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The Show Must Go On

The New York Times reports that "Saturday Night Live" continued live performances Saturday night, even during the on-going writers strike.

However this episode of NBC's late night television show was out of the ordinary. There were no television cameras, it didn't take place at Studio 8H in Rockefeller Center, rather it was at Upright Citizens Brigade theater, and there was no new material.

All current cast members and some returnees performed an array of sketches that had either been previously aired favorites or ones that were scratched from prior shows. Cast members did their own makeup and even searched for their own props to prepare for the show.

“We’re like cranky trained monkeys if we don’t get to perform,? said Amy Poehler, who is also founder of the theater. “We all thought about what we’re going to do during the strike, and because we have no other skills, we just scraped this together.?

She added: “We’re treating this as an optimistic night. We’re celebrating all the hard-working people who have been laid off.? (New York Times)

Proceeds from the tickets were to go to SNL’s production staff, most of whom had had been recently laid off; some were in the audience. But the performance was less about money than community. (A sold-out live version of “30 Rock,? the Tina Fey comedy, is scheduled for 8 p.m. Monday at the theater.) (New York Times)

Strike negotiations are expected to resume on Nov. 26 with writers seeking to gain some sort of payment for online content that their shows provide for the networks.