end of the millennium. He had so much work left to do. His joy and love of the arts had distracted him. The three "Abrahamic Religions" were quite large and powerful. However, would they be enough?

There had been inter-factional and intra-factional conflicts throughout. The one Christian religion was now several. Each group had fought with one another several times and left many dead. How would he unite them? How could he assure them a spot in the rolls of the god of light in a mere 100 years?

He began establishing treaties between the powerful nations; thus, uniting them in a common ground. They would cooperate rather than fight. They agreed to help each other in unprecedented levels. His work looked as if it would pay great dividends.

However, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria ruined his plans. These alliances forced nation against nation. They had agreed to protect their friends and neighbors. Thus, they had to enter into this world war. Hence, many of the members on the side of the god of light were killed in this great conflict. Thus, while he hoped to strengthen and increase the numbers, they actually decreased.

While the League of Nations and later the United Nations formed out of his early efforts, these institutions were going to be too little and too late. Further, the results of this first world war led to the second world war.

He thought about starting another religion, but it would be very difficult. Both gods had promised a six-month delay on requests. Thus, miracles took a long time. He could no longer impress the multitudes as he did in the past.

It appeared that everything he did to gain members to the god of light had the opposite effect. Thus, he decided to work actively for the god of darkness. He believed that by showing the people the path of chaos, they would naturally turn towards order.

He sowed discontent and terror wherever he could. He founded terrorist organizations and anarchist groups. He turned from order and beauty. If the people wanted chaos and death, he would show them the result of this.

His last act occurred shortly before the last mortal was born. It unified the people of the United States, which was his plan. While the chips may fall in a place he did not intend, the toppling of the World Trade Center would unite the Christian people.

With this act, he hoped to earn enough citizens for the god of light. However, the immortals decided not to take the chance. Thus, the fight to the death was on. As part of the agreement, he would let his children handle the affair. His "father" dispersed his molecules throughout the galaxy and he was no more.

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Deus Ex Aleatorium

To Be or Not to Be

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Tyler awoke when there was a thump on the floor above him. However, he did not think much of it. The house was full of people, and he would not get any sleep if he investigated every bump in the night.

He began to drift off when he thought he heard some sort of scuffle. Again, he did not think anything of it. Most minions are active during the night. They are sensitive to the light, so they avoid it. Thus, restless minions were nothing new.

He had only been staying in the house a short time. The fact that he was sleeping on a couch in the foyer was evidence of that. Tyler's benefactor had offered his home as temporary lodgings until he could find a place of his own.

After all, they were related. The professor was born several thousand years before Tyler was, but they were all of the same line. Tyler just had a lower ranking in the illuminati. The professor clearly had a high rank because of the number of minions he had. The Victorian house was full to the rafters. He had not counted, but he thought there were at least 30 people living under that roof.

Tyler rolled over on the couch as he heard someone descend the back stairs. He was suddenly motivated to find his own place. He had spent several restless nights on this couch, and the house practically came alive every night.

He heard very light footsteps crossing the foyer. Some unknown person headed towards the professor's bedroom. Curiosity grabbed him, and he opened his eyes to see who it was. He did not recognize the person. Whoever it was -- was dressed all in black.

It took Tyler a few moments to realize something was amiss. He jumped off the couch in somewhat of a daze, and tried to think where his stuff was located. He remembered that he left his bag in the dining room. Thus, he scrambled to the dining room to grab his things.

He heard the professor sit up and bed. Moments later, there was a thump on the floor. Tyler was not sure what was going on, but he drew his sword and headed to the foyer.

He saw a beautiful young woman dressed all in black emerge from the professor's room. She had her sword drawn, so Tyler challenged her. She was up to the challenge as she blocked his blow and knocked Tyler to the floor. Before he could regain his footing, she was out the door.

He considered going after her, but the entire household was awake. He thought it best to determine what was going on. Everyone else had the same thought. Tyler fought his way into the bedroom, but there was nothing but a pile of dust on the bed.

