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Possible Arctic Trek for Pawlenty

The Star Tribune reports that next spring famed explorer Will Steger will set off for an expedition to the northernmost tip of Canada and Gov. Tim Pawlenty intends to meet up with him to see first hand the impact of global warming on the arctic environment.

Steger has said that disscussions about a possible rendezvous have been occurring for months. Pawlenty said Saturday that nothing has been set in stone, but he is looking at meeting up with Steger sometime in May.

The trip could pay big dividends for both in their respected causes, Steger could gain more exposure in the media which help him in his conquest to alert the world of global warming, while a trip to the Arctic could boost Pawlenty's image at time when he has been mentioned as a potential vice president candidate.

Steger plans to leave in mid-March, leading a small international team on a 1,500-mile dogsled trip from Resolute Bay in northern Canada to Ellesmere Island, which is about 500 miles below the North Pole and is known as "The Island at the Top of the World." Star Tribune

Pawlenty has long put energy and environmental issues -- traditionally identified with liberal politicians -- at the top of his political agenda. When he took the helm of NGA this year, Pawlenty said clean energy would be his signature issue, and when the Legislature reconvenes in February, he is hoping to shepherd through a proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state 80 percent by 2050. Star Tribune

"He wants to see it firsthand," Steger said. "The governor is very willing. He's serious about this."