The Inevitable is Here: Spring Semester


Well, we're back to it. If you're reading this that means you survived the first week of school, congrats on that! Gold star for you. It's week 2 and it's already a struggle for me to get out of bed..anyone else? I know it can be a drag to get back to the busy life of school, work, and whatever else so many of us have going on. Luckily there are so many things going on around me that help force me out of bed and into reality. My favorite of those things, thanks for asking, is all this hype and buzz circulating about upcoming EDM shows in the Twin Cities. I myself have a snazzy pair of trance pants and can't wait for the trance shows about to hit Minneapolis. But don't worry, for those of you with wobblier tastes, there are some dubstep artists planning to show their faces soon too. Earlier this month Sound in Motion brought you Avicii. Were any of you there?? It was SICK to say the least. Best news ever? Sound in Motion has so much more in store for us, take a look:

February 4th: Above & Beyond @ Epic Nightclub (Minneapolis)
February 18th: Gareth Emery @ Epic Nightclub
February 23rd: Steve Aoki & Datski @ Epic Nightclub
March 30th: Feed Me & Kill The Noise.

In case you missed the KTN show back in December, don't fret, they'll be here in just a few months so you have time to redeem yourself. Gareth Emery put on one hell of a show two summers ago when he played at Karma, and I've been dying to see him since. I've never seen A&B live, but every one of my friends that went to the show last time they were in town has said that it was one of the best shows they'd ever been to and that it was an incredible night. Lucky for those of us that were too naive not to go, Above & Beyond is coming NEXT WEEKEND! Holy S*1# I didn't even realize that was only a week away.. AND Sound in Motion is throwing a themed party for this, wanna know what it is? Okay I'll tell you since you asked nicely: a white out. Meaning, obviously (I hope) that you should wear ALL WHITE. I've been planning my outfit for days now, I can't wait to see what you all put together!

Feel free to check out Sound in Motion at where you can purchase tickets for these upcoming events.

Make sure to check back next week, as I'm sure there will be even more exciting news to share.

Until then, know that we're all right there with ya when it comes to struggling through the week. My first step in doing so, providing my two latest obsessions for you to enjoy:



Just transferred here for spring semester, and to my overwhelming amount of disappointment, there is not an EDM student organization type club thing. Or jam band/bluegrass/rock for that matter. I was banking on that in hopes to meet some new people on this huge campus. Closest thing I have come to find is breakdancing club and I don't think they would be cool with playing my two hour Markus Shultz set. What is a bass head to do...And yes Avicci was amazing, and Paper Diamond was pretty rad as well.

My name is Chris Allen, I graduated in 2008, moved to Breckenridge, Colorado for the season, came back to mn and went to St Cloud State for a year, then moved back out to Colorado last season, and now here I am. I don't dj, but alot of my friends are really into it. I mess around with producing for fun, But I really like listening to live sets with the two hours of continuous music, and you can really hear how the artist can throw down live. I listen to everything electronic, but have been hooked on electro house a little more then anything else lately. Been to more shows and festivals then I can remember , have spent thousands of dollars on tickets and drinks at the Loft and Epic, and am now the proud new owner of my ticket for round two of Electric Forest!!!

But I would love to help out any way I can to start up an EDM organization, I am really just trying to meet some people with same interest. Haven't had the chance to meet anyone on campus or anything. I live about three blocks behind the McDonald's in Dinkytown, and I am about to start wondering around to house parties to try to meet some new faces. Field trip to Nero, Feed Me, Dada Life, Gareth Emery, Steve Aoki/Datsik, or Rusco ?

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