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MoveOn to Pay Full Ad Rate

According to the New York Times, the liberal activist group MoveOn.org announced today that it will pay $142,083, the full advertisement rate for its "General Betray Us?" ad.

The ad appeared in the A-section of the New York Times on the same day that General David Petraeus delivered status reports on the troop surge in Iraq. MoveOn.org was originally given a discounted rate of $64,575. Usually such a rate is allotted to “advocacy? groups on a standby basis with no guarantee of when the ad would run.

The ad generated a lot of buzz from Republicans and also Democrats. Republicans tried to link claims to Democrats that the message was unpatriotic, especially during a period of war. Rudy Giuliani who took out his own ad in response, was said to get the same rate.

Meanwhile Democrats tried to distance themselves from the ad but did not want to anger MoveOn and its followers too.The Washington Post reports that the Senate voted 75 to 25 to denounce the ad. President Bush stated "most Democrats . . . are more afraid of irritating [MoveOn] than they are of irritating the United States military."

MoveOn said it will wire the rest of the money to the New York Times on Monday and claims that Giuliani should do the same.