It was at this time that Tyler realized that the professor had quite the harem of minions. He had paid them no heed, until they all started wailing. They all began consoling each other. They all told their tales of how they met him and fell in love. At the time, they did not want to lose him, so they agreed to allow him to bite them. Only then, did they discover that there were others -- in some cases several others.

The professor had various jobs during the day in his lifetime, and the minions would prefer to be nocturnal. However, the professor would wish to sleep nights. Thus, he would find the company of another woman who could be out during the day. Another minion was born.

It was quickly discovered that the two oldest were missing. Their deaths added to the pain of the minions. They began demanding that Tyler end their misery. Their lives had not turned out as they had wished. They begged Tyler to kill them. They did not wish to live without the love of their lives.

He assured them that the more powerful members of the illuminati would send someone to take over the house. That person would decide what was to become of these minions. Of course, he did not know who to contact because the professor was his primary contact.

One of the minions handed Tyler the professor's secret book. It was a list of members of the illuminati. The professor had crossed off several names. He saw his father's name, his grandfather's name, and his great grandfather's name all on the list. Someone had crossed them all off. Were they all dead?

He slumped into a chair. This secret war was killing everyone he knew. Old friends that he had known for most of his life were now dead. People who he thought would always be there -- being immortal and all -- were gone.

After figuring out how the book was organized, he realized there was only a handful of his generation left. There were no left from the younger generations. All of the professor's children were dead. All of his grandchildren were also dead. It was no wonder that he did not increase security -- he wanted to die.

Tyler grabbed some things, and stuffed them into his bag. He took the book and his sword. He gave some assuring words to the minions and walked out the door. It was still predawn, but he needed to get some air.

He walked and walked. He watched the sun come up over downtown Minneapolis. He continued to walk. Eventually, he found himself on the university campus. He walked across the campus bridge to the West Bank Campus. He found an open door, and made his way toward the library. It was not open.

He walked the tunnels for a while. He found a vending machine and grabbed some snacks. He continued walking around the tunnels. He found an internet kiosk and using the professor's credentials, he logged in.

He e-mailed some people in the professor's book. He told them what happened. After several minutes on the internet, he received a reply. They gave the best guess on whom the assassin was and where to find her. Tyler logged off the kiosk, and walked to the library.

He did not know what he was looking for, but he looked anyway. He looked for people in the professor's book. He saw good things they had done, and bad things they had done. They were like everyone else. They were like the mortals -- only with more influence and wealth.

After spending several hours at the university, he decided to go to the address he was given. It was in an apartment building on the other side of the Mississippi River. He rang the buzzer and she asked who it was. He did not know what to say. He was just like her -- an assassin. She was doing what she was asked to. She was a good soldier in this secret war. Every member of the illuminati told him that all of the enemies were soulless zombies.

He told her the truth, and she let him in. It was the assassin. He would remember her beautiful face anywhere. Her black leotard on the floor was another clue. He showed her the book. He told her stories about many of the names crossed off. She told stories of people she knew that someone killed.

They were two warriors tired of the fight, but they did not know how to stop it. After a long heartfelt discussion, they ordered a pizza and talked some more. They commiserated. They both knew how lonely it had been, and were happy to have someone who understood.

They talked for hours. It was getting late. He smiled at her and said that it was nice meeting her. She felt the same. They gave each other a polite kiss and smiled. Then they drew their swords and began fighting.

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Deus Ex Aleatorium

The Son of the God of Darkness

By Douglas E. Gogerty

The sons of the god of light and darkness, stayed close by each other after the reconfiguration. This is how the "golden rule" crept into Christianity. Because of that incident, the two men had a great fight. They decided to separate. The god of light's son headed west, and the god of darkness's son headed east.

Unlike his friendly rival, Judas was not content to stay in one place for long stretches. Thus, he had many names throughout his lifetime. Not only were the names numerous, but their reputations were quite varied.

Further, since he was the son of the god of darkness, many westerners believed that he was evil. That is, he was the Prince of Darkness. With his accomplishments filtered through the illuminati, his reputation was usually brutal.

