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Smoke Free Advocates Seek More Clean Air

The Star Tribune reports that anti-smoking advocates are seeking to ban smoking where you live.

After successfully campaigning to bar smoking statewide in bars and restaurants, advocates will set out to persaude landlords to outlaw smoking in their properties.

"We're getting a lot of calls from tenants saying that they are getting second-hand smoke getting into the living unit from somewhere else in the apartment building," said Brittany McFadden, director of the Live Smoke Free campaign. "They are not letting anyone smoke in their unit but smoke is drifting in from other people's units, balconies or patios. They are getting sick from their own living space and there's not a lot they can do to protect themselves." ( Star Tribune)

While all they can do now is encourage landlords to volunteer to enforce no smoking policies, in the future the advocates may seek the route that two California cities took and actually pass ordinances that prohibit smoking in multi-tenant buildings.

Residents of Tallheim Aparments in Chaska have a smoking ban that will go into effect today. Some are relieved but others are very upset. "It's ridiculously Big Brother to go and tell me what I can and can't do in my own home," said Brian Van Sickle, 32, of Minneapolis. ( Star Tribune)

Advocates will have a lot of money at their dispersal to finance their campaign as there is $202 million from tobacco settlement funds at their disposal.