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February 28, 2008

I'm a "Browser Head"

When I passed 1500 web pages of surfing the internet in February, the Surfometer suggested I get a job, and now that I have looked at over 5000 pages this month, I am a "Browser Head."

Sometimes the surfing gets grueling, but I press on to find the info I am seeking. Since some people/entities are "just make[ing] sure that we are flooding the internet with the accurate information and pushing back as much as possible", I, in large part, am searching for the info that is getting pushed back. It's almost like a contest. What can I snatch up before it gets "pushed back" or purged....

To be able to surf the internet I pay approximately $38/month not including tax. The equipment was another $115 not including tax.

February 27, 2008

Can You Guess?

Another Pearson's Salted Nut Roll: $.80

I thought: "I'll get a Salted Nut Roll because it'll probably help my alertness in class." I may have also bought it out of boredom, waiting for my next class to start. It was a "just in case snack" more than an "I'm so hungry" snack.

Consumers Cut Back

Read an article about people who are thinking like me:


I was amused.

February 26, 2008


Vending machine purchases:

Hot cocoa $.50

Kitchen Fresh Express Turkey sandwich $2

Pearson's Salted Nut Roll $.80

Survived a Rosedale area trek

I braved the elements on foot through the harsh land (slippery ice, mounds of icy snow to walk over, no sidewalks) of the Rosedale area to visit World Market, Pier 1 Imports, Blick, Office Max, National Camera Exchange, and Archive in search of something up-to-date to put my printed Graphic Design work in for interviews and portfolio reviews. The only thing that came close was at World Market. It was a box that came with other office container items. But I really didn't want the other items, and I was thinking more black than brown for the exterior color. So, I decided to wait. After all, I haven't hit the thrift stores yet!

Instead I bought a Promaster XtraPower digital camera battery for $42.59 (including $2.60 tax), something I have been meaning to do for a couple of months now.

Feline medication

Walgreen: Contributed $15.99 to 50 tablets of Methimazole, good for 50 days.

It's cheaper at Walgreens than at the vets office, so purchasing it there provides some satisfaction.

February 25, 2008

At the right price

Pearson's Salted Nut Roll to wake me up. $.80

U food article

I read the following article (in printed form):

The name Aramark caught my attention, since that is where my hot cocoa comes from...

Most likely no pretty stamps

I went to an on campus Post Office to mail a small package. I already had a $.41 stamp to which I needed an additional $1.23. I said "This package needs more stamps, preferably pretty ones." I doubt I was heard. That is why I put at least one stamp on anything I intend to send. I just can't bare the thought of sending a package without a "real" stamp on it.

February 23, 2008

Just in Case Snacks and more...

Cub Foods Purchases

Doritos Family Size Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips $3.79
NutriPlan 20LB Cat Litter $3.59 (stocking up)
2x 12PK Coca Cola Classic $3.33/ea (stocking up)
Santa Fe Salsa $1.69
1 Roma Tomato $.40 (stocking up)
TOTAL with 7% tax: $16.85

I bought the snack items because of time and stress issues, but ended up not needing them for Saturday after all.

Metro Petro

$10 for gas and to wash very dirty windows. I was very relieved to have clean windows and am always impressed by how effective those squeegees are.

February 22, 2008

False advertising

Pearson's Salted Nut Roll $1.00
Foxes mints $.50

The vending machine sign for the Nut Rolls still reads $.80 yet I now have to pay $1.00.
I was/am not happy!

Photo Library - 2627.jpg

Photo Library - 2626.jpg

February 21, 2008

Visit to the Vet

Exam $39.75
Metronidazole 250MG Tablets $10.00
Purina FortiFlora Feline (30 Packets) $19.50
IAMS Feline Low Residue 5.5# Dry $26.12
2x cans Eukanuba Veterinary Diets Low Residue Adult Cat Food $3.18
Hill's Prescription Diet I/D Feline 5.5oz Can Cat Food $1.22
TOTAL with 7.15% tax: $104.06

An unexpected visit to the vet is always somewhat traumatic...

Was treated to...

Gardens of Salonica New Greek Cafe and Deli

I had Yigandes, which is "imported giant greek lima beans, baked with vegetables, herbs, and spices in red sauce." VERY tasty!

