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Design brief and mood board

Visual Research 10-21-09 Part 2

I see logos all the time and think to myself I should redesign that for them because some logos out there are really bad.  Here is a list of some logos that are pretty well known and were redone in think very effectively.

Visual Research 10-21-09

I found this page with many famous people created with just type.  I find it interesting because they use mainly type to create an image that someone can recognize, even though its not realistic.

10-18-09 Information Design Process

I kept going with the theme that I started with and i like how it is turning out so far, but I'm having trouble trying to get information on there that I it starts from the healthiest drink to the least healthy.

Visual Research 10-13-09

I found this diagram of how far a little extra money can go and thought it was pretty cool with how it represented the information.  For example the color scheme was a slightly off green color but you can still tell it represents money.  Also the color hierarchy helps with showing the more important information.  The type also works well in the hierarchal way because the more important information is represented, so you don't have to read the smaller text and you will still understand the diagram.

Extended Process-Info Design Project

A little more extended process on the first process entry.

1st Digital Process-Info Design

Beginning work on my info design project.

Info Design-Wine Drinking

I found this information design that uses color really well with having wine being its main topic.  The type in these pieces work well because they add the needed information but don't detract from the main design. Also the visual hierarchy leads you down through the piece nicely.

Project 2 rough sketch

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Here is a little sketch of my process and information collection over the past week. I want to make a either a waterfall diagram or a map of a river with all of the drinks I have been drinking, and have each level of how healthy each drink is for me represented.


First Entry

This is my first blog, but I looked at some other blogs and this will be really helpful in making research a little easier. I may have screwed up but my visual research is under my pages tab so look there for it.

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