January 26, 2008

Mostly stocking up

Went to Office Max to get an Ethernet cord: $14.99
Also, I had some papers bound: $2.49
With 7.15% tax, the total came to: $18.74
I can't recall any emotions.

Went to Cub Foods to stock up on some things:
2 bags of NutriPlan cat litter: $2.98/each (they were on sale and supplies were low)
1 loaf of Cub Foods bread: $1.49 (the usual, lately)
2 bags of Farm Fresh Russet potatos: $1.99 (2 for 1 deal and supplies were low)
1 bottle Cub Foods Reconstituted Lemon Juice (for back up - I use this if I don't splurge on real lemons, which has been often lately)
Crystal Farms Pepper Jack cheese $2 (on sale and cheese supply was low)
Crystal Farms Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese $2 (on sale and cheese supply was low)
LandOLakes 2% milk $2.59 (was totally out for a few days now)
Farm Fresh lettuce $1 (was totally out)
Farm Fresh yellow onions $1.49 (had only 1 onion in stock)
2 Roma tomatos $1.03 (to stock up)
2 cans Fancy Feast gourmet cat food .50 cents each (to stock up)
6 cans Purina Friskies cat food .49 cents (to stock up)
1 garlic .30 cents (for back up)
So with 6.5 % tax and a .50 cent coupon for the Friskies cat food the total is: $26.36

My emotions during the Cub Foods excursion:

I recall being annoyed that it is so hard to handle the cat litter - two don't easily fit into the bottom of the cart. And it is such a drag to lift one out of the cart to get scanned.

The cheese section is a bit stressful due to the various brands available and the various sizes they come in.

Cat food is even more of a challenge to select since the quality is getting worse every day. I can't rely on any brand for quality except Fancy Feast. My cats have rejected food from 9 Lives and Friskies cans (recently even the cat that until that moment ate everything). It's getting BAD! When I smell the stuff they reject, I don't blame them! Should I start mixing up a recipe of my own? I ask myself...

Phone Feature

I ordered Caller ID over the phone
Cost: $7.50/month
I was feeling annoyed that I forgot to order Caller ID when I switched phone companies. I'm also annoyed because the cost of my phone bill will be $7.50 higher than I thought. So, while I was buying the phone feature I WAS FEELING ANNOYED!