To pass time

I needed something to do for 15-20 minutes, so I stopped by the MPL book store and ended up purchasing a book entitled Pocket Guide to Flags. It was $2 plus $.14 tax. I bought it because I think it is a good reference book for info about flags from around the world and because I know a certain someone who would appreciate it. Also the price was right for my budget, sort of...

February 20, 2008

Cat food and more

Cub Foods

2x Rice A Roni rice $1.00/ea
2x Hormel Chili $1.00/ea
12x Purina Friskies canned cat food $.54/ea
Land O Lakes 2% milk $2.59
2x Cub Foods english muffins $.50/ea
TOTAL with 6.5% tax and $1.00 in Friskies coupons: $14.64

I was hungry

Vending machine purchases:

Hot cocoa $.50

Kitchen Fresh Express Turkey sandwich $1.75?

I also got some Foxes mints $.50

February 19, 2008

I forgot to have breakfast

I needed a quick something so I got a Pearson's nut roll ($.80). I ended up getting two because the first one didn't drop...

Character vs. Issues


People just don't insist upon substance...if they did, designers/artists would have to do better...

February 18, 2008

Office Max

7 color copies $3.43
one staple $.03 (first time I ever paid someone to staple something for me!)
7.15 % tax $.25
TOTAL: $3.71

I just remember being really stressed while I made this purchase...

Watched Cast Away

This movie was good. I had to watch it to the end.

February 16, 2008

The SPCO at the Ordway




There are two violinists that always keep me entertained. Since I was in the Balcony, I was wishing that there really was such thing as opera glasses, since I couldn't keep my hands steady.

Cub Foods again...

This was a fun shopping trip because I got to go in without a cart, but rather a pen and note cards in hand. It was liberating. After I found my "splurchase" for another class assignment (Fresh Gourmet Wonton Strips for $2) I purchased:

Necci Sweethearts tarts $.12 (habit)
Dorito Spicy Nacho Tortilla Chips $3.00
Cottonelle TP $8.68 (to stock up)
Carlita Salsa $4.49 (to stock up)
Cub Bow Tie Pasta $.99 (to stock up)
Cub Garden Rotini $.99 (to stock up)
Welch Sparkling Grape Juice $2.68 (another splurchase)
24Pk Coca Cola $7.29 (to stock up)
2x Fancy Feast $.54 (to stock up)
Softsoap Anitbacterial Hand Soap $1.69 (to stock up)
Schweppes Ginger Ale $1.25 (another splurchase)
Shore Lunch Fish Breading/Batter Mix $2.99 (to stock up)
Cub 96% Fat Free Honey Ham $3.94 (to stock up)
Breyers Chocolate Chip Icecream $3.00 (to stock up)
Cub Pepper Jack Cheese $2.73 (to stock up)
Cub Sour Cream $1.79 (to stock up)
Always product $5.97 (to stock up)
Always product $6.27 (to stock up)
TOTAL with 6.5% tax: $64.60

Good for the heart

Crane Lake Wine $3.99 Tsingtao $7.99 Tax $1.08 TOTAL: $13.06

...an astonishingly empty paper trail.


February 15, 2008

A personal journey


I watched this video from start to finish. It was worth it. Thoughtful, in depth, hugely informative.


EZ-Stop gas: $7

"You remember the Green Party, don't you?"


This produced some chuckles, though no laughing matter. Killing machines that are hungry to get even bigger are no laughing matter, but there is some comfort in knowing a handful of people are still alive and well in their minds. Chuckling reduces the stress...but does nothing to save lives.

Since I didn't have a homemade lunch...

I purchased the following at The Wise Owl:

UDS Garden Salad Sub $4.99
Minute Maid orange juice ?

I forgot that I have to ask for a receipt to get one...but the total was between $6-7.

February 12, 2008


Fuel Mart gas: $6

I'm back!

A Pearson's Nut Roll ($.80) brought me back to alertness.

I perused the history of Pearson's Candy Company here: http://www.pearsonscandy.com/about_us.cfm

I did not even know that it is a local company until now. I buy it because I grew up with it and continue to like it more than most other candy bars. After the original owner sold it to a NY company eventually two employees bought it back.


Purchased Kemps 2% milk from a vending machine for $.60. My usual $.50 hot cocoa was unavailable due to an out of service vending machine. Consuming the milk was unpleasant not only because I wanted something warm, but also because the milk carton itself is so ugly. The "spout" is not very sturdy when it is opened, the torn material that I have to feel is unpleasant. The outer surface was caked with dry milk and the front graphics were boring (Nutritional information in black print against a white background). I sure missed my hot cocoa!

