Assignment 5


Category related to winter: Ice Hockey

Part 1: Take an archetypical existing product related to one of your problem statements and apply the SCAMPER method.

In case you have not been following my blog, here are the problem statements I've been working with:

1. Natalie is a hockey lover who wishes to be able to participate in the sport; however, she finds ice skating too difficult to master.

2. Darien is a girl who wishes her brother's hockey equipment took up less space and smelled better.

3. Charlie is an avid hockey player who wishes that hockey sticks did not break as easily and did not cost as much.

For this exercise, I have chosen the existing product of an ice skate.
Ice skate.jpg

- Replace laces with snap enclosures
- Change the size of the blade (longer/fatter?)
- Merge it with pants and have a pant-skate
- Combine the laces and the body to form one cohesive piece
- Merge it with a sled...super fast, really fun way to "skate" with multiple people on board
- Combine it with fashion boots for the people who don't like how skates look
- Combine the blades with a walker so elderly/disabled people can use it
- Something similar: rollerblade. Interchangeable parts so you only need one pair? Rollerblades for summer, ice skates for winter?
- Lotus effect - find a way to keep ice from accumulating on the blades by making the metal surface a different texture (but still sharpen-able)
- Magnified/made larger: length of blade
- Extra features: self heating element so feet don't get cold
- Extra features: added insulation to boot
- Used more often - skates for winter sidewalks? similar to rollerblades, but use a tread similar to a snowmobile/skis?
- Minimize amount of laces - is it necessary to have so many holes?
Put to other use
- Scale the skate down and add 2 more so your dog can skate
- Removable blade so you don't need a pair of boots and a pair of skates
- Instead of plastic/metal/textile construction, make it out of a material that automatically attaches itself to your foot
Put to other use.jpg
- Remove laces
- Smaller - completely remove boot so it attaches to whatever is already on your feet
- Less of something - less stiff plastic, more flexible materials
- Laces on back instead of top
- Interchange components: hover option, blade, training blade, wheels. Multi-use!

Part 2: Use a table-based tool to come up with ideas.
Table Based Tool: Morphological Analysis
morphological analysis.jpg
Sketch 1: Internal heating element, tempered steel blade, jet propulsion.
heating element, tempered steel, jet.jpg
Sketch 2: Massage, ceramic blade, fan propeller
massage, ceramics, fan.jpg
Part 3: Review Blue-Sky Brainstorming session and choose 10 ideas from any week that could be real ideas.

1) The zamboni pusher could help with new skaters on dirty ice - clean things up so they don't trip on anything.
Thumbnail image for Zamboni Pusher.jpg

2)Calcu-muffs - voice activated calculator.

3) Interchangeable blades
Thumbnail image for Reverse-Rearrange.jpg

4) Heat sensitive gloves
Thumbnail image for Heat sensitive gloves.jpg

5) Tree caroler - it's like a sing-along tree!
Thumbnail image for tree caroler.jpg

6) Train track skate
Thumbnail image for Train track skate.jpg

7) The handicapper - helps you stay on your feet while learning how to skate
Thumbnail image for The Handicapper.jpg

8) Dog-skates - you can walk/skate your dog while having fun yourself. The dog would have to learn how it works but it could be pretty cool!
Thumbnail image for Put to other use.jpg

9) Disco hat - party starts when you walk in.
Thumbnail image for disco hat.jpg

10) Massage scarf. Wear it and it gives you a massage while you are fighting off the cold.
Thumbnail image for massage scarf.jpg


Sorry for posting late - we got a flat tire last night and didn't get home until very late.

First thing I noticed was the inconsistency of your images. Different type of paper is fine, but some are cropped and presented much better than others. This definitely detracts from the visual impression of your blog.

Your 10 ideas seem interesting, although these were supposed to be feasible (I question the feasibility of hover skates). Also lacking a NUF analysis so gauge how you feel about them.

As someone who has struggled with skating, I like your effort here. Keep the ideas flowing and happy Thanksgiving!

My comment didn't show up... curse technology.


I was trying to post my comment to your blog post yesterday around 11 am, and for some reason it didn't work out.

It was on the part of the post that was online by then. Here it is:

I will give you feedback on the part of your blog post that you’ve uploaded by now. I really like your concise style of writing, and the formatting that you are using, it makes it easy to follow your ideas. I think it is a good idea to mention your problem statements at the beginning of your post.

You brought up several interesting solutions for an ice skate design doing the SCAMPER exercise. My favorite ideas so far are the lotus effect for the blades and minimize amount of laces or replace laces with snap enclosures, I feel they can improve the existing ice skate design.

And I would love to see some visuals for the best ideas from SCAMPER.

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