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ABC News and Facebook Establish Partnership

According to the New York Times Facebook and ABC News have reached an agreement that will allow for Facebook members to interact with ABC reporters.

Along with the announcement of their partnership they also made it public that they will co-sponsor Democratic and Republican debates in New Hampshire on Jan. 5.

“There are debates going on at all times within Facebook,� David Westin, the president of ABC News and a new Facebook member, said. “This allows us to participate in those debates, both by providing information and by learning from the users.� (New York Times)

A few weeks ago the partnership started when Rick Klein, the author of ABC’s widely read political newsletter The Note, and Sunlen Miller, who has been covering Barack Obama, created Facebook personal pages that people could react with them on.

Encouraging users to interact with reporters is a significant step for a news organization like ABC News. Until recently, a viewer wanting to respond to Mr. Klein’s daily essay could only write a comment or send an e-mail message to a generic address. Now, they can send private messages directly to reporters or can post them on the reporters’ public Facebook pages. (New York Times)

No money was exchanged in the deal, as both parties are just seeking mutual benefits that come along with the deal. ABC News gets its content put on a site with 56 million active users, whereas Facebook adds a credible and new source of news for its political section.