I almost forgot: I had to get more Foxes mints ($.50)

February 11, 2008

Word consumption

Over the past weeks I have learned on a blog and C-SPAN that a yellow (or if you prefer: gold) woman will be voting for "white lady" and a white female will be voting for "a black man". And so it occurred to me: since the presidential candidates appear to have been reduced to gender and color why not vote for a black woman?! That way both gender and color will be covered!

February 10, 2008

Collapse of...

I read the text of a speech. Here is a link to an article by the same person, which includes the same concepts:

Here is an excerpt from the speech, which I couldn't find online:

[You know your empire is collapsing when, according to a poll taken in the fall of 2006 by the Opinion Research Corporation and broadcast by CNN on October 23, 71 percent of your citizens agree that “our system of government is broken and cannot be fixed,� and another 7 percent agree it is broken but “hoped� it could be fixed. Broken and CANNOT be fixed.]

Well it’s not rebellion, thanks to the increasing sweeping and illegal repression of dissent by the Bush regime—leading up to, by the way, the vicious mccarthyistic House Resolution 1955 passed—404 to 5—and sent to the Senate, the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, nothing less than the establishment of thought police to find and jail anybody that thinks unpleasant and subversive thoughts about this nation.

Thanks also, I should note, to the success of the system’s modern version of bread and circuses, a unique combination of entertainment, sports, television, internet sex and games, consumption, drugs, liquor, and religion that has so far successful deadened most of the general public into apathetic stupor.


The last paragraph reminds me of the Gladiators...

February 9, 2008

For the weekend

Orleans Hill white wine $8.99 plus 7.15% tax TOTAL: $9.32

February 8, 2008

Because there are virtually no pay phones

For convenience and because pay phone are disappearing, I pay for the ability to use my cell phone: today I paid $20.26 for December usage of three phone calls (4 minutes total) That's a little over 5 dollars per phone call!

February 7, 2008

Grocery store items

Cub Quick Oats $2.99
6 Purina Friskies cat food $.49/ea
4 Fancy Feast cat food $.50/ea
New French Bakery Bread $3.99
LandOLakes milk $2.59
Total with a $.50 coupon for the Friskies and 6.5% tax: $14.33

February 6, 2008

Intellectual Bibblebabble

I finally finished Introducing Postmodernism. It made my bus trips in the last days go faster. I was grateful for that. I like the size of the book (convenient), but did not like the front cover of the 2003 addition. I ended up using a library book copy of the original for reading on the bus. I probably would not have been so self conscious if I was only in the company of westerners.

February 5, 2008

The Primaries and Caucuses

I couldn't help myself and spent time in front of the T.V. on and off (CNN). It was entertaining to watch the numbers come in - the suspense of who would win what state. I was very relieved that people were divided.

February 4, 2008

“I will not take the military option off the table.�

I read the following article:

Here is the article referred to:

Another article

This article addresses some points that my mind has been consumed with lately: http://worldmeets.us/dailysunna000003.shtml I find it mindboggling that Americans today are apparently willing to accept a leader who can be described as a first generation American (by way of having a Kenyan father who went back to Kenya after attending Harvard).


The following article was enjoyable to read:


February 2, 2008

Grocery store items

Some grocery items from Cub:

Hormel chili $1.69
Cub French Dressing $2.58
2 Cub Split Top Wheat Bread $1.49/ea
24pk Coca Cola $7.29
3 Purina Friskies cat food $.49/ea
2 Fancy Feast cat food $.50/ea
Homestyle Bake $2.99
Jumex juice $1.79
4pk 9Lives cat food $1.25
Cargill Ground Beef $ 2.59
Cub Honey Ham $3.94
Tielito Lindo Avocado $1
Farmfresh Lettuce $1.29
Welches Frozen juice $1.50
Dannon Yogurt $3.14
Cub Sharp Cheddar cheese $2.69
Cub Sourdough muffins $.79
TOTAL w/6.5% tax: $47.10

My other half picked up the above items. I likely would not have purchased a few of the items, but I will most likely consume them.

February 1, 2008

A couple of purchases

Two bottles of Crane Lake wine: $3.99ea
Total: $8.71

Copies at OfficeMax: $6.10