Assignment 7


Assignment 7: Idea Selection and Pitch

My Theme: Ice Hockey

If you have not been following my blog, here is one of the problem statements I have been working with:
1. Natalie is a hockey lover who wishes to be able to participate in the sport; however, she finds ice skating too difficult to master.

From last week's assignment, here are my top five ideas:
1. Heat Sensitive Gloves
2. Handi-Hoop
3. Train Track Skates
4. Interchangeable Skates
5. Lotus Blade

Here is the Pugh chart that I filled out:
Pugh Chart.jpg

Based on survey results from last week, the Heat Sensitive Gloves were the most wanted by responders (86% said they would buy for $40). However, after researching how many of this sort of product are already on the market, I did not feel as if they had a competitive advantage. The idea that seems to be the most promising based on the Pugh chart is the Interchangeable Skates. From the survey results last week, 72% of responders said that they would buy the product for an average of about $85. This is the only idea that received a + for competitive advantage.

Product Name

Here are a few different names I thought of while brainstorming: SkaterRoll, AdjustaSkates, Blade Change, SwitcherSkates, Interjustable Skates, ICA Skates (InterChangeAble), Blade Changers, Transformer Skates, ModiSkates, AlterSkates.

Based on an impromptu survey with a few people around me, SwitcherSkates is the name that is the clearest and most desirable.

**I don't know why this image is so distorted - on my computer it is fine, but for some reason when I upload it it gets stretched. Sorry!


Elevator Pitch



Hey Hanna!

I really like your project idea, I know the cost of both ice skates and roller blades have deterred me from buying them at one time or another, and your project would definitely reduce the overall cost.

It is going to be an interesting challenge to develop a locking mechanism that can handle the torque created from an inexperienced user using single-blade ice skates.

Overall I thought your pitch went great in class and you really knew your stuff!


Hey you've got a great idea here. This could really save some people some time, money, and space. I could definitely see a lot of casual skaters/bladers/etc loving this product. For more intense users, I would be worried that the locking mechanism might not be tight enough or could be wobbly. I'm sure you could come up with a way to combat this, however. I think maybe you should hone in on your target audience. Maybe it is still for all ages but for a certain frequency of user? (Infrequent, moderate, frequent, etc)

See you tomorrow!

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