January 22, 2008

Venting Machine Goodies to get me through the evening

80 cents: Pearson's Salted Nut Roll
50 cents: Hot chocolate (the cup says Aramark)

They both were purchased from a vending machine on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota. I was fading and needed something to keep me going 'till the real meal happens.

Overview of this Blog

To fulfill a class assignment, this blog will contain my documentation all of the things I will consume from January 22 through February 29, 2008. I will be listing the name of each item (or service, event, program, etc.) consumed, its cost, where I purchased it, and why I purchased it. I will also document my mental or emotional state at the time I purchased each item or group of items.

While writing this I consumed a few Foxes Peppermint Refreshing Mints which were purchased last week for 50 cents at a vending machine on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota. Why? I was thinking about what I was going to nourish myself with between now and 9:30PM and remembered that I had some mints in my bag. So I consumed them for not the typical reason (which is for fresh breath after eating a meal away from home), but merely to put something in my mouth, perhaps for a tiny bit of energy?! A hope that it would sustain me until 9:30PM?! Just because I had it? I don't know! In any event, the mints WERE refreshing....