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Metro Transit Goes Green

The Star Tribune reports that Metro Transit bought 17 new hybrid buses and paraded them through Nicollet Mall on Thursday.

The hybrids cost $557,000 each, and the ones already in Metro Transit's fleet have averaged 4.71 miles to the gallon, compared with 3.86 for a standard bus. (Star Tribune )

The federal government pays 80 percent of the cost of a new bus, with local sources paying the rest.

With the new buses Metro Transit plans to save 1,965 gallons of fuel annually for each bus. Soot and other pollutants will be lessened as well.

The hybrid buses also are more quiet than the standard bus noted Theresa Cooke, who commutes from northeast Minneapolis to downtown. (Star Tribune )

Over the next four years 150 more hybrids will be purchased.

To promote the addition of the "green" Metro Transit will give free rides on routes 17 and 18 on Monday, and a hybrid will be moving to random routes for the rest of the year offering free rides.