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Soap Bubble interactions

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For lab this week we placed soap bubbles into petri dishes to visualize their physical interactions when placed closely together. The interactions observed mimic the interactions between cells in developing embryos, suggesting that embryo shape is to some degree based on physical forces and not entirely dependent on chemical factors.

image with two bubbles:
three bubbles in a row:

three bubbles in a cluster:

four bubble cluster:

five bubble cluster:

These images were all obtained by blowing individual bubbles onto the petri dish and gently pushing them together. The greatest difficulties involved getting the bubbles to be approximately the same size and getting them to last long enough to photograph.

nine bubble cluster:

For this image, placed one larger bubble on the dish and manually split it with the edge of a bubble blower. this technique was more prone to failure but when successful was capable of producing larger bubble clusters than would be possible to achieve through manual blowing.

lastly, for fun i created the "Super Bubble":


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