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Turkey Causes Havoc

The Star Tribune reports that a wild turkey has been creating problems in Blaine, Minnesota.

The turkey has been seen delighting some while frightening others near Cloverleaf Parkway since spring. "It went after elementary kids at a bus stop, and it doesn't scare away," said Police Chief Dave Johnson, whose department has fielded numerous turkey calls. (Star Tribune)

Johnson has also received a call from a police officer on his staff. The turkey had trapped the officer in his squad car and would not scare away even after the siren was turned on. The officer finally ran at the bird and scared it away.

While some are frightened others are delighted by the presence of the turkey. "He prances around and stands out here and gobbles as the cars go by," said Dorala Christensen, 73, a resident of Cloverleaf Courts apartments, near Hwy. 65 and 93rd Avenue.

Anoka County animal control has tried to capture the gobbler several times but have failed and a wildlife management firm has been brought in for help. Wild turkeys are protected by the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) but they will issue permits for police to kill aggressive birds that harass people, and the state allows police to kill without a permit if a turkey is an imminent threat, said Bill Penning of the DNR.

Christensen, one of the residents, hopes this turkey survives its detractors. "He means no harm," she said. "I'd hate to see him be killed. I'd miss him." (Star Tribune)