October 26, 2006

About Me...

My Name is Amanda Deloya and I am from Edina, MN. I chose to attend the University of Minnesota primarily because of its location and its academics. I love the city of Minneapolis and the fact that it is close to home. Also, Carlson is a great school that I know will prepare me for a successful future. Currently, I am unsure of what I will be majoring. I am thinking about possibly something in Management.

My favorite things to do are hang out with my friends, play soccer, and go to the movies. I also love to dance, sing and play the piano. I love all animals, especially dogs, and i have two golden retrievers at home. So far I am loving my first semester at the University of Minnesota. There are so many opportunities and activities to participate in here and I have made some really great friends!

That's all for now,

Amanda Deloya