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This is the last entry date for this blog

This is the last official day of this assignment according to the written material for this assignment. I will still be adding things here and there as I am able to retrace my steps. For instance, I know I watched Mr. Rogers on the day class was canceled and was disappointed that I was subjected to watching Mr. Rogers vacuum his couch for an inordinate amount of time. I watch Mr. Rogers to relax, and that was not relaxing subject matter!

I watched some British comedies on channel 2 to relax three days in a row, during a particularly stressful time...and so on...

...I absorbed the video that resulted in the beef recall. I was sickened by what I saw. I bought beef twice during this project for human consumption and a number of times for feline consumption. I learned of and ate a non-meat substitute for beef for human consumption (and I never would have known had I not been told that it was not beef.) I have not yet followed up on making my own purchase of this product but admire those who took that step toward a meat-free diet. I do have the book "Diet for a Small Planet" though and make vegetarian food for guests when needed. Once I was doubly challenged by having to make a milk-free spread!