Assignment 6


My winter theme: Ice Hockey (if you have not been following my blog)


To begin this assignment, I slightly changed my 10 products based on feedback from my peers. Some of them were not feasible, and I realized I had better options. Below are the links to the survey I created (SurveyMonkey has a limit to the amount of questions you can have before upgrading your account, and I did not know of Qualtrics before setting it up).


I posted this survey to Facebook, and got about 20 responses. Below are the results from the survey.

PART 1 - There were 22 responders to this one.

#1 - Tree Caroler
Percentage of people who would buy it: 27% (6 people)
Average price they would pay: $50 (results were a bit skewed, the range was $10-$100 but most were around that number)

#2 - CalcuMuff
Percentage of people who would buy it: 13% (3 people)
Average price they would pay: $15

#3 - Heat Sensitive Gloves
Percentage of people who would buy it: 86% (19 people)
Average price they would pay: $42

#4 - Disco Hat
Percentage of people who would buy it: 4% (1 person)
Average price they would pay: $15
(One left a comment that said "you would have to pay me to wear" so this one is definitely a no!)

#5 - Handi-Hoop
Percentage of people who would buy it: 50% (10 people)
Average price they would pay: $22

PART 2 - There were 18 responders to this one.

#1 - Train Track Skate
Percentage of people who would buy it: 50% (9 people)
Average price they would pay: $30

#2 - Zamboni Pusher
Percentage of people who would buy it: 22% (4 people)
Average price they would pay: $40

#3 - Snapping Skates
Percentage of people who would buy it: 39% (7 people)
Average price they would pay: $73

#4 - Lotus Blades
Percentage of people who would buy it: 44% (8 people)
Average price they would pay: $50

#5 - Interchangeable Skates
Percentage of people who would buy it: 72% (13 people)
Average price they would pay: $84 (However, there was a range of $30-$250)

From the above results, I narrowed down my ideas to these five:
Heat sensitive gloves, Handi-hoop, Train track skates, Interchangeable skates, and Lotus blades.

A) Benchmark

For this part of the assignment, I searched for the products with different name variations. Once I found a few ways of phrasing the product, I went to to search for prices.

1. Heat Sensitive Gloves
Things I discovered via Google:
- There are a lot of battery operated heating gloves out there.
- had a product that seems to be what I am thinking of: Hopefully I would be able to come up with a solution that would not cost $400 though.
- I did not find many products that featured a cooling option - most featured a heating option or fabrics that would seal heat in.
- Cheaper gloves had alkaline batteries, and higher end ones had rechargeable ones.
- Prices for these types of gloves ranged from $20-$200.
I created a 2x2 matrix, as seen below:
heated gloves_Page_1.jpg

2. Handi-Hoop
Things I discovered via Google:
- Nothing like this exists. There were rectangular "push" versions, but I was unable to find anything that was circular.
- The rectangular push trainers ran from $30-$40.
I created a 2x2 matrix, as seen below.

3. Train Track Skate
Things I discovered via Google:
- There are several variations online.
- The only one with 3 blades (like my idea) is in a museum in NYC.
- The most common seems to be the Bob Skate, a strap-on version with 2 runners in front and 2 in back.
- The average price was around $20-$30.
I created a 2x2 matrix, as seen below.

4. Interchangeable Skates
Things I discovered via Google:
- I found one product that fit this description slightly - Lake Placid XTS 600 for kids.
- These ran $36-$50.
I then created a 2x2 matrix, as seen below. This one did not come up with very many results.

5. Lotus Blades
Things I discovered via Google:
- For less active skaters, rust developing on the blade is a common problem. Possible product idea?
- The video on this link describes a hydrophobic material that repels water.
- I searched a long time for a product like this, and was unable to find anything.
- This link describes nanostructured materials that repel water - the application described here is more for large scale applications such as highways and airplanes.
- I found some research on SLIPS, slippery, liquid-infused porous surfaces. This research is quite preliminary, but would be applied to metal surfaces.
Here is a 2x2 matrix briefly touching on a few different materials.
lotus blade_Page_5.jpg

B) Preliminary Patent Search

I then fervently searched for relatable patents to each of the selected five ideas. I copy/pasted the URLs for each.

