February 12, 2008


Fuel Mart gas: $6

I'm back!

A Pearson's Nut Roll ($.80) brought me back to alertness.

I perused the history of Pearson's Candy Company here:

I did not even know that it is a local company until now. I buy it because I grew up with it and continue to like it more than most other candy bars. After the original owner sold it to a NY company eventually two employees bought it back.


Purchased Kemps 2% milk from a vending machine for $.60. My usual $.50 hot cocoa was unavailable due to an out of service vending machine. Consuming the milk was unpleasant not only because I wanted something warm, but also because the milk carton itself is so ugly. The "spout" is not very sturdy when it is opened, the torn material that I have to feel is unpleasant. The outer surface was caked with dry milk and the front graphics were boring (Nutritional information in black print against a white background). I sure missed my hot cocoa!

I almost forgot: I had to get more Foxes mints ($.50)