February 16, 2008

The SPCO at the Ordway




There are two violinists that always keep me entertained. Since I was in the Balcony, I was wishing that there really was such thing as opera glasses, since I couldn't keep my hands steady.

Cub Foods again...

This was a fun shopping trip because I got to go in without a cart, but rather a pen and note cards in hand. It was liberating. After I found my "splurchase" for another class assignment (Fresh Gourmet Wonton Strips for $2) I purchased:

Necci Sweethearts tarts $.12 (habit)
Dorito Spicy Nacho Tortilla Chips $3.00
Cottonelle TP $8.68 (to stock up)
Carlita Salsa $4.49 (to stock up)
Cub Bow Tie Pasta $.99 (to stock up)
Cub Garden Rotini $.99 (to stock up)
Welch Sparkling Grape Juice $2.68 (another splurchase)
24Pk Coca Cola $7.29 (to stock up)
2x Fancy Feast $.54 (to stock up)
Softsoap Anitbacterial Hand Soap $1.69 (to stock up)
Schweppes Ginger Ale $1.25 (another splurchase)
Shore Lunch Fish Breading/Batter Mix $2.99 (to stock up)
Cub 96% Fat Free Honey Ham $3.94 (to stock up)
Breyers Chocolate Chip Icecream $3.00 (to stock up)
Cub Pepper Jack Cheese $2.73 (to stock up)
Cub Sour Cream $1.79 (to stock up)
Always product $5.97 (to stock up)
Always product $6.27 (to stock up)
TOTAL with 6.5% tax: $64.60

Good for the heart

Crane Lake Wine $3.99 Tsingtao $7.99 Tax $1.08 TOTAL: $13.06 astonishingly empty paper trail.