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Man charged in Dakota County's biggest pot bust

By Candice Dehnbostel

A record seizure of marijuana in Dakota County, with a street value of over $700,000, led to a criminal prosecution, said County Attorney James Backstrom, according to WCCO.

Timothy James O'Brien, 57, of Rosemount, Minn. was stopped by police April 4 in Arizona, according to the Pioneer Press, and the Navajo County Drug Task Force seized 350 pounds of pot. O’Brien was driving to his contact in Minnesota, reported the Pioneer Press.

Jamie Eugene Bannochie Dalton, 31, of Burnsville, Minn. was O’Brien’s contact, according to FOX 9 News. He paid O’Brien $2,000 for transporting the marijuana.

Dalton is charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit controlled substance crime and one count of conspiracy to import controlled substances across state borders, according to FOX 9 News.