Assignment 2

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To start this assignment off, I watched an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos.

I then made a mind map of things relating to winter:
Mind Map.jpg

I then pulled a few ideas from that map that I thought would maybe produce good products. I crossed products to get these results - I asked my roommates to give me a random object for each product idea. They did not know the details, so some of them were a challenge!

Meet the massage scarf. It's a normal, functional scarf with a twist - there are massage balls inside. This way you can destress on the way to that final in the middle of December!
massage scarf.jpg

These SmartGloves know your body temperature. They sense the temperature of your hands - the heating elements warm the hand if it's too cold, and the perforations open up around the outside if your hands get too hot.
Heat sensitive gloves.jpg

The Book Glasses allow you to read books unnoticed. Sitting through a boring Christmas party? Flip on the Kindle app and read away! No one will notice - there's even an optional audio option if you'd rather watch a movie!
book glasses.jpg

The Tree Caroler is an artificial Christmas Tree that plays Christmas carols. In addition, everyone loves to sing Christmas carols right? This tree senses human voices, and automatically raises its volume so that the carols will always be heard!
tree caroler.jpg

Below you will see the "Disco Hat." The party starts when you walk in. Enabled with surround sound throughout the interior, the hat also sports a disco tassel.
disco hat.jpg

The Hot Scarf is an innovation of the water bladder. It's a normal scarf, but there is also an insulated bladder attachment that you can fill with hot chocolate, tea, or coffee! There is a flexible straw attachment that only works when you bite on it, so there is no concern for spilling.
hot scarf.jpg

Do you love ice skating? Meet the pant skates. With this grand invention, getting dressed to go skating is unnecessary - the insulated pants are attached to the skates. No cold air going up your pants, no worries about getting too cold!
pant skates.jpg

The Dirt Molder was the most challenging combination my friends gave me. I wrote down a shovel, and they said "flower pot." With this device, you scoop up the dirt, pull a lever, and the shovel goes to the form of the flower pot. Fill your pots with no mess!
dirt molder.jpg

Have you ever had to stumble from the light switch to your bed? The Star Pillow will softly illuminate your way back to your bed. It also can play songs to put you to sleep, and it is a great way for you to see around the room without waking your roommate with the bright overhead light.
star pillow.jpg

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I like your use of connections in the mind map, you made a lot of good connections that maybe not all people would have made. The little drawings here and there help to distinguish different areas visually as well. One critique I would offer is to make sure the connections don't merge with the ideas themselves, as there is some overlapped that makes things a bit hectic in places.

As for your silly ideas, some of them are actually quite practical! I especially liked the massage scarf, it seems like a fun invention that might actually work. One thing I would mention here is to pull out a few sub-categories from your mind map to focus on!

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