1. Heat Sensitive Gloves

2. Handi-Hoop (as mentioned before, I am unable to find a fully circular version of this - this patent is for a partially enclosed trainer).

3. Train Track Skate

4. Interchangeable Skates

5. Lotus Blades - This is the only patent even somewhat related to the icephobic properties I'm thinking of.


1. Heat Sensitive Gloves
Biggest Concerns
- Finding a small battery that will produce enough energy for a decent period of time.
- Finding a textile that will open and close to let cold air in if needed.
- Finding technology that will regulate the temperature at a somewhat low cost.
Cost Analysis
- AWG 24 silver plated copper wire: MIL-W-16878-Type E
(Found on
Price/foot: $0.28.
Needed: Approximately 4'/pair of gloves.

- Thinsulate material - 2'/pair
Price/foot: $7
Needed: 2'

COST: $1.12 + 7 = 8.12, Multiply x 2 = $16.24

2. Handi-Hoop
Biggest Concerns
- Testing the product to see if it would actually work
- Finding a way to prevent the hoop from swinging around and knocking the person over
Possible material to be used: PVC piping
1" PVC Pipe is $0.83/foot
Feet needed: ~20'

COST: 20 x .83 = $16.60, Multiply x 2 = $33.20

3. Train Track Skate
Biggest Concerns
- Creating something that would be an aid rather than a hindrance.
- Finding a way to make the additional runners successful in being detachable and flexible in movement.

Blade material: Steel
Cost/Pound = ~$0.10
Pounds needed: ~1

Shell material: EVA
Cost/Pound = $0.25
Pounds needed: ~2lb per pair

Lining material: Nylon 6
Cost/Pound: $0.60 (Approximately 2 pounds needed for pair)

COST: $3.60

4. Interchangeable Skates
Biggest Concerns
- Finding a way to attach everything easily and securely
- Keeping cost down

Materials needed: see above for skate and blade.

Wheels: High-grade polyurethane, approximately 4lb needed
Cost/pound: ~$1.50

COST: Above # (3.60) + (1.5x4)(2) = $27.60

5. Lotus Blades
Biggest Concerns
- Finding a suitable, cost efficient material to make the blades repel ice.
- Finding a way to coat the blades with this material.
- Finding a material that can withstand sharpening of the skates.

Blade material: Steel, 1lb for pair, $0.10/lb
I was unable to find pricing for a hydrophobic coating suitable - I'm not sure what the final cost of these blades would be.


Hey Hanna:
I took your survey and now it’s good to see your final findings! Your blog is very very clear and you included everything required in this assignment. Your data are very accurate and they make the readers believe in you. However I do figure out one thing, you did not get enough people to take your survey and that makes some of your top products get less than 10 responses. I think that might caused by your two-part survey; people who took the survey did not realize the second one. Try to make a more straightforward survey next time, and maybe use “Qualtrics”, it’s a better survey website than survey monkeys, then you will improve your product ideas even better :)
You did a really good job, and I am looking forward to your final presentation next week!

I appreciate a lot for your post of the survey website, it told readers clearly how you did your survey.
I also loved when you not only include the percentage of yeses, and also with numbers of people, it was helpful for readers to interpret your survey.
I thought you did a great job on the benchmark, I liked your list of things that you discovered.
Although your patent search had link to it, but I thought it would be better if you could also contain the description of the product.

Hey Hanna,
I think you did a pretty good job collecting data from twi different resources!
I do not think it was necessarily to list them separately. I think it would be better to have all the survey data together no matter where it came from.
Technically speaking, it would've been easier to have the patents link as hyperlinks (clickable).
Also, a chart of your survey data would've been more interesting (to me!).
you did a great job gathering all this together!


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