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Jail Nurse Could Face Charges For Inmate Death

The Star Tribune> reports that criminal charges could be brought against a jail nurse who failed to check a diabetic inmates blood sugar which resulted in his death.

Randy Gallmeyer, 46, of St. Paul died after being taken from jail to Regions Hospital when he was found dying in his cell.

When he was authorities checked on him in his cell his blood sugar levels were about 10 times the average amount, said his parents.

An autopsy found that Gallmeyer died of ketoacidosis, a disorder in which there's not enough insulin to lower the blood sugar. The body then uses fat for energy, and this produces ketones, some of which are acids. It can cause heart irregularities, dangerously low blood pressure and ultimately, coma and death. ( Star Tribune>)

On Friday, Oct. 19 Gallmeyer was arrested by St. Paul police near Rice and Front streets for suspicion of operating an electric bike while drunk. He was then booked into jail after refusing a breath test.

Apparently after his arrest on Friday a nurse wasn't able to check his blood sugar because he was uncooperative. Then on Saturday he refused checks at 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. The afternoon nurse then did not offer him checks throughout the afternoon and night, according to Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher.

Gallmeyer's parents now intend to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

"He should be alive. They had everything right in their hands - his meter, his insulin, his whole schedule of what to do," said Nora Gallmeyer, of West St. Paul. "There is no excuse, no reason in God's name why my son shouldn't be alive today had they done what I told them.

"I don't want this to happen to anyone else. There needs to be changes in the jail." (Pioneer Press)