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So, this is my very first blog and I don't know how people do all that fancy stuff with their profiles with the pictures and backgrounds and all that fancy schmancy junk...but I want it. Maybe Andy Goldsworthy could give me some creative design ideas for my blog. I could try emailing him but he is out all by himself so often I'm not sure he'd ever be around to check his email. Besides, I think he is kinda strange. I mean, he goes off into the woods by himself and makes these artworks, most of which are soon after destroyed by nature. Don't get me wrong, the art is pretty cool but he gives off this strange I'm a loner and my mind is off in never-never land were I can be with fairies and boys in tights who fly around fighting pirates vibe. Some may define this as "creep". Like I said though, his art is cool and I'm sure he is a nice guy and all but I think the guy is a bit weird.

Moving along to the blog theme of flow and transformation in the city, Andy would not do so well if he tried to bring his work into the city. He spends most of his time by himself in the woods or on a beach so then for him to be surrounded by hundreds of people with trees in sidewalk planters and quite a large collection of noises I think his head might possibly explode. But for the people who do their artwork in cities, some of it is really quite awsome. Here are some examples.

Sometimes even something that seems so wrong live vandalism can bring a bit of humor to life in the city.

I have decided to end my blogs with something that will hopefully make people smile. Here is my first one.

So remember when Ozayr showed us those funny answers on our first quiz? Check these ones out.