Book Process

Visual Research Part 2 12-9-09

Here is another interesting way a book could be designed, its not very legible or useful but really creative way of looking at a book.

Book Design

Visual Research 12-9-09

Here is an interesting way to design a book layout. It is very small and compact, but looks really nice.

Book Design

Style Guide

Style Guide for the museum.


Type Style and Wordmarks

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Here is my page with my type styles and the other page has my wordmarks.

Visual Research 2 (11-11-09)

Here is another cool site that has many examples of different uses of type on it.

Visual Research (11-11-09)

This is a website I found that has some cool examples of type that can be used in creating logos.

New Symbol

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Better Symbol

Symbol Process

Here are some of my museum symbols and different color choices.

Visual Research 2 (11-4-09)

I found some more symbols that represent using Green technology. It shows how some are represented in the real world to get the message across. It makes you think how the symbols we create might want to be represented and where they will be seen.

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