April 19, 2005

Seinfeld Pic


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Seinfeld is and forever will be my favorite television show. I own the first four seasons and my roommates own the rest. A couple friends and I usually do Seinfeld trivia to pass the time on road trips. To relate it to chapter nine in our text "Postmodernism" is simple, in fact it is so simple it is mentioned in the chapter as an example. Seinfeld is looked at as postmodern because its creator know that most sitcoms are all alike and when they made this show they broke the mold. It is unlike anything anyone has seen, which is why it was so successful.

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April 11, 2005

Light Rail

Before I rode the light my original impression was that it would be just like any other form of public transportation;dirty,slow,bumpy, uncomfortable, and of course the loads of random people who smell. I wasn't far off. I made my stop at the Mall of America and found one of my S's. Synecdoche in this case was the log ride at Camp Snoopy, it makes me think of the mall whenever is see a log ride.

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Previous Blog

The previous blog has been written and re-written, and i still dont think i did it correctly.

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April 5, 2005

Yellow Arrow

My yellow arrow would be at Lambeau Field in my hometown Green Bay, WI. I have memories there that date back to when I was five and went to my first Packers game. Football has been a large part of life and now that I am not playing all I have are the memories.

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