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Blog on Records/CAR

In the Star Tribune story, "13 Seconds in August", computer assisted reporting was essential.

First, the designers and journalists involved with the project had to be able to search databases to be able to find the individuals involved in the tragedy. In order to do so various electronic databases must of been used. Knowledge to properly use search terms and skills were necessary to be able to associate victims along with the cars that they were driving when the bridge collapsed.

After specific names were obtained, their contact information or family information had to be obtained on the internet so that interviews could be obtained for the project.

Besides skills that were necessary to gain information, various computer program skills were needed. The article allows for readers to interact by clicking on specific areas of the computer screen to obtain information about the various victims of the disaster. Knowledge in some design program was needed to be able to do this.

There was also some videos embedded in the article that would require some computer expertise.