For instance, he united the Hunnic Empire in 434. His people had great reverence for their great king. However, western powers only know of Attila the Hun's brutality. Although, he was no more brutal than any Roman Emperor was.

Attila could have destroyed Constantinople and Rome, but he refrained because of his reverence for the cities. However, his abilities on the battlefield rather than his compassion are what the civilized west concentrated upon.

Further, Attila only ruled for 18 years. Thus, he did quite a bit in a very short time. He did not use long stretches to accomplish his goals. He showed that everyone could live prosperous lives even with the chaos that is the universe.

After playing the scourge of god, he moved east again. There he aided in the construction of the Longmen Grottoes. Like the son of the god of light, he dabbled in the arts. He would return to this project whenever he needed a change of pace.

While he would not stay in one place for very long, he would return many times. For instance, as Shapur I, he founded the city of Gondeshapur in 271. To the west, this city may not mean anything, but it was a center of learning while the west was experiencing their "dark ages". In fact, it had a university, library and a teaching hospital.

Not only was he Shapur I of the Sassannid dynasty, he also was Khusraw. During his reign as this king, he brought many philosophers to his city. He translated many texts and established a great center of learning. However, western influences squelched any knowledge of this great Middle Eastern city.

As you may have heard, the Vikings were great spreaders of chaos. They openly battled civilizations. They robbed churches and other centers of wealth. It should come to no surprise that Judas was a Viking on many occasions.

However, he spent more time as an explorer than a raider. In fact, as one of Leif Ericson's chief advisors, he landed in North America in the eleventh century. He lived on the continent for a while in hopes to return some day.

His Viking name was overshadowed by Leif Ericson's renown; however, everyone in the west has heard of another one of Judas's personas. He was also Genghis Kahn. As the great Mongolian leader, he established the largest contiguous empire the world has ever known. He united disparate peoples under his rule.

The west hears of a brutal killer, but he treated everyone fairly. If you were dishonest or treated his protected people unfairly, he would punish you. If you lived peacefully and fairly, he would let you continue living in that manner. Once again, he united a large and diverse population. He did things no one else accomplished.

Part of the reason some people can become so powerful is by reputation. Philip of Macedon only needed three battles to conquer all of Greece -- and he lost two of them. It was his reputation that allowed him to accomplish this. Thus, in part, some of the brutal nature of Judas's personas played into his favor.

The reason the followers of Judas are known as Vampires is because of a book written by one of the illuminati. In this greatly exaggerated work, it turned a prince of Wallachia into a monster, which was the goal of the work in the first place.

Prince Vlad III managed to fight for his people against Ottoman expansion. However, his rule was not noteworthy in any particular fashion. Vlad's preferred method of carrying out a death sentence was impaling. Hence, he earned the name Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler. However, his true name was Vlad III Dracul, but Bram Stoker turned him into Count Dracula. Hence, all of the children and minions of Judas and the god of darkness have been called vampires from this point on.

The west never caught on that those rising from the dead, which was common on both sides, are known as zombies. Thus, since one side called the other group vampires, the vampires called the children and minions of the son of light zombies.

The biting to become minions translated on both sides. Many of the concepts found in the literature were in fact correct. However, a wooden stake in the heard would only incapacitate a vampire and not kill him or her. Only the removal of the head would kill a vampire. They got that correct in the zombie lore.

However, many of the things they did get wrong. Minions while they dislike light greatly, they are not killed by it. Vampires, in general, do not shrink from the cross. It is a sign of their enemy, as it were, but it was not fatal to them. They do appear in mirrors. Many of the fallacies were created to make them more of a monster than their illuminati brethren.

This is why the ruthless nature of many of Judas's identities is emphasized in the west. The illuminati are happy to include Christopher Columbus in their numbers, but he was not. After his time as Dracula, Judas decided to infiltrate the illuminati. He was successful, and returned to North America after a long absence.

This had some unintended consequences. He thought the natives would continue with their relatively lawless society without interference by the rule makers. However, it opened the continent to the western powers and soon much of the continent would be Christianized.

Judas continued to have influence over the western powers of the god of light. His one rule concept was still creeping throughout Christianity. However, some of the Christians augmented the rules. Thus, it was difficult to determine who would be counted for whom during the end of times.

When he was Napoleon, he became widely known. However, this exposed his nature. Before they could do anything, he had managed to remove huge numbers of rule followers off the rolls of the god of light. Naturally, this aided the numbers for the god of darkness.

He had learned from his other conquests that to kill vast numbers, it is best to pit them against themselves. This was a great strategy he had learned between his life as Columbus and then. He had fueled animosity between such great powers of the time like the Spanish, English, and French, which resulted in much bloodshed but mostly among rule followers.

In the end, he grew tired of the bloodshed. He decided that his days as a general were through. The end of times was growing closer, and commanders would study his military careers for centuries. He was also tired of the negative way the west portrayed his identities. Thus, he headed east.

He was going to fade into history, when he saw what the followers of the god of light had been doing with some of the eastern locations. He had neglected the Far East for too long. He decided on a non-violent strategy to show the English the error of their ways.

He did not realize that such tactics would have so much power. Soon, everyone in the west had heard of Mohandas Gandhi. In the past, to attain such notoriety he had to win several military battles. He did not kill a single person and he brought the British Empire to its knees.

He tried this tactic in other locations to push out the rule-followers, but the illuminati had inflicted the culture so that non-violent resistance seemed like a crazy idea. The Palestinians would have none of it, nor would the Catholics in Northern Ireland.

However, in the biggest coup of his life, he became the 264th pope. As John Paul II, he attempted to reassert that there was only one essential rule. To do unto others, as you would have them do unto you was the only important rule. He would attempt to unite people under this one concept until the end of times came.

Like the son of the god of light, he had no say in how the winner would be determined. Thus, when the end of times game he was briefly reunited with the god of darkness before his atoms were spread across the universe.

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Deus Ex Aleatorium

Tyler and Ashley

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Most sword fights end quickly. Even when the opponents are evenly matched, they seldom last for more that a few minutes. This was not the case with the fight between Tyler and Ashley. It was an epic battle.

Ashley opened with her leg sweep move. It had worked previously on Tyler, but he was ready for it. He easily dodged the attempt. However, he had not prepared a counter-move. Thus, he did not take advantage of her vulnerability. He spent all of his concentration on avoiding Ashley knocking him down.

When Ashley regained her feet, Tyler used a strong downward thrust, but Ashley blocked it. She faked a thrust to Tyler's right, and spun around to his left. Tyler did not bite on the fake, and parried the attempt.

The fight went on and on. It was if they knew each other's every move. Every thrust was parried. Every chop was blocked. Every counter-move was intercepted. They both hoped that the other would tire soon; however, they needed to keep on fighting.

The fight started in Ashley's efficiency apartment, but eventually spilled into the street when Tyler attempted to tackle Ashley. The pair tumbled out the second story window. Upon landing on the ground, they lost little time continuing the battle.

A crowd gathered and cheered. They thought it was some sort of act, and thoroughly enjoyed the combat scene. Ashley and Tyler attempted to move to a less crowded space but could not manage it. They continued swinging their swords in the attempt to decapitate their opponent. The crowds loved it.

With every move and counter-move, the crowd cheered. More and more people gathered around watching the pair fight. The crowd began restricting where Tyler and Ashley could move. They did not wish to hurt any innocents, so they had to restrict what moves they could make.

The crowd got larger and larger, and pressed in upon the battling pair. Everyone wanted to see, and gave the combatants less and less room to maneuver. They were down to simple fencing moves when the police arrived.

The police dispersed the crowd and told Tyler and Ashley to take their show elsewhere. The combatants were exhausted. As it was close by, they returned to Ashley's apartment.

Ashley poured a couple large glasses of water, and the pair rested on the couch. Once again, they commiserated on their fates. They were both trained assassins in a war that they did not fully understand. They both had lost friends and family in this battle for the end of times. Yet, neither knew exactly why they were fighting.

As the stories continued, they knew what each other were going through. They began growing close. As they laughed and cried, they moved closer. Eventually, they found themselves not talking. They embraced. The passion the pair had for their jobs was suddenly stripped away. It was now focused into each other.

Neither was rested enough for any energetic lovemaking. They decided to take a shower together, and so it began. They closed themselves off from the outside world. They did not answer phones or respond to knocks on the door, except when they had ordered food in. They completely concentrated on each other.

Despite great efforts, the pair's cohorts could not contact them. Unlike the world of the mortals, vampires and zombies disappeared regularly. The upper levels of both sides worried that they had lost their best people. Thus, the disappearance of Tyler and Ashley was greatly worrisome.

The followers of the god of darkness and the god of light were greatly relieved when they heard from the pair. However, they were appalled when they refused to fight. The couple had found each other, so for them the war was over.

Despite Ashley and Tyler's wishes to live in harmony, the war was going to be brought to them. It was a fight to the last. There could be no survivors. Thus, Ashley and Tyler's love could never be.

Suddenly, the pair was on the run. They felt that the entirety of resources was suddenly concentrated upon them. Nowhere was safe. Everywhere they went they encountered minions and soldiers.

At first, they did not fight; they just ran. However, the futility of this tactic was soon apparent. They would find themselves face to face with more enemies with each passing day. Hence, since they were well versed in the martial arts, they fought back.

Wave after wave of Vampires and Zombies came after them. They all ended up as dust. When Ashley and Tyler fought together, it was like a ballet. They were completely coordinated with each other's actions. When one would duck, the other would attack. They were unstoppable as a pair. Each one watched the other's back.

Soon, there were very few left. The great battle was ending. The once great men and women had wiped out everything they had built. All of the great works they created and all of the positive things they had done amounted to nothing. The end of times war had stripped them of everything important and turned them into hateful beings.

The gods of light and darkness called an end to it. It was a draw. The pair of transdimensional entities discovered that greatness could only happen in balance. For anything to occur they had to cooperate. There would be no earth without the chaos and the rules.

Another factor was involved in the decision. Something unexpected had occurred. Ashley was pregnant. Immortals were not supposed to be able to have children. However, children from the god of light and the god of darkness could have a child together. The gods did not wish to see this war go any further. So, they agreed to it being a draw.

There were many ways to obtain order, and they did not always have to be through a great list of rules. Only one rule was required. That is, everyone had to treat everyone else as they would like to be treated themselves.

Societies could exist in chaos, but greatness would not occur. Unless the individuals cared about one another, chaos would prevail. Imposing rules upon the chaos generally led to brutal order. There were consequences for breaking the rules, and those consequences were often harsh.

The Vampires and the Zombies enjoyed the art and the great creations. However, when the end was near, both sides started to tear each other apart. No longer did either side appreciate the arts. Everyone concentrated on the end. Thus, everyone suffered.

The few Vampires and Zombies left were called home. The only ones allowed to continue were Tyler, Ashley and their soon to be born young one. They had learned the lesson at the same time the gods of light and darkness did. Greatness can only come when both sides cooperate or at least respect what the other is doing. Destruction only breeds more destruction.

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  • Christian: A great story, i remember my first computer with DOS read more
  • Kerry Glasscock: Good story. I love that Dwayne. nice work! read more
  • Douglas Gogerty: Thanks Susanne. You are correct, the OS of computers has read more
  • Susanne: Nice read, shame computers havent improved several years later (mainly read more
  • Douglas Gogerty: Hey Rushan! Sadly no, I do not have one. Thanks read more
  • Rushan: Nice you have that kind of one?thanks.. read more
  • Douglas Gogerty: Thanks Joyce. I appreciate your kind words. We do have read more
  • Joyce: Douglas, I just want express and my true admiration before read more

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