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Multi-million dollar field of marijuana found in Wisconsin

The Star Tribune reports that hunters in Walworth County stumbled upon millions of dollars worth of marijuana plants in Wisconsin, a drug enforcement agent said.

About 1,600 plants were found in two different areas on public hunting grounds, said Sgt. Jeff Patek of the Walworth County Drug Unit. The plants were 10- to 15-feet tall and ready to be harvested, he said. (Star Tribune )

More than two dozen officers had to help clear the fields of the plants and a helicopter had to be used to lift plant filled tarps to a burn pit where the plants could be disposed of.

"You had to get right up on top of it before seeing everything,'' said a hunters who asked not to be identified because the growers haven't been arrested. "They had it all hidden with vegetation.''

The fields would have provided about 800 pounds of sellable marijuana, which would be worth $2.8 million and $3.8 million on the street, Patek estimated. (Star